February 12, 2020

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Hello! Welcome to February.

This is a conversation that took place a few nights ago. I had been woken up several nights in a row before I finally took out pen and paper and it occurred. I have some things to say about it, after you read it, that may help. It is the visuals and emotions that came with it. Conversations are closer to downloads these days, and filled with images and feelings. It is important that you read first the words as they were heard.

There are two videos I'd like to share here. One is from Blossom Goodchild. These words at the end of this exchange remind me of the things they were telling her in this video. I refer here to the line: "All of this is created. This is created." You will see what I mean once you read it.

The other video is the fourth, published today, from a set of videos from Clif High called "Critical Thinking". I will link you to today's, but it's worth it to watch all four. He has been discussing the Corona Virus and has some information that feels worthwhile. It is not based on a scientific study, but his own contact within the Wuhan Province and results with the patients of a Chinese Herbalist there. There are supplements we can get to build up our immune system. There are some gems here. Chaga Mushrooms. Also mentioned by the Medical Medium I am told.

So please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Cherish every day.

Many blessings and much love to each of you.

With appreciation for all that you are,
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February 11, 2020  3:30 AM

It is I Sophia, it is One.


There are things to say.

Please then, go on.

You are in the final throes of desperation, as seen played out most recently.

There is one more move, and it is one you are expecting, or ( one that ) some of you have spoken of.

When it occurs, there will already be fear present in the majority of earth humans, due to illness and the uncontrolled spread of it that was intentional. It will feel as if no one is in charge who has the good of the people or the safety of the people as their motivation.

This will be an incorrect assumption, yet it will be one that many will hold.

They will hold it due to the outbreak. The focus on lack of government response will be the thing that people hang on to. It will be an isolating focus.

More are turning to religion as a result, yet not the majority.

The majority are in despair.

You are seeing now the fear and anger. When the final hand is played, all of this will escalate into frenzy. The escalation will occur in a setting already ripe for it.

In other words, although it may not be a reasoned response under normal circumstances, it will seem so in the atmosphere of the day. People will already feel out of control and threatened on a daily basis.

It is this moment I want to talk about.

Those of you who expect it will be in a place to tell folks otherwise, yet there will, in many cases, be panic.

Your brethren are not going to attack. The attack was planned from within, has been going on for years, and takes place at the hands of the real and “enemy” beings – those non-human "controllers" who attempt harm to your race.

There is a group with your best interests as motivation, who work now in a coordinated effort. This effort has, as its goal, a removal of that dark force.

The “alien invasion” is something they are prepared for. What do you suspect the introduction of the space force was for?

You can trust in humanity to finally and ultimately do the right thing. As the tables turn, two things happen simultaneously.

One is that the sense of desperation in what is going on in the world creates a sort of “nothing really matters” attitude in those doing the work propagating lies to save themselves.

The second is that they will then reach in and source their connection to man, rather than to their fear. ( And ) to tell them ( man ) what to do.

You will see people tell the truth. They will do so because of who they are. This will help to quell hysteria. It will be then you’ll know, without a doubt, that you’ve reached the final pages in this final chapter of the shift of mankind.

Those of you who are calm and expecting the final play of “alien invasion”, will be validated and looked to then for other truth, for information.

Make yourselves visible.

It will be a confusing time. You will almost be brought into a state of confusion, yet not completely, because none of this will be a surprise. None of this will be alarming. Your calmness will draw attention and at that point – folks will be ready to believe.

This final move, or hand, will look frightening and out of this world. It will be illusion. Do not fall into fear when you see it played out.

As always, there will be real human casualties as it plays out, yet not to the scale that it portrays or by anything otherworldly. These “aliens” orchestrating the “invasion” are 100% human.

Why did you come now? These are things we know and expect, those who will be reading these words.

Because Sophia, it will all seem very real. Forewarned is forearmed. The largest and most effective service you can offer to your fellow man, and right now, is your calm and conviction. You know the truth.

The ability they have to be convincing is suspected, yet not known. When the final hand is played, you’ll witness first hand just how real it all seems.

What I wanted to remind you all, is that when that moment arrives, you will be needed.

There will be no point in keeping this inside truth quiet then. The more calm emotion that exists ( is present ), the more quickly the fear will reduce.

You are creating what it is you experience and you are always in control.

Your power to do so is required soon, and it is needed now also. Right now.

All of what you can do to promote truth and calm will take back your world. It will work against the controllers.

Man is not meant to succumb to an artificial invasion of either illness or being.

He does not.

You do not.

All leavings are chosen. Since those of you reading this are still here, you have chosen to help.

There is no…

You’ve stopped.

There is no pre-determined ending by an outside force. The force comes from within and I reach you now to remind you of that force.

Is that it?

You seem to have stopped.

Yes. There is no truth in a takeover of man in the end. Man is the one who takes control, and it is with light and truth that man does so.

There is no scenario in which this does not happen. When the images and the stories seem most frightening, you will need to remember and to share both your light and your truth.

Okay. Thank you.

Sophia, all of this is created. This is created . Your world is created and propped up always by your beliefs and the expectations that you hold. These are things to remember in the coming days.

We’ll speak again.

Thank you.

Note: What was felt and embedded in the conversation, adds depth to this story.

What I was seeing is that, should this final hand be played, there will be few who doubt it as real and threatening . There will be "real" conflict witnessed. Yet, regardless of whether it is "real" or not, it will feel quite frightening. They have very good tech. Such is the ability of those who attempt still to have us believe that they own the planet.

They do not, in fact, own the planet. What the final indicator felt like was news anchor's sort of slowly changing the narrative and talking off script. Perhaps walking off stage. I was witnessing a mass exit. The situation has become so dire that they can no longer deceive their audience over a microphone. They remember their humanity and begin to tell the truth. I saw it as a domino effect. I don't know how it begins, but someplace and with someone, it does.

The fear that is referred to is their fear (those regurgitating the fear narrative) of losing something, perhaps a position or money or even their life. That becomes unimportant when compared to the greater idea of helping mankind.

In the end, it will be our collective humanity that rescues us. It rises up within us and changes everything. We begin to believe ourselves more than we believe what we are being told. This is the shift.

It is for this reason that this conversation is being shared. It is not a fearful conversation, although it mentions fearful scenarios. I have no proof that any of them will occur, but this is what I was told.

The hope represented here, while this "final hand" is played out, is worth knowing and worth counting on. Focus on that and it has no choice but to expand.

We are the ones.
We have anchored the light.
It is done.

With appreciation and love,
That's it for today!

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We are the ones. 
We have anchored the light. 
It is done.