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Happy New Year 2023!

We are going to start 2023 off with some great announcements, but first we have to thank you for a successful 2022. Thank you to those who supported us financially. Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped with projects. Thank you for all of you that donated artifacts and entrusted us with their care as we fulfill our mission of Saving Military History One Soldier at a Time.

So what does 2023 look like? We still need your financial support, maybe more than ever. We still need and value our volunteers as we have many more projects scheduled. For those considering a donation, we would be honored to be the custodian of your families' military history artifacts.

So what's new and what's coming ? ...

Today, January 7, 2023, we are announcing that we have added WWII US Army Enlistment records to the Sons of Liberty Museum website. This database houses 8,917,373 (yes you read that right 8.9 million) entries of young men and women who entered the US Army in World War II. This includes those that entered the Air Corps. More importantly this is integrated into our already large database of personnel including the 94,261 MIA files. While we know that more than 8.9M entered the service this is a tremendous addition to our online holdings and great for families and researchers !

We have also added over 10,000 personnel to the Air Corps database and 43,625 new personnel awards!

Going forward, we have volunteers continuing their work on the Air Corps 'award index cards' and we need your help with assistance getting this done.

We are also working on a data piece that includes over 150,000 Marines of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

And we have over 200,000 photos that have been or need to be scanned; these will make their way to the websites.

There will be other announcements in the months ahead as we look forward to a fantastic year.

Read on to see how you can support us this year and into the future.

Thank you for your support!

Artifacts help tell the stories, money makes the engine run, please

We tell history! Saving Military History One Soldier at a Time.

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Join us on this journey.

In Their Memory,
Robert Coalter, Jason Weigler
Executive Directors

"Saving Military History One Soldier At A Time".SM 
"Saving History One Soldier At A Time"SM
Volunteers for Transcription

If you are looking to volunteer with a non-profit we would welcome your assistance. We have a need to transcribe over 150,000 of these index cards (pictured above). of Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Soldiers Medal, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars and Purple Heart awards. Getting this information into our database will allow us to make this data searchable. Contact us to get started!

We are off to a great start with these cards but still need dedicated help!

We are also looking for General Orders of World War II, all branches, digital copies are welcome; volunteers to transcribe this data.

Transcription of Fighter Pilot Encounter Statements. These 1-2 page documents are debrief reports created shortly after completing their combat mission.
Missing in Action & Buried Unknowns
There are still thousands classified as Missing in Action or as Buried Unknowns. In our partnership with the MIA Recovery Network we have established data on our websites regarding MIAs.

The quest to account for those of our nation's Missing in Action is one of the most noble of endeavors. There are also a large number of recovered remains that are buried in ABMC cemeteries where the identity is unknown. These are known as X-Files.
The recovery of MIAs pose a number of challenges. For example, Navy or Merchant Marine ships that were sunk are unrecoverable and thus ship manifests are the primary and often only source of names for those that have perished but are still accounted.
Each conflict has had its own challenges. At the end of World War II the military had established more than 360 temporary cemeteries, but the dead were being found continually in farm fields, forests, small church cemeteries, isolated graves and the shores of combat zones. These dead were collected and the remains consolidated into the fourteen permanent European, Mediterranean, and North African Cemeteries maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission along with two permanent cemeteries in the Philippines and Hawaii.

Monetary donations are needed and very welcomed to support these efforts to create case files.

Please consider a DONATION today. Thank You.

X-File 00950
One of the troubling truths about WWII MIA's is the difficulty of attempting identification of men killed in tanks. Often a direct hit by German weapons caused near-complete destruction of remains. If the tank caught on fire, the resulting congflagration often resulted in reducing remains to ashes. The remains of X-00950 were buried in the Rome-Sicily US Military Cemetery. The tank had been dismantled, probably for salvage, and remains were few. He is believed to have died on or about 24 May, 1944, and was buried in an isolated grave by civilians, three miles east of Cisterna, Italy. His height was estimated at 5'5" and wore tanker unit clothing. I had an uncle who served in a tank repair unit, and he related the instances where when attempting to enter damaged tanks the remains were often nearly completely destroyed. Post-war, the salvage rights for such equipment were given to civilian companies to recover as much of the iron as possible.

#neverforget #bringthemallhome

Known But to God
America's Twentieth Century Wars and the Search for the Missing
By Kenneth Breaux

Sons of Liberty Museum

The Sons of Liberty has hundreds of uniforms and thousands of other artifacts in our collection from the U.S. Revolutionary War to Present day. We continue to accept new material for education and research programs.

Our collection includes memorabilia from the front line soldier to the rear echelon clerk. Drivers, infantrymen, pilots, tankers, seaman, medical, artillery, armorers, engineers, quartermasters and much more. Those that were drafted or volunteered; those that did a single tour or made it a career. Those that returned with all types of injuries and those that gave their full measure being killed in action (KIA). All MOS are welcome from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines.

We are Saving Military History One Soldier At A Time. We are honoring the service of the Citizen Soldier.
101st Airborne - Vietnam
45th Infantry Division
179th Infantry Regiment
45th Infantry Division
World War II
Anzio, Italy
Makeshift Foxhole

We need volunteers to transcribe award and roster documents. You will place the material into a spreadsheet where it will be added to our database and website. We welcome new dedicated volunteers to work from home and help us with this project!

Interesting Links & Resources


We welcome donations of monies for operational costs. Artifact donations are sought in the form of papers, books, photos, gear, uniforms, jackets, medals, ribbons, weapons, equipment, scrapbooks, biographies, diaries and more. Please Contact Us

Revolutionary War, War if 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Cold War, Gulf War and current conflict donations accepted. From small to large multi-item donations, they all tell a story.

We need you ! We need your help to further our mission of preserving and bringing this history to the public. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit your qualifying donations are tax deductible.

Army Air Corps Museum

The Air Corps Museum online presence encompasses over 50 websites with thousands of photos and other materials. Our artifact collection contains hundreds of uniforms, albums, logs, medals and more from the Army Air Service, Army Air Forces and U.S. Air Force.

World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Cold War, Gulf War and current conflict donations are welcome!


We need volunteers to transcribe documents, placing the material into a spreadsheet. We welcome new dedicated volunteers to help us with this project! Work from home.

Interesting Links & Resources

Trace a Family Members Military Service:


We welcome donations of papers, books, photos, gear, uniforms, jackets, medals, ribbons, weapons, equipment, scrapbooks, biographies, diaries, letters and more. Please Contact Us

You can make monetary donations. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit your qualifying donations are tax deductible.
Strike Photos

In 1942 and in the first half of 1943 the men of the 9th and 12th Air Forces (Bomber Commands) targeted the shipping and harbors all along the North African coast. These were strategic missions to deny Rommel and the Germans of men and material and bringing to an end the Campaign in Africa. Strike photos captured the bomber's work and determined future missions. We have an extensive collection of strike photos of all theaters of World War II. This first sampling is North Africa.
Algiers, 1942
Maison Blanche, 15 Feb. 1943
Sousse, 12 March 1943
Sousse, 21 March 1943
Sfax, 13 March 1943
Djebel Tebaga, 21 March 1943
Tunis, 11 April 1943
Bizerte, 18 April 1943
451st Bombardment Group
15th Air Force
Edgar Baskett
451st Bombardment Group

Items have a story, what tale do yours tell?

Pilot Encounter Statements
Pilot encounter statements were created during debrief following each mission. Each pilot signed to certify the accuracy of their report. These reports were used to file and document claims of enemy victories.

We have a few thousand of these reports and will bring you one each month.

This statement is by Roy A. Webb of the 361st Fighter Group.
January 30, 1944.

A.P.O. #637 U.S. ARMY
A.       Combat
B.       30-1-44, F.O. 227
C.       374th Fighter Squadron
D.       1130 – 1145
E.        Rheine (sic) Area
F.        Light overcast 1/10,000 ft and 29,000 ft,
G.       ME109G
H.       1 ME109G Destroyed
I was leading Hubbard Squadron at 28,000 ft in the Rheine (sic) area when approximately 30 ME109G’s approached from 30,000 ft attacking us out of the sun. I made a tight turn to the right and then broke left into a left Lufberry (sic). The E/A attacked the rear flight from 4 o’clock and the Squadron then broke up into Flights. Observing an E/A on Lt. CALLOWAY’s tail (Blue Flight No. 2) I made a left wing-over down on the E/A’s tail. The E/A broke right down followed by a left wing-over. I followed closing rapidly at 18,000 ft and opened fire at 300 yds closing to 100 ft. I saw strikes on the wing roots, canopy, tail section and the wings. I then broke up left and saw the E/A going straight down, apparently out of control. The E/A’s canopy was seen to fly off and the plane started flaming. It is my firm belief that the pilot was unable to bail out because the E/A went into a 1200 ft overcast in a vertical dive at approximately 500 m.p.h. I claim this ME109 Destroyed.
J.    Approximately 750 rounds ammunition expended.
Roy A. Webb, Jr.         
Maj., AC.
              I was flying White Four at 28,000 ft when approximately 25 E/A attacked from 30,000 ft out of the sun. The Squadron went into a left Lufberry (sic) and broke up into Flights. Major WEBB’s flight pulled left and down to attack a ME109G on a P-47’s tail. The E/A broke left and down and Major WEBB closed and began firing at 400 yds and broke off at zero range. Strikes were observed on the canopy, the wing roots, and the tail section. What appeared to be the canopy fell of, and as the E/A entered a 1,000 ft overcast in a vertical dive, I observed part of the tail section fall off and the plane burst into flames. I broke up to the left and as I looked back over my shoulder I observed another ME109G going down in flames about ¼ of a mile away. It is my belief that the E/A Major WEBB attacked was destroyed.
2nd Lt

Museum Expenditures-Donations
Financial Needs for 2023

As we start a new year we want to let you know of some annual projects where we need your financial assistance.

The riker-mount display box is one of the most important pieces that we use. They contain ribbons, medals, patches, pictures and other small memorabilia items. We need over 500 of these. Budget $6500

We utilize acid-free top loading plastic sleeves and binders to store documents enabling us to handle and preserving them. We use 10,000 or more per year and a few hundred binders. Budget $3000.00

Storage items are $15.00 HDX 27 gallon tubs from Home Depot. Requirements 150. Budget $2250.

Picture Framing. We have a lot of flags, maps and other artifacts that need professional framing so they can be preserved and displayed. Budget $7500.

Clothing Racks and Dry Cleaning bags. Budget $2500.

Constant Contact to create, store and send this newsletter. Budget $1200.

Our web servers, domain names and hosting: Budget $8000.

We anticipate that we may need some additional computers and scanners.

Collection acquisitions. While many items in the collection have been donated; quite a few have been purchased through various sources including estates and auctions. Budget $$$.

Naturally, we have other expenditures, but 100% of monetary donations go to operations. All staff and directors are volunteer.

Monetary donations are needed and very welcomed to support these efforts.

Please consider a DONATION today. Thank You.

Rescued History & Museum Quality
We rescue a lot of military artifacts; items destined for the trash heap. From torn papers and faded ribbons to moth damaged uniforms decades pass and the condition of items deteriorate. These artifacts still have a story to tell.

Many museums only want items in pristine condition, we say differently. Some so called museums only want materials from a well known commander written up in history books or the fighter ace or a man who would fly to the moon or a Medal of Honor recipient.

While we have artifacts such as these we also have the items of the draftee who answered their nation's call and served their tour and then went home. Some were not so fortunate making the ultimate sacrifice. In our mission of "Saving Military History One Soldier at a Time" it is about all who have worn the cloth of our nation's military. Artifacts help us bring stories to life no matter their condition.

We accept donations of artifacts in ALL CONDITIONS.
Fred Herold, Jr.

b. 4 March 1920, d 21 May 2020, age 100.
704th Bomb Squadron, 446th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force, World War II.

Summer 2022. This tan class-A tunic was found and obtained at Fred's estate sale upon his passing.
The Cinema
The Cinema, another way to describe it is it's our own Netflix.

130 combat films represented by 209 clips and 1436 minutes of footage will keep you watching for hours.

Army, Army Air Forces, Navy, Marines. WW2 and Vietnam. There's something for everyone.

This is a subscription service of $14.95/month.

Take a few minutes and go see what's "Now Showing" and decide if you want to signup and start watching. Go now !

More of Our Projects
301st Bombardment Group, B-17 Flying Fortress. England, North Africa, Italy during World War II.
USS Hilbert. Destroyer Escort, DE-742. Pacific Theater of Operations, World War II.

Preserve This History, Honor the Service, Provide Education For Future Generations
Thank You For Your Support !
Thank You For Your Support !
---- What is Liberty ? ----

"definition. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views." 

Merriam-Webster defines it as " the power to do as one pleases, the freedom from physical restraint and freedom from arbitrary or despotic control.

---- So what is a Son of Liberty? ----

In our context and beginning these were the men and women in America who wanted the freedom from the King of England. They desired a right of self-determination for their lives.  They fought for this liberty and codified it in the Constitution of a new country.  To keep this liberty they created a military to ward off the any would-be belligerent. Since the War of Independence until and including the present day the men and women who have worn the cloth of our nation's military are its Sons of Liberty.  They have fought enemies in other nations, they have fought each other and they have stood as sentinels of the watch.
We celebrate the service of these individuals, we tell the historical story of these selfless patriots.

---- The Sons of Liberty Museum ----

Over a decade ago we chose a name for this organization and our sister the Army Air Corps Library and Museum. We believe these names accurately describe these men and women who serve. We will not change any name to satisfy a radical viewpoint or computer algorithm. We don't allow for any revisionist history, we tell the factual stories.

We are Saving Military History One Soldier at a Time.
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Need a Good Book or Video?
Check out these titles.
Somewhere in Italy

I was a navigator in the 459 Bomb Group 758 Bomb Squadron flying B-24's from Torre Giulia Field, tower named 'Coffee Tower', a gravel airfield near Cerignola, on the Foggia Plains of Southeastern Italy during the period August 4, 1944 to May 16, 1945. I flew 50 combat missions over targets in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia and Northern Italy.

Project Option: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
# of Pages: 386
IsbnSoftcover: 9781714032860
Publish Date: Dec 12, 2019

Rigor Mortis:
The Machine and His Men

Most aircraft of World War II had pictures of sexy girls, tributes to sweethearts, songs and home. The planes were fondly referred to in a feminine manor. That was not the case with this B-17 tail number 42-25233. He was Rigor Mortis.

This is the story of Rigor Mortis and his men who flew over 120 missions from North Africa and Italy in 1943 and 1944.

Project Option: 8×10 in, 20×25 cm
# of Pages: 382
IsbnSoftcover: 9781714727803
Publish Date: Apr 20, 2020

A Novel of MACVSOG in Vietnam. By Gene Pugh a Special Forces Recon Team Member.

Surrender Not an Option

Survivors guilt is not the only thing that is bothering Allen Purvis. He has to relive in his mind the battles in a denied area when he was assigned to MACVSOG the ultimate secret organization during the Viet Nam war. He is put to the test when he commands his friends to sacrifice themselves to save the others of the unit. Wendy Salas, nurse at the 95th Evacuation Hospital sees the horrors of the war everyday. Her pain is personal. A chance meeting on R&R in Hong Kong brings these two people together as soul mates in a hope that one of them can save the other. Purvis like the others wondered why they were saved and the answer was there all the time.

  • Paperback : 312 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1539108333
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1539108337
  • Dimensions : 6 x 0.71 x 9 inches

Gene is a member of our advisory board.
A Novel. By Gene Pugh a Special Forces Recon Team Member during the Vietnam War..

The Reunion Mission

A chance meeting at a military reunion brings Sam Waters together with his former Viet Nam War teammates. But that is not the only surprise. A promise made a long time ago is now called to be cashed in. Will his teammates put their lives on the line for him and his family? Is that bond still there? Because of a rash act on his part the whole mission could be jeopardized. A new future and his past must come to terms for him to move forward.

From Fort Bragg to Dallas and Panama follow the continuing story of Sam Walters and Allen Purvis.

  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 336 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1662848889
  • Price: $35.99

  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 336 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1662848870
  • Price: $19.99

Gene is a member of our advisory board.
Aircraft Weapons of WWII

By Tom Laemlein

Tom is a member of our advisory board.

Many of the photos and illustrations in this book, some of them in color, are strong enough to be displayed in full page format. The images deliver the gritty details of USAAF armaments’ use down to their nuts and rivets, and the high-velocity rounds they fired. This is a unique photo-study, with many of the photos never-before published.

U.S.A.A.F. Aircraft Weapons of WWII

This book focuses on the war-winning weaponry of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. With 144 pages containing more than 250 photos it offers stunning visual details of the machine guns, cannons, bombs, and rockets carried into battle by USAAF bombers, fighters, and attack aircraft.Many of the photos and illustrations in this book, some of them in color, are strong enough to be displayed in full page format. The images deliver the gritty details of USAAF armaments’ use down to their nuts and rivets, and the high-velocity rounds they fired. This is the first photo-history of its kind, with many of the photos never-before published.

Combat conditions dictated that many aircraft were adapted into roles for which they were not designed. As necessity is the mother of invention, aircraft were modified in both their roles and their armament. B-25s became ground attackers, A-20s became night fighters, and every wartime USAAF fighter was adapted to carry bombs.

8th Air Force 1943 to D-Day

Enjoy this history of the 8th Air Force from 1943 to D-Day in World War II with this discovered archival film footage. The first footage is in early 1943 on a heavy bombardment mission over Europe. View the heavies as they hit German targets. Watch gun camera footage as fighters of tangle with the enemy in the air. Follow fighters as they attack airdromes and trains.

Watch the men on the ground and in the air with mostly black and white, silent footage.

There is a lot of unidentified aircraft/groups but quite a bit of identified.

Identified:  44th, 91st, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 100th, 303rd, 305th, 385tth and 445th Bombardment Groups.
4th, 55th, 56th, 78th, 352nd, 353rd, 355th, 356th, 357th, 359th and 361st Fighter Groups.

Watch bombers in formation and as they fly through flak (ack-ack). Some have feathered props. Ground crews await the group returns and aid wounded airmen. View some of the nose art that were a source of pride.  View B-17s and B-24s in a number of scenes.

Feel like you are in the cockpit of a P-47 or P-51 fighter as they attack Me-109s, FW-190, ME-110, JU-52, JU-88, HE-111 and other German Aircraft. Fly with aces Beeson, Gabreski, Anderson, Blakeslee and many more. Find out which pilots would later become prisoners of war (POWs) and some would be killed in action (KIA).  Strafing footage shows fighter pilots attacking aircraft on the ground, airdrome facilities and other strategic and tactical targets including trains and marshalling yards.

Missions include Wilhelmshaven, Berlin, Warnemunde, Solingen, Leverkusen, Emden, Bremen, Munster, Schweinfurt and others.
229 minutes of black and white footage and visual record of the 8th Air Force: 1943 to D-Day in action in World War II from early 1943 to D-Day.
Price Each: $34.99

By Kenneth Breaux

The author takes the reader on a compelling odyssey, beginning with a wartime mystery which endured for nearly sixty years. A compelling and often gripping story of loss and discovery.

About the Author:

Kenneth Breaux served as a Naval Officer during the Vietnam era, where he first became acquainted with the plight of MIA's and their families. He spent over twenty years on active and reserve service and retired from the Navy with the rank of Commander.

Courtesies of the Heart

In the early morning hours of September 11, 1944, US Army Air Forces P-51 pilot Lt. William Lewis climbed into an overcast sky with the 55th Fighter Group on a mission escorting bombers. He had already flown more than 100 hours of combat over Europe. Over the channel he joined a vast fleet of more than 1,000 airplanes including the B-17’s of the 100th Bomb Group bound for Germany. This day’s combat would be one of the largest aerial engagements of the war, conducted at the very edge of operational range. By the next day, all of the aircraft were accounted for or known to be lost. Among the missing was Bill Lewis, who would remain an MIA for almost sixty years.

A chance discussion in a Texas home on New Years Eve 2001 regarding the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, a renovated Czech schoolhouse in the village of Kovarska, experts from the US Army in Hawaii, and Czech volunteers extended and fulfilled the Courtesy of the Heart begun by a gracious German citizen in September 1944 in the Thuringer Wald of Germany.

This is the fascinating story of how a Tulsa World War II pilot came home on Memorial Day 2004, only a few months short of sixty years from the time he flew his last mission. The book began a new role for the author, whose retirement has since become centered around the families of the missing in action of World War II and the search for their remains, and the origin of a not for profit company called MIA Recovery Network and a second book slated to be released by years-end 2021, called “Known But to God: America’s Twentieth Century Wars and the Search for the Missing”.
James Joseph Farrell
An American Story

By James & Barbara Farrell

James Joseph Farrell was born October 27, 1921 and grew up during the Great Depression. He joined the Army Air Corps in 1939.

He served with distinction in North Africa in 1942-1943 with the 301st Bombardment Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron flying 51 missions as an aerial engineer, top turret gunner.

He earned his pilot wings in 1945. This is his story.

Known But to God
America's Twentieth Century Wars and the Search for the Missing

There are many books written about epic battles, heroic soldiers and the remarkable events that occur during a war. This book contains little of that history. This book is about the more than 70.000 men who remain missing after America's wars. Their names appear in our cemeteries, on gravestones marked "unknown," on commemorative walls listing the missing or simply in after-action reports inadequate to the task of declaring a life at an end. Americans are sensitive to the injustice and incompleteness of such records. So, the United States is the only country publicly committed to searching for missing warriors' remains and to identifying and finally honoring them. This commitment has been inconsistently fulfilled, however, and results have been mixed. This book shows how modern warfare loses its dead in ways that make them harder than ever to find after battle. It tells the story of families who never give up hope and of the volunteers and officials who try to help them. But it's also the story of how our government too often has failed to make finding the missing possible -- and what we can do about it.

About the Author:

Kenneth Breaux served as a Naval Officer during the Vietnam era, where he first became acquainted with the plight of MIA's and their families. He spent over twenty years on active and reserve service and retired from the Navy with the rank of Commander. He is the Director of the MIA Recovery Network and is a member of the Sons of Liberty Museum Advisory Board.

Museum Projects
MIAs - Missing in Action

We have information on over 90,000 MIAs. This includes most all the World War II MIAs and some from World War I, Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War.

With our strategic partners, the MIA Recovery Network, we want to tell the last chapter in the life of these Citizen Soldiers.

We would also like your help in telling the first chapters of the lives of those still Missing in Action. Do you have service photos of a family member that is or was MIA? News articles? Service related material?

Material on Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines MIAs:

Air Corps:
X-Files - Buried Unknowns

There are many citizen soldiers whose body was recovered, but they are unidentified. There are thousands of these unknowns buried in American Battle Monument Cemeteries around the world. They are also known as X-Files.

Material on Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines X-Files can be found:

Get Donation Information: Artifacts Monetary
Awards, Rosters
Unit Documents

We need you ! A continued big thanks to our fantastic army of volunteers. We have much more so if you can type and have a couple hours each week we can use you !

Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force

We have received material on many units and are hoping to compile much more.

Unit Citations, Awards, Transfers, Rosters

Many groups received unit citations during their particular conflict. The paperwork, in triplicate, would include a roster of all assigned and attached personnel. We are seeking and requesting copies of those roster documents. Please search your papers, talk to your association and help us out with this information and get them to us pronto!

Attention Website Owners &
Veteran Associations

Many WWII veterans organizations have shut. Many these organizations had developed some type of website, some with enormous amounts of data and history. Sadly, many had/have not made provisions for their website to be continued and thus when the bill stops being paid, the website disappears and all the work and information is lost. We want to help and we need you to help us. If you know of a disbanding group, please have them get in contact with us; we would like to bring their website and information under our wing. If they want to continue to maintain it we can give them access to continue that as well. One of our top goals for this and every year is to preserve this history not lose it!

Not a WW2 unit? That's ok. We are also interested in your history and want to help preserve it. Korea, Vietnam and all other conflicts.

If your organization has physical materials such as uniforms, patches, photos and other memorabilia do you have plans for them when you cease operations? We would be honored to be the custodian of your group's history.
Sons of Liberty Museum
Army Air Corps Library and Museum  

Directors' Line: 214.957.1393

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