Sophie is a bright, engaging, and energetic teenager with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Prior to her admission to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) in January, Sophie had attended a residential program but was discharged due to the unmanageable frequency and intensity of her aggressive and self-injurious behaviors. Sophie engaged in high rates of aggressive behavior in the form of hitting, kicking, head-butting, biting, and hair pulling as well as significant self-injurious behaviors.
Sophie required a 4:1 staffing ratio at her prior placement. Her staff were required to wear padded arm guards, a skull cap, and helmet with faceguard, as well as carry blocking pads and portable foam mats at all times. Since Sophie's admission to JRC just six months ago minimal engagement in aggressive and self-injurious behavior has been observed, and is typically able to be redirected through the use of verbal prompts. Emergency physical restraint has not been required in 185 consecutive days as shown in the chart below.
Sophie has thrived since her admission to JRC. The restrictiveness of her program has been immensely reduced, allowing her increased independence and access to novel environments, social interactions, and learning opportunities. Because of the gains in her behavior we are able to taper off some of her psychotropic medications. She is now staffed 1:1 and no padding or protective equipment are necessary to maintain safety.
Sophie was required to remain at her residence at all times for four months prior to her admission to the JRC due to the inability to safely transition her to the school building. No academic instruction was occurring in an attempt to reduce engagement in maladaptive behavior. Sophie now attends school 5 days per week in a classroom of her peers. She is an active participant in academic instruction and has demonstrated great progress in her ability to match, sort, and engage in fine motor activities. 
Sophie enjoys interacting with her peers across the classroom and residential settings. Some of her favorite activities include going for walks, playing in the ball pit, riding the arcade motorcycle, and climbing on the playground. She has developed positive relationships with her staff members and treatment team, with whom she often shares laughs and smiles. Sophie is a sweet, affectionate, and social young lady with a wonderful sense of humor.
Sophie's father is pleased with her progress and says he wishes she "had gone to JRC in the first place." After seeing her on a recent visit he feels her improvement is "night and day." It is anticipated that Sophie will continue to make behavioral progress in her time at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, allowing her ongoing improvement in her level of independence, access to education, and overall quality of life. Way to go, Sophie!
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