November 15th, 2016

Hello everyone,

This is a rather long one, so I would like to get right to it! Due to its length I am unable to add too many illustrations. It is a worthwhile read without them, to be sure! If you hang in until the end, you won't be disappointed. ;-)

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This is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made:
"Highest and best for all concerned. No ego. Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only.     
Just love. Pure love. 
Complete truth regarding your origin & identity."


This conversation happened on 11.11.2016.  It is rather long.  For this reason, your questions will be answered in another newsletter later this month. It feels that this message is timely and meant for right now.

"Is there someone who wants to connect?"

There can be, there may be, hold on... Yes, there is. Information comes through now surrounding your people and this recent shift in voice.  For it is a voice and it has spoken loudly and clearly; it has said no more.

Did someone just walk by me? (A shadow passed by me, it seemed to have substance to it. I was in a coffee shop in a booth.)

Many are around and with you so this answer would be yes.

Okay.  Thank you.

We will continue.

Please introduce yourself?

We are many who have heard your call for clarity and would very much like to share the view from here.

It is an energetic view, not so much a 'through the looking glass" image that we are able to share.

This is historic and now it begins. The coin was tossed in the air and it is as if someone held it aloft for a bit while the winds of change chose a direction.

The direction was chosen. It could not be ignored, which is why, with the narrowest of leads, the alternative candidate secured the leadership role in this your country of freedom.

We are now poised and observant.  We cannot predict - it is you that will predict, create and play out what occurs next.  What we see is a large energetic NO to control in the typical hierarchical manner that has been the custom in this land.

No, the USA is not the world but it is a focal point for the world.  They watch and wonder what happens next.  The country is a freedom beacon and it calls to the rest of your world.

Those in the know and following the trail of corruption are cautiously optimistic.  Why?  When this candidate, who represents a calling out of the corruption also quite possibly embodies every possible avenue of "me first" polarization?

It is because in that moment enough of you said no more. Your answer is seen as a massive leap in the direction of disclosure.  This is so very exciting.

The human is ascending and breaking free of century's old bondage.
This candidate is transparent in a way never seen on your pulpits or microphones or thrones.  It is, he is, a representative of the common man.

So, we see now confusion, anger and at the same time a sort of throwing up of hands in a gesture of "what's next?" There are now before you many choices and none of them can be predicted.

We see you as opening.  The only way for new forms to begin is for old forms to be ended or overthrown.  The old regime has been overthrown. Now wait and watch and act.

Please re-focus and have only one voice? This stream is not specific enough and I am looking for specifics.

Yes, Sophia, we feel your anxiety.  You want to comfort your readers.

I want to do that yes, and inform.
(A new energy then entered and it was felt.)

What I can tell you is quite specific.

Please do so and introduce yourself.

I am not one you've spoken to. (I am) an old soul by your earth human estimation.  I come to you now as an old old friend, for indeed we have shared lives and doings at other now points.

You are humanoid?

I have been.  In our times of sharing we were sentient cats - feline beings - royal is a term that describes who we embodied.  Not the original form for either of us but one we played at together.

Do you have a name?

In your past I was a name similar to your English translation of Hector.

The name means nothing to me.

You have forgotten well.  This was your choice.  You are here on a mission with the Pleiadians, whom you consider to be family.  Yes, family of origin.  Yet realize you have many beginnings and nows and families.

What you are here to do now demands that you identify and participate with them. Yet I too would be considered family.

You feel familiar and comforting.

Let me transmit now some information that may be of an assist.

The changes we see are two-fold.  There are physical transformations.  There are emotional/(spiritual) reactions to what is experienced as an earth human in this now moment. 

Feel the room you occupy.

Is it not calm, kind, straightforward?  This is the embodiment of the human.  You are at once and immediately able to adapt and focus. 

If there is a flaw in the design of this creature the earth human, it is his/her distractibility.  You are easily diverted.  And that is your saving characteristic.  Any place or attitude can become a port in your storm.  For you will structure your image to serve you always.
These words may not bring you comfort as much as encouragement.  My view is broader than yours.

It was known there would be a break in "business as usual" before the new could begin.  It was never known what the break would look like.  Now it is.

This message needs to be given completely and at once.

I don't hear anything.

I am formulating a succinct transmission.  I would like to tell you a story.  It is a metaphor really, for what you are experiencing now.

The beginning started at a place where nothing stood.  Once it began, it had to choose which direction it would expand/proceed/continue.  Up or down? Left or Right?  Light or Dark?  In or Out? Expand or Contract? Large or Small? At that moment it had no prior self to learn from or mimic. 

So it did what it felt the most beneficial and comprehensive - it simultaneously went everywhere at once. This is your holographic and geometric and multi-dimensional ONE.  It is everything, everywhere, everyone.

All choices still exist and always will.  There are moments of seemingly massive choice and moments of small, seemingly inconsequential ones.  Make no mistake - every choice affects the whole.

What happened with this most recent, seemingly massive choice was a moment in the 3D reality illusion that returned a section of a specific path to singularity.  It is as if you are all back to the beginning.  From here, you once again have all choices before you.

These choices are selected with your actions now.  It is a moment of zero point in a sense.  All possibilities are floating, swirling around you now.

I see and sense the discomfort and confusion and even anger at being put there - on the edge of tomorrow with no flight plan.

Yet this is where you began and now you find yourself not only there but helped with this uptick of creative energy.  The energy feels chaotic and the youngest and most immature among you react in anger and even violence to such a state.  It is a pivotal point indeed and from here on out it begins anew.

You do not know where this goes yet you know what is important to you in this current reality/state of embodiment.  You have an advantage over the initial spark of light/creation (that had no example).

You have an example of what you dislike.  You know what happens when you release involvement in your deepest felt desires.  It takes many many moments/nows/beings to shift and your attention is necessary.

You cannot watch your life/embodiment pass by without active involvement.  Well you can, because all choices are available, but if you do then in order for anxiety to be reduced you would be advised to release all opinions.

You are at a pivot point now.  You have a deep awareness of what you don't want. The energy expended on protest and anger and grief even will transfer gradually to action.  It will because that is the stuff that propels life (and thus creation itself) forward.

In this metaphor all things are possible at the beginning.  Today it is the same.

The specific information I have for you is this.  All of this has been orchestrated intelligently and collectively.  Inhale and as you exhale look around.  Your world is new today because you, as a being - human, have brought it up to this point; this zero point where everything is possible.

Enjoy the ride that you are standing in line for.  You chose carefully the ride, your partners in the car you ride and the timing.  It is bound to be as exciting and breathtaking as you are able to tolerate.  You set it up.

Change is upon you.  It is coming fast now from here and will quickly change every norm.  You did not seek life as a human now to relax into a life of no extremes.  You chose extremes for the benefit of contrast.  It is in the contrast where you sit - from there things become clear and easy to define.

I see each one of you in full creative mode with the shift in consciousness defining which world you choose.  You will not end up where you are now.  You will end up exactly where you planned at your outset.  This moment begins a turning toward your desired outcome.  Utilize this powerful energy.  What is before you is no less expansive than what became of that first moment of life. 

It is not too much for you, it is because of you.

This is my message.

Thank you.

This conversation ended.


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