May 2nd, 2016


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This conversation was one of the more timely and uplifting I've had.  The descriptions given here reminded me of some "visions" I've had where many different races are walking along sidewalks and mowing lawns... 

This is, as they described, a paradise.  I am sure you'll enjoy their story!

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Words in bold and parenthesis are my own unless otherwise specified. 

This is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made: "Highest and best for all concerned. No ego. Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only. 
Just love. Pure love.

This conversation took place on April 19
th, 2016.

"Is the being who woke me this morning available?"

I am now, yes.

Okay, please continue and tell us who you are?

Yes, well we are a group of small beings in relationship to the stature of the average human.  We are small.  We are also a small group; there are only a few of us.  Tell us what it is you'd like to know Sophia? We sense many questions, which is why we showed up.  We want to assist you.  As your offspring, there are answers we can give.  These answers come from your historical records around this time and after.

My/our "offspring"?

We know that is the word we sent, yet for us it has a different connotation than it does for you - we did not "spring from your loins" but very much came to live on the earth after your current "time".

As "time" is a construct of your era, we are able to reach in and engage with you during your current "day", from ours.  Once you've moved through these ascension markers this will all make much more sense.

No, we are not human.  We come from a planet in another galaxy and eventually some of us settled on your home planet, earth, many decades later than your current, shifting decade.

Your planet is home to many.  What the human brings to all of creation is a menagerie where all are welcome and cooperation and diversity are the order of the day.  It is truly a paradise here, your Earth.

So, you can answer some questions?

I can, yes.  That is why we came as a group - we represent several parts of life on your earth.

What "year" are you from?


That's quite a distance into Earth's future!

Yes.  This change you've begun now has some struggle as structures are altered and replaced with new ones, self-made and defined.

Can you give me any other time references?  You mention a struggle - how long is this struggle?

There are three years of turmoil, yet the starting year is not your current one but two prior.  You are at the end and most potentially volatile stage - at least it looks that way.

Volatile as in war?

Volatile as in uprisings, unrest and rulers who are still believing they run the show (who) serve many attempts to clamp down on the people - on you.  Yet the outcome is NO MASSIVE WAR OR DEATH TOLL.  We don't believe we are altering the timeline by giving you this information - that is the timeline chosen.

What can you tell me about the debt slavery?  When and how does it end?  

What replaces it or how do you engage in commerce?

The debt system is on the verge of collapse.  Right now.  This spring is when historically was recorded a massive upheaval and "forgiveness" of debt which inspires for man a kind of freedom.

It is seen that it is a "false freedom" at first as man decides now how to truly encapsulate "free" into every facet of life.  This means no hierarchy - no "owing".

We can tell you that for us now there is no "money" as you have it - there is sustenance for all and very many differences in requirements and desires.  As creation and manifestation is (now) understood, jealousy/envy is non-existent. 

This is not told as happening right away.  We were told there was an immediate surplus, a great giving that coincided with mankind realizing his worth.

There is no difference in ABOVE VS BELOW and so it is told then (that) the human on earth created a golden age of great love and wealth on Earth for everyone, by realizing his/her own worth.  It is a sort of mystical magical story we heard and to engage with you now at its barest beginnings is a thrill and an honor.

What about healing?  Aging?  Are these things too taken care of with thought?

The illness and early death of the human was brought on genetically - you were never expected to live in your body forever.  Surface life is harsh and there are chemical sprayings and pollutants.  It is shown that the human "relaxes" and becomes then healthier overall - life spans increase.  It is shown that there are technologies for healing given to the human that aid him in this current (for you) diseased and beaten state.

What is told about how this happens?

That there is a moment - a grand singular moment - and after that it changes.

Now we are not privy to the exact methods as these are your personal, as yet to be lived out, stories.  We have seen the global effect.  There is a massive healing - all diseases are a thing of your past.

(Note - this next statement was made because I was at that moment flooded with images; images of how all disease was intentionally created and manipulated.  It was overwhelming and shocking.)

"I am hearing words about how they were created in the first place?"

We are sorry, it is not our place to foretell these things.  Truths will be revealed on a mass scale and you will know everything. It will shake the foundation of mankind - which is what sets the fall - it has to crumble and this is the turbulence you enter into now.  There are no humans untouched - it changes everything.

How long until we see past this shake up and onto some good?

It is told your current year ends with a re-building already begun.

Our bodies and finances and governments rejuvenated?

All of that (is) kick-started.  Mankind is awesome in the power he wields, the power to carry through massive much needed shifts for an entire populace.  It occurs, as has been told to us, in little more than a season.

A season for us is three months' time. 

That is what we've been told.

Okay, I'd like to talk again but I must go.  How will I identify you?

Ask for us by year - 2137.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you.

This conversation ended.

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It is through mutual support that we'll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.  
No one can do this but us.
We are the gods we've been waiting for.
With absolute love,
  Sophia Love