September 2nd, 2016

Hi and welcome to my newsletter to those of you new here! Today's conversation is quite lengthy.  It took place last winter and was filled with emotion.

These contacts take place just about every day. 
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Words in bold, italics & parenthesis are my own 
unless otherwise specified. 
This is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made:
"Highest and best for all concerned. No ego. Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only.  
Just love. Pure love. 
Complete truth regarding your origin & identity."

These conversations took place during the last week of February, 2016.  They were sparked by something I had heard.  (I'd been told) that there was a possible plan for Disclosure to be stretched out and gradual, taking possibly 100 years to reach its completion. I saw no benefit to humanity in that plan.

I was angry.  I did not know if I could reach anyone involved with this, but I figured why not try?  So I did.  The response, well, you will read who spoke.  I have not shared this until now because I wasn't sure how helpful it would be.

We are in a different energy today and so many things are talked about, there is no reason not to add this to the mix.  It becomes then, more data for us to work with.  I will start with my initial statement. Most of this conversation was written in ALL CAPS, from both sides.

"I reach out now to whomever is assuming they have the right to continue to withhold information/disclosure information regarding alternative beings and races, advanced technologies that will supply humanity with free energy, physical healing technology, food replicators and a moneyless society.  These beings have been referenced by others yet I am not clear that those so referenced are the ones holding back on FULL DISCLOSURE.
It is to those beings I reach out now, or a representative of them.  Please come forward and introduce yourself."

I am Ra and I speak for the collective who are in observance of human society.


It is a delight to engage.  What is it you wish to engage about?

About the holdup to Full Disclosure and reconciliation of control to humanity for the Earth's surface.

The holdup deemed necessary in order to preserve order.

Yes. It is known that it is wealth by the 1% that is being preserved and not "order".  How is that in concert with the Will of One?

It is not.  We are following the flow of energy that allows for the successful continuation of life on Earth. And it is seen by those doing the observing that order must be maintained - that chaos will result in destruction of too much life.  That would not be productive.

This order you are maintaining keeps mankind subservient to a greater power - this power held in place by fear.  I do not, humanity does not, see fear as the desire of One or as productive overall.

You speak for humanity?

Being human, I can do that.  I can say now that having access to tech that affords us healing, food, free energy and sustenance on all levels will be supported by all of humanity - regardless of which "god" is worshipped or what is believed.

There is no argument with that, no.

Then what gives any race the power or right to withhold what would only promote life and expand the possibilities for the human?

By agreement these powers are held.

Agreement by who?  I, a human, have made no such agreement.

By those in control of your planet.

Those whose end is here.

Those whose end is near, not here.

Which is the reason for this call to you! The end of this control is demanded.  It's time for them to go.  Disclosure Now.

This is your voice - a strong one yet not a majority.

Only because the majority is not aware - the media is controlled and people are killed who go against the party line.  It's a loop of control we cannot break without an equal hand from the likes of you - those who hold the information back from man.

This is just as criminal as the acts of the controllers themselves.

This was part of the plan.

Whose plan?

The plan of One for the perpetuation of All.

Well the one unnamed part here, the part that was not seen, is how fast humanity has woken up.  We see now the jailor beyond the bars. You hold the key. Unlock the bars and give us what is rightfully ours. 
It is the real criminals who are free.  They need to be locked up.  Disclosure and a release of all the tech mentioned will be what is needed. 

We have systems in place to take care of the arrests.  Disclosure is demanded.  You came now (as an answer to) my request for someone with the power to do so - will you? What will you do?

I will take your request into the negotiations and consider it.

That is all?

That is all.

Well consider what we've been informed of then. That the perpetuation of these crimes only creates a more negative outcome/decision/retribution for those knowingly holding it over the heads of 8 billion people (and NOT helping).  This is criminal.  There is no reason to wait.

You have been clear.  Goodbye.


What follows is a second conversation on another day.

"I would like again to connect to the being I spoke with two days ago regarding disclosure; the being representing the group advocating its timing and its being held back.  Please come forward."

I am Ra.

Thank you for responding.

What is your request?

I have, since we connected, received further information.  This tells me that it is the intent of the group to delay Full Disclosure for 100 years!  Is this truth.

It is our current path. Yes.

Explain please the reasons for this delay and period of time?

It is, we feel, necessary so that mankind has an opportunity to set in place systems.  The current ones are held there by brute, if invisible, force. As these chains and threats and controllers are removed, mankind will scramble to locate and agree on appropriate rulers.  Time will be necessary so that order is maintained.

Why 100 years?  This seems an arbitrary and excessive number.

So that the generations of humans taking over have come to appreciate the depth and breadth of the task.  This is accomplished by watching their elders gradually take the wheel and assume self-governance.

Today's potential leaders have been witness only to puppetry.  This is not true ability to govern.  Self-governance demands a deep sense of sovereignty.  This sense is not held in mankind - regardless of where he rests in prosperity or rule.

It is not felt because it has not been taken or assumed.  Not by man.  Not by any man.  It has been played at.  Men kill those who take it seriously.
Self-control is to be lived authentically if it is not destined to dissolve to violence and everyone for themselves.  This concept is not understood by your masses.

Is it not true that there are humans on the planet now who are primed and ready for this role?  That there are conscious military (men and women) in my country who are ready to protect them during the change-over?  That there are forces in place and ready to be initiated that will not only ensure a smooth transition, but also massive arrests so that these criminal controllers are not strung up by the people once their crimes are public knowledge?   Are not these facts being considered?

These facts are known.

Yet they have no impact on the trend that leans instead to wait 100 years?

They do not, no.  These things are not spoken of here.

It sounds like a skewed conversation; one that assumes ownership and rights of control still, even in the discussion of ending it.  Do you not see the folly?

Until you said it, no.

Is there no universal law that demands highest order decisions for the impact on an entire planet?

There is law that dictates life must prosper - that the continuation of the species be held as the first order of business.

How about quality of life?  I interject that this plan for a 100 year stall exists not to promote the continuation of life, but the preservation of wealth and accumulation of more in all things by a small fraction of the entire species.  Not to mention the putting off of justice and karma for crimes against a species.

These things are and have always been a consideration; it is the beings themselves that dictate the scope of the talks.

Mankind the species does not represent himself in these negotiations?

He does not.  It would be akin to allowing your pet a say in his food purchase.

Yet he does have a say! If he dislikes a brand or flavor, or it causes him distress, other choices are made.  In this way we work together for the best solution.

This is not how it's done.

This is criminal.  In 100 years, several generations will have lived and died, still sick and poor and enslaved by this corrupt money system.  We the people do speak.  It is the group making the decision not listening to our voice.  This is not in concert with the will of One, in my estimation.

When one element of the whole thrives while abusing another, the purpose of life is not served. What is served is one small segment.  Are you able to explain how this action serves the One of us that is creation itself?

Only this, all of life is an expression of difference - it is occurring on earth now as an example to the rest.

IT'S DONE ITS PART! THE JIG IS UP! THE PRISONERS SEE THE BARS! NO FURTHER DEMONSTRATION IS NECESSARY.  Disclosure is the only decision that will begin to restore healing and promote life here.  A woken up populace requires a woken up response.

As this plays out, all input is considered.

By whom?

By those making the ultimate choice/holding the final say.

This notion of a few speaking for many goes against natural law.  There is no doubt the many would benefit from healing technology, free energy, food replicators and a chance for a moneyless society, whether spoken out loud or not.

This group you are a part of knows this.  This needs to be considered as paramount.

You have been clear.  Goodbye Sophia.

Okay then.  Goodbye.

This conversation ended.

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  Sophia Love
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