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Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?

Okay... It may be a little early for sleigh bells. But here at Sonshine we have Christmas on the mind as we move full steam ahead into preparation for

Adopt-a-Family 2021!

Sonshine Community Service’s Adopt-a-Family program matches individuals, organizations, and groups to families in need with the goal to provide them with some relief during the Christmas season. The families supported by Adopt-a-Family come from many different walks of life, but all have one thing in common: their circumstances brought them to Sonshine looking for the support and healing they need.

As we have updated our program to comply with Canada Revenue Agency policy, Sonshine now offers two ways to be involved:

Adopt-a-Family "Wish List"

A family fills out a form with their specific wishes. You receive their wish list and shop for these items. Sonshine cannot provide a tax receipt for this option.

Adopt-a-Family "Gift List"

Sonshine has created standard gift lists for a single woman, family of 2, 3 or more. You receive this gift list and shop for the items listed. The gifts will go to a family during or after Christmas. Sonshine can provide a tax receipt for this option.

Would you like to help a family in need this Christmas season? Fill out our online form, contact us at, or click the button below to read more on our website.

Learn more about Adopt-a-Family

Embrace Your Will Power


A Gift in Will to Sonshine Community Services is an investment in a future free of domestic violence. Any gift, big or small, is a legacy that impacts future generations and that will continue impacting the lives of vulnerable families long after our own life span.

Leaving a Gift in your Will may reduce your estate taxes; it can be for any amount, percentage or reside of your estate; it is flexible, as you can adjust your will at any time; and it has no impact on your current income.

Call or email us to share your ideas, wishes, concerns, and ask questions. Connect with our Director of Resource Development at 403-705-3485 or email

Do Good, Feel Good!

Sonshine is thrilled to be re-opening our Volunteer Program!

We are searching for passionate, friendly individuals to join our dedicated volunteer team in a variety of roles, including delivery drivers, donation distributi, and more.

Fill out our online application form or get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator at to find out more.


Thank you to everyone who donated to Sonshine through Birdies for Kids and/or Chip in for Kids this year.

We are so grateful for your generous support!

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No One Is An Island


Family Systems Theory suggests that families are systems of interconnected people, none of whom can be fully understood in isolation from their family. Take a moment to consider your place in your own family, and your place in the world as an individual. Who would you be today if you had grown up within a different family?

At Sonshine, our Family Systems Counsellor works with our families to support them in strengthening their family as a unit. Our Family Systems Counsellor supports the development of skills and tools to build relationships within the family, as well as providing assistance with increasing natural supports, the development of parenting and life skills, referrals to community and cultural resources, and child development needs. In order to take an organic approach, our Family Systems Counsellor works closely with our Child & Youth Counsellor and Parent-Child Educator, which allows for a natural connection with families that seek our help.

This program also offers families the opportunity to gather (virtually, when need be) with each other and with other families to take part in events such as games nights and craft events hosted by our Family Systems Counsellor. Here, individual's roles can be understood and supported within the context of their family because after all, no one is an island!

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In the 2021/22 fiscal year, Sonshine Community Services expect to fundraise

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