Thank you, Sonoma County and beyond, 
for your overwhelming generosity!

The disastrous wildfires in October not only destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, but also caused significant damage in our Regional Parks. Fortunately, donations from generous supporters have quickly grown the Parks Foundation's   Parks Recovery Fund  f rom $7,000 in seed money to more than $88,000 in just six weeks.

Your donations will be essential as Sonoma County Regional Parks undertakes critical restoration work at our fire-impacted parks.
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Parks managers have identified three key needs to support wildfire recovery, fire preparedness, and community healing and resiliency:

1. Habitat Recovery, Erosion Control and Fire Preparedness
Managers will rapidly address weed invasions in burned areas, promote natural oak regeneration, replace burned restoration plantings, manage increased erosion, and expand fire "fuels reduction" through strategic tree-thinning and removal of "ladder fuels." (Thin undergrowth to reduce the intensity of future fires.) 

2. Fire Preparedness through Grazing
Expand managed grazing to utilize cattle, sheep, and goats, which will create fuel breaks and reduce standing grasses to prevent fire from escaping wildlands into more urbanized areas. 

Providing grazing acreage for local ranching operations offers a variety of additional benefits, such as s upporting local agriculture in an increasingly urbanized area, o ffering forage for ranchers who may have lost acreage in the fires, p romoting soil health and biodiversity, and r educing the risk of fires sparking from mowing with tractors and other heavy equipment.  

3. Community Healing and Resiliency

Regional Parks will offer programs and services using evidence-based, trauma-informed care practices to promote community healing and resiliency.  Our efforts will align with community-wide initiatives to increase Sonoma County residents' mental health and well-being. Programs could include art therapy, poetry workshops, guided nature walks, meditation, yoga, and more. 

We are nearing the end of a year in which Sonoma County Regional Parks marked its 50th Anniversary. Now more than ever, the Parks Foundation is committed to helping Regional Parks build, and re-build, a parks system that nurtures, fascinates, delights, and welcomes our entire community. Thank you for all that you do!

With best wishes, 

Melissa Kelley
Executive Director
We appreciate all of your caring notes and cards. 
They mean so much to us and to our hard working parks staff!
"The fire lines cut at Shiloh Regional Park probably saved our home from advancing fire on the south side. Always loved the park -- and now so grateful it was there!"
                --L.S., Windsor

"Our son asked us (his parents) to make a donation this year rather than buy them Christmas gifts. They weren't directly affected by the fires, but they are teachers and know many people who were. They chose Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation because they know you need help with fire recovery, and they hike and enjoy the parks." 
               --P.B., San Jose
"Since our home and lifestyle was completely destroyed on the night of October 8th, our recovery efforts have taken a toll on our well being. We so love and feel renewed in nature and have enjoyed the beautiful Sonoma County parks for years."
           --C.H., Santa Rosa

Thank you for your continued support 
and for your demonstrated commitment to 
Sonoma County Regional Parks!

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