Sonoma Water E-News | December 2021
Thank You for A Water-Saving Year
As 2021 comes to an end, Sonoma Water would like to thank all our water customers for continuing to conserve water every day and take time to celebrate those doing their part in this community-wide effort.
Water Supply Update – Drought is Not Over
Throughout 2021, our region experienced the impacts of the third driest water year on record over the last 127 years. Reservoirs are at historic lows and more storms (like the October 24, 2021 atmospheric river event) are needed to increase storage levels to bring an end to this severe drought. Winter is a critical time for water conservation in prolonging our water supply. We urge our community to keep up the great work and effort – water saved now, is water we can use later.

For water conservation tips, rebate programs, and water-saving tools please visit the Sonoma Marin Saving Water Partnership website:
The updated Sonoma Water weekly water supply graphic (below) now provides a comparison of storage levels during 2019, 2020 with current 2021 water storage for our two main reservoirs, Lake Sonoma, and Lake Mendocino. You can stay informed about Current Water Supply Conditions, 2021 Drought Updates, Actions, and Information by going to:
The graph (below) shows cumulative water savings by Sonoma Water customers. Since July 1, we’ve reduced diversions from the Russian River by nearly 23%, surpassing the 20% reduced diversion goal. Please keep up the good work -- every drop we save means more water in our reservoirs!
Russian River Sanitation District Emergency Repairs 
Sonoma Water crews investigated, assessed, and repaired two sewer leaks that resulted from breaks in sewer force mains that are a part of the Russian River County Sanitation District (RRCSD) collection and treatment system. The purpose of the sewer force main is to carry wastewater from the lift station in Guerneville to the RRCSD treatment plant. 

Crews were dispatched on Thursday, November 25 to contain and remove leaked wastewater and to stop further discharges near the Guerneville lift station in the 16500 block of Highway 116 (River Road). All discharges were fully contained, wastewater was not released into storm drains or waterways and posed no danger to the public or wildlife. Temporary repairs were completed by Saturday, November 27 and final repairs were completed on Dec. 9.

A separate sewer leak occurred on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 in a force main at the end of Orchard Avenue in Guerneville. Sonoma Water’s maintenance and operations teams were able to prevent any wastewater from reaching the Russian River. By Thursday, December 2 emergency repair was completed and a comprehensive cleanup effort took effect. Options for upgrading the force main are being evaluated. Reports were filed on both leaks with the state Office of Emergency Services and the North Coast Water Quality Resources Control Board was notified. 

The RRCSD treats an average of 410,000 gallons of wastewater per day generated by 3,215 Equivalent Single-Family Dwellings in Guerneville and surrounding communities.  
Sonoma Water Adds Advanced Energy Center Fieldtrip to Water and Energy Education Programs
Since 2017, Sonoma Water has partnered with Sonoma Clean Power to expand educational programs to include topics on energy, climate change, and the nexus between water and energy. The latest program development will include a high school lesson about climate change with a field trip to the Advanced Energy Center, Sonoma Clean Power’s new storefront located in downtown Santa Rosa.

Not a typical store, the Advanced Energy Center is more of a learning hub where energy-efficient appliances and other technological improvements for the home are on display. High school students will learn how electric heat pumps work, explore how induction cooking is an all-electric alternative to natural gas, and experience what a carbon-free home could look like. To learn more about our education programs visit 
Sonoma Water's Steelhead in the Classroom Program 
“I hope you survive before you spawn. We love you!” - Fish Wish to a steelhead fry being released during a class field trip in the Russian River watershed from Jacob, 3rd grader at Burbank Elementary
Steelhead in the Classroom is a program for Kindergarten through High School where students hatch steelhead eggs and raise them in a 10 gallon aquarium in their classroom. They get to raise these eggs and observe their development from egg to alevin to little small fry. And when they get to be small fry after about 6-8 weeks they release them in a local tributary of the Russian River. This incredible program provides a memorable opportunity for students to not only connect with these special fish, but also to deepen their sense of place as they build relationship with their local creeks and river. Interested in learning more?

Registration is open for the Winter 2022 SIC Teacher Workshop
January 8, 22, and 29, 2022
This workshop qualifies teachers to apply for a permit to receive steelhead eggs in the spring of 2022.

Rainfall and Water Storage Update

Current water supply conditions as of 12/6/2021:   
Lake Mendocino Target Water Supply Curve: 57,922 acre-feet   
Current Storage: 21,074 acre-feet (36.38% of Target Water Supply Curve)   
Lake Sonoma Target Storage
Curve: 245,000 acre-feet
Current Storage: 120,577 acre-feet (49.22% of Water Supply Pool)   
Current rainfall conditions (10/1/21 – 12/5/21)   
Average (1894-2021 water years): 7.65”   
Current Water Year: 8.48” which is 110.85% of average   
Santa Rosa:   
Average (1950-2021 water years): 6.84"   
Current Water Year: 13.70” which is 200.2% of average  
Upcoming Events

The Board normally holds its regular meetings on Tuesdays, beginning at 8:30 a.m. and will be facilitated virtually through Zoom and at Board of Supervisors Chambers (BSC) 575 Administration Drive 102A.

•Jan. 4, 2022 Virtual/BSC
•Jan. 7, 2022 Virtual/BSC- Special Closed Session
•Jan. 25, 2022 Virtual/BSC

Board Agendas: 

Please visit for additional information and resources

Groundwater Sustainability Agency Board Meetings
Fact of the Month

True or False: I can pour a little bit of grease from my plate down the drain.

FALSE: Even the smallest amount of fat, oil and greases will solidify and stick to sewer lines. This sticky film catches food and other solid debris washed down the sewer lines. Over time, the debris builds up until the water is completely blocked and sewage backups.
Employment Opportunities

Sonoma Water has job openings for people with a variety of skills and experience.
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