July 2017
Issue: 46
Soroptiviews masthead

(L to R, Front Row) Ann Hewitt, 2 Year Director; Kay Armstrong, Vice President; Cyndi Damron, 1 year Director; Trevor Summerlin, 2 year Director; Vega Sankur, Treasurer.  (L to R, Back Row) Sandra Masiel, 1 Year Director; Sherri Tarpchinoff Bennett, President;  Peggy Ruesink, Recording Secretary; Karen Flock, Corresponding Secretary.

2017-2018 Board Installed
at June 28 Meeting

Our new board members for the 2017-2018 year were installed at the June 28 meeting in a lovely ceremony led by Sharon Jones, District 1 Director  of the Camino Real Region.  (See photo above for a listing of the new board members and their positions.)

Ann Hewitt, 2016-2017 SI Ventura president,  thanked the 2016-2017 board for their service this past year. Sharon then inducted the new board members for 2017-2018, and finally Sherri  Tarpchinoff Bennett, new SI Ventura president, spoke about her vision for the upcoming year 
of coming together as a group and of expressing Joyful Enthusiasm for the mission and vision of Soroptimist.
SIV Focus Meeting Recap 
Sherri Tarpchinoff BennettSI Ventura President
Soroptimist International Ventura (SIV) held our annual focus meeting on July 10.   When you have a meeting of the minds of several fabulous women, great things happen!   As we refocus our efforts , we chose to perform a Functional Assessment of SIV.

First, we did an Environmental Scan of SIV's current activities and took a look at our community for service opportunities. This activity started us thinking -   "What are we doing now that we should not be doing?" What should we keep doing or what should we be doing more of".   As we begin our new year, we determined that our goal is to focus on those items that help women and girls and that are aligned with the Soroptimist Vision and Mission. Next we set some Strategic Goals to guide us as we determine where to focus our time and resources. We then identified Success Factors for meeting those goals.  

Our next step in finalizing our assessment will be to make clear Roles and Responsibilities and to identify a Measure of Performance.  

Important Things to Know
About Committees
Committees are:     

1.     Important

2.     Powerful

3.     Due Our Respect     

Committees are important because they do the important work of the club.  They are powerful because members are creating, planning and providing the framework for us to provide service, fundraise, bring in new members and support each other.  We need to respect committees for all they do.  We respect committees in many ways.  We respect them by asking appropriate questions.  Appropriate questions would be:  Can we bring guests?  What is the start time?   We need to make sure we are not asking questions that should be asked at committee meetings.  Examples of those questions would be:  Oh we're having it at the Pierpont, I heard that Lure has a nice room.  This is a planning question which should be discussed at committee.  It could be disrespectful to the committee in assuming that they have not thoroughly discussed venues.  Should you have important information that the committee may not know, you should go to the committee meeting or share that information with the committee chair.  Don't start talking about it at a board or general meeting.  We need to respect committees by supporting them in their events.  It is easy to agree that an upcoming event is nice and we should go forward.  We also need to agree to attend and support. 
Committees have responsibilities beyond their planning and implementation.  They need to keep members informed about what is going on in committee work.  That includes sharing plans for future events. Committee chairs need to give monthly reports at the board and general meetings.  We do well when these reports are written.   Committee chairs need to get club buy-in for events. That may mean asking for definite commitments from members. 
Committees need to keep committee work in committee meetings.  Too many times we get interested and start asking questions and offering opinions in board and general meetings that are discussions that should happen in committee meetings.  The person leading the discussion whether that be the committee chair or president should stop the conversation and point out that it should be dealt with in committee.  We cannot use our board and general meetings to brainstorm.  Save that good energy for committee meetings.  As a rule of thumb if your board or general meeting is running over an hour you are doing committee work! 
In conclusion I would like to point out that committee work is also a time of fun and bonding and I would encourage all members to really get involved in her committee's work.  (SOLT Talk given by Peggy Ruesink.)
Committees - Descriptions:
The Membership Committee's responsibilities are:
Attendance, Laws & Procedures, Recruitment/Retention, Roster, Social & Hospitality, and SOLT
{Soroptimist Orientation Leadership Training).
This committee is responsible for induction of new members at business meetings.

A member of the Membership Committee is appointed to arrange and to accept reservations for Club business and program meetings. 

A. Attendance
Maintains a record of the attendance of each member. takes attendance at club
meetings, works on distribution of tickets for fundraisers, advises the Board of members who are absent more than three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings. 

B. Laws & Procedures
Reviews the Bylaws and Standing Rules annually and prepares any amendments necessary. Also prepares for presentation to the Club any amendments requested by the Board.
Committee shall also review all proposed amendments to the International Constitution and to the laws of the Federation and inform and make recommendations thereon to the Club. 

C. Recruitment/Retention
Committee proposes names and encourages members to propose names of women eligible for membership, promotes an understanding of eligibility and classification among members, and cooperates with the Region and Federation in establishing new clubs. 

D. Roster
Compiles membership roster and updates the Club information contained in the roster book as soon as practical after commencement of the Club year and furnishes a copy to each member. 

E. Social & Hospitality
Plans and makes arrangements for special events, activities, and parties, including the annual installation of officers. Keeps the club informed regarding ill or absent members, sends greetings or cards when appropriate. 

F. SOLT {Soroptimist Orientation Leadership Training)
Has general charge of educating all members as to the heritage, purpose, objectives, policies and programs of the Soroptimist organization, and in preparing members for leadership within the organization and in the community.

The Service Committee's responsibilities are:
Awards & Scholarships, Program Schedule, and Service Projects 

A. Awards:
The awards programs of Soroptimist are: 

{1) Women's Opportunity Award (WOA) (Federation Foundation program} Committee shall annually present an award to assist a mature woman in her effort to retrain for entry or re-entry in the job market. Award is usually presented in sufficient time for winner to be referred for Region competition. (Region winner is eligible for Federation competition.)

(2) Violet Richardson Award
Award honoring young women for volunteer action. Award recognizes young women ages 14-17 engaged in volunteer action in the community or schools, activities which make the community and world a better place. The cash award is shared with her charity.

B. Scholarships:
The scholarship programs of SI Ventura are:

(1) Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship exists only in our Ventura club. Scholarship fund was started in 1957 upon the death of charter member Dr. Lillian Smolt. The scholarship award is funded by an annual transfer of $500 from the general fund, $50 from the general fund upon the death of a member, $10 from the general fund upon the death of a member's parent, husband, child or member of the immediate household, and other gifts and/or donations. This fund is to be used for scholarships; a particular field of endeavor is not specified. The guidelines for participation and awarding of this scholarship may be recommended by the committee and are subject to approval of the membership. 

(2) SI Ventura Ruth Nagel/Edna Wirt Woods Scholarship
This scholarship is a directed fund with the Ventura County Community Foundation created in 2001 by donation of 

(a) the Ruth Nagel Scholarship which was started in 1989 with a donation from former member Ruth Nagel to establish a scholarship to assist persons enrolled in a course of study leading to a career in the health care field; and 

(b the Edna Wirt Woods Scholarship which was established by vote of the membership at its August 1994 FOCUS meeting and was funded through community service fundraising events during the 1994-95 club year to assist persons pursuing careers in the field of hearing and speech disorders. Our Club may be involved in the processing and awarding of this scholarship.

(c) SI Ventura Women's Legacy Fund
This is a nondirected fund with the Ventura County Community Foundation. Our Club started donating to the Women's Legacy Fund in Club year 1995-96. SIV pledged and paid a minimum donation of $10,000 to establish this fund. Our Club may be called upon to assist with the processing of the fund, but we are not otherwise directly involved. 

C. Program Schedule
Committee shall prepare and direct the program schedule of the Club in accordance with the objectives and policies of the Federation and in such manner as to emphasize Soroptimist activities, projects, and to promote the International and Federation Programs of Service of Soroptimist. 

D. Service Projects
Promotes a spirit of service, identifying and initiating projects in response to needs in society and in the community, in which the total membership may be involved' 

The Public Awareness committee's responsibilities are:
Newsletter and Publicity 

A. Newsletter
Committee shall publish the Soroptiviews monthly for distribution to the membership.

Soroptiviews shall include the calendar of events and information of current interest. The first newsletter of a new Club year is customarily prepared by the out-going committee. 

B. Publicity
Committee arranges for newsworthy items and information regarding Club meetings to reach the media, including dissemination via the internet. When fundraisers are held, assists in the distribution of publicity. Committee shall keep a Club file to include names and contact information of media personnel, guidelines for submission of material and background information on Federation programs in which the Club participates. 

The Fundraising Planning Committee' s responsibilities are: Fundraising Planning, Budgets, and Fines

A. Fundraising Planning
This committee, chaired by the Vice President or co-chaired by the President Elect and the Vice president, suggests methods of raising money and directs fundraising projects which are approved by the Board and the Club members. 

All Club members participate in completing the plans of this planning committee.

B. Budgets
Committee submits proposed operating and service budgets for the succeeding year to the Board of Directors in timely fashion to be reviewed and then presented to the membership for review/approval/vote at the June business meeting or at the annual (Focus) meeting noticed and held during the last quarter of the Club fiscal year.
Committee should remain aware of state of the budgets during the Club year and call to the attention of the Board any irregularities. 

 C. Fines
Committee may assess and collect fines monthly or as needed for support of any program designated by the membership.
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2017 Pledge & Inspiration Schedule 
July 12 Meeting: 
Pledge - Peggy Ruesink   
Inspiration - Kay Armstrong      
July 26 Mee ting :
Pledge - Cindy Daly 
Inspiration  - Sherri Bennett

Please email Cyndi Damron at damroncyndi@gmail.com if you would like to lead the pledge or inspire us at a meeting. 
Soroptimist logo
July 12 - Business 
Meeting  - Noon 

July 26 - Committee 
& Fundraising Planning Meeting - Noon

August 2 - Board 
Meeting  - Noon 

August 9 - Business 
Meeting  - Noon 

August 23 - Program
Meeting - Noon

July 26 Lunch Meeting will Feature
Committee & Fundraising Planning for 2017-2018 

Please join us for the July 26 meeting as we discuss the importance of committees, the roles of each committee and the commitment of each member to the various committes withing the SI Ventura Club.  

In addiition, we will be talking about fundraising ideas at the July 26 meeting. Your ideas (no matter how wild and crazy!) are welcome. 

Please bring your ideas to this meeting or give them to anyone on the board.  Think about the following: What's working? What hasn't worked so well? Is there something new we should try? 

Remember, every member is a fundraiser, and the more we collect, the more good we can do for women and girls in our community.  

Soroptimist International Ventura (SIV) celebrated our 2017 - 2018 Board of Directors installation during our luncheon on June 28.   We welcome our new board with joyful enthusiasm and express our gratitude for the commitment and dedication of the board members who are stepping down.  
My vision for the year is of coming together as a group and of expressing Joyful Enthusiasm for the mission and vision of Soroptimist.

What does that mean?

The definition of Joyful is feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness. As members of SIV, we come together and we dedicate our time and efforts with cheerful attitude and exuberance! We are   happy, jolly, merry, and cheery!

Enthusiasm is an intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. Enthusiasm or passion means throwing ourselves into a relationship, goal, dream, or activity. It means casting aside worries or distractions and embracing instead the delights of the moment or the hope of success. Passion makes us feel fully alive. It is one of the roots of joy. Passion lets us engage deeply in things that matter deeply. When we are passionate, we have more energy for our pursuits. Passion heightens our awareness and mental acuity. We become more physically adept.

In Joyful Enthusiasm, there is high excitement, an intensity of living, a throbbing with passion, engaging in daring activities of enterprise and adventure.

This year we will refocus on why we choose to became a Soroptimists.   We will challenge ourselves and   find our voice.   We will bring value by living the mission of Soroptimist to support women and girls in our community.   We will accomplish these things with a Joyful heart and with much Enthusiasm.
Sherri Tarpchinoff
SI Ventura 2017-2018   

Arlene Briggle 7/7
Sandra Masiel 7/8
Donna Nelson 7/26

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