April 2023

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Rusty Bevel to our Warner Seeds Team! Rusty joins us with many years of experience in the seed/agriculture industry as our new Brand Manager. Originally from Ralls, Texas, Rusty’s professional career highlights include grain merchandising, field marketing/risk management, crop insurance across the southern heart of the Sorghum Belt as well as his most recent endeavors as sales manager, then director of sales (with a focus on grain sorghum, forage sorghum and corn) across the U.S. and Canada.
Rusty is anxious to dig into the Warner Seeds brand and shared, “I’m excited to bring our customers even more sales support, solid agronomic input and customer-focused service as a reliable supplier. I look forward to helping grow the Warner Seeds brand of high quality products. Growth in our seed processing capabilities is also top priority where we already produce clean, unmatched quality seed from our top-of-the-line facilities.”
Outside of work, Rusty enjoys spending time with his wife and three children (two of which are active military). Rusty is an Army Ranger veteran as well.
Rusty is based out of our Hereford office. Reach out to him at 806-364-4470, ext. 110 or 806-654-4500. Welcome to the Warner Seeds team, Rusty Bevel!
Stop in or call one of our salesmen today if you’re still looking to purchase sorghum. Seed orders are making their way to the field and we don't want you to miss out on your preferred hybrids.

Our experienced sales team is ready to help!

Rusty Smallwood, Seed Account Manager - Lubbock
Office: 806-364-4470, ext. 112
Mobile: 806-787-0557

Jeff Sharrock, Seed Account Manager - Hereford
Office: 806-364-4470, ext. 104
Mobile: 806-681-0827

Thomas Smallwood, Seed Account Manager - Farwell
Mobile: 806-683-0281
Crop Budgeting: Why You Need to Plant Sorghum
John Duff, consultant to National Sorghum Producers, explains just why sorghum looks to be one of the strongest options for your 2023 crop budgets. "The ongoing drought has depleted stocks of all feed grains in the central U.S., so end users will pay a premium for locally produced grains, including — and especially — sorghum. Between these premiums and the cost savings, it isn’t hard to see why sorghum looks so good in this year’s crop budgeting exercise."

Have you made sorghum part of your crop plan? Learn more in this Kansas Farmer article. Contact our sales team today if you're in need of sorghum seed or if you'd like to adjust your crop plans!
Sorghum Quality Report: Making the Honor Roll
For the fourth year in a row, "U.S. sorghum was, on average, graded above the necessary requirements for U.S. No. 1 certification" by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) according to the 2022/23 Sorghum Quality Report. USGC Chairman Josh Miller states, “We hope this year’s report helps give our valued trade partners even more confidence in the continued reliability and quality of U.S. sorghum.”

What does this mean for importers and overseas customers of U.S. sorghum? Read the full press release.
Cooking With Sorghum

Ready to start your day the right way? Check out this mouthwatering glazed walnuts and berries sorghum breakfast bowl. Easy to prepare, this is the perfect meal for those busy mornings!

Have you wanted to cook with sorghum but not sure where to start? Check out the cooking tips library and delicious recipes from the Sorghum Checkoff. Try adding whole grain sorghum to give your next meal an extra hearty flavor.

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