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Soothe Muscles!

Being active in the summer is great, but feeling the side effects of sore muscles are not so fun.  Here are a few tips for you to help you manage the change in activity your dogs and horses: 


- After exercise, take time to cool down your dog or horse. Walk them until their heart rate and respirations reach normal levels.

- On hot days, cooling them down with a water; sponging on or hosing them down will help.

- Apply peppermint flora water or Ortho Ease Massage Oil to heavily used muscles that are prone to soreness. 


Ortho Ease Massage Oil and Panaway are great for soothing sore muscles


- Keep your dog or horse


- Provide a cool, shaded area for them to rest.

- Walk out your dog or horse the next day and help them with some stretching exercises. This will help minimize soreness. 

- Gently rub hands along soft tissue from head to paw/hoof to see if there are sore areas.  Re-apply essential oils and ice those areas that show tenderness.

- Massage will help restore muscles, promote healing and limit the effects from their activity. 


Around Town!

We do travel and you can coordinate your appointment
when we're going through your town! 


- Faribault, MN: July 24

- Canine Crossing: Ham Lake, MN: July 14

- Hugo, MN: July 2

- Lakeville: July 7, 21

- Lino Lakes, MN: July 2

- Prior Lake: July 3, 10


You can always contact us to get updates on our schedule.

June 2015
As summer progresses with fun, outdoors and competitions, do you find yourself or your dog or horse having tired, sore muscles? We encourage you to stay active and read some of our tips to soothe those muscles.
Thank you to everyone that made it out to our annual Client Appreciation event on June 17th with our business colleague, Perpetual Motion Animal Chiropractic.  It was fun to see everyone and their dogs!
If you ever wondered about canine athletes and want to "meet" a decorated and accomplished dog, take time to read Roue's story!
 Why Dog Athlete Gets Dog Massages and More
Animal's Name: Roue
Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 6
Birthday: July 7, 2008

Roue's Person: Pat


Roue is a beautiful and fun-loving dog that might fool you into thinking that it's all fun and games, well, because it is! She is a true athlete that loves to work and she'll give just about anything a try and by try, that means she will give it her 'all'. Roue has the titles and achievements to prove it! Just look at what she's done so far:

  • AKC: Obedience Utility, Rally RAEx2(IP), Agility Master level
  • UKC: Titles in Obedience & Rally
  • CDSP: Open Champion, OTCH, Utility Champion (IP) with multiple HIT & HC
  • Lure Coursing: CAA
  • Barn Hunt: Senior level
  • Flyball: Top 15 for Rottweilers
  • NRC: Working Award of Excellence & Hall of Fame induction by the age of 4

Wow! What an accomplished dog and a true champion at heart!  Read how Roue got her start competing and how's she's working hard with her care team to overcome some restrictions. 


  Winning Edge for Horse Shows


Did you see our horse guided meditations? We recently launched two meditations to help you connect with your horse and prepare for the show ring. 

  • Remove distractions
  • Focus on your horse and competition
  • Prepare your team to win

You can download them right to your phone for mobile access anywhere, anytime for only $3.97! 


Download your copy today!


Using Essential Oils With Animals


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


$25.00/person pre-register
$30.00/person at the door

Abby's Place inside Chuck & Don's, Edina, MN


Join us to learn how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils with your cats, dogs and horses.  We'll cover basic safety and first-aid concerns, digestive issues, anxiety and many other common challenges we face when helping our loved animal companions.

Register now to reserve your seat.


*Pre-Register by July 27, 2015 to nominate a local animal-related non-profit.  Nominees will be entered in a drawing where Animal Intuition will make a donation to one of the organizations entered. A donation to Leech Lake Legacy was made from our class in May.





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