October 2016
Issue: 37
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SIV Member Vega Sankur will Speak about Soroptimist Clubs in Turkey at the October 26 Program Meeting
Soroptimist International has been in existence in Turkey since 1948 with more than 20 clubs and thousand of members in existence now. They are very active in areas to support girls and women to live independent, successful lives which adds its own challenges in a developing, mostly muslim, middle eastern country. 
Among the many efforts the Soroptimist have undertaken is a carpet weaving facility for women to learn how to weave, make carpets, and as a result make a living. Ms. Sankur, our new member will show a video in English about this very worthwhile effort. She will also be answering questions about Soroptimist clubs in Turkey.

Please visit www.soroptimistturkiye.org for a look at what Soroptimists in Turkey are working on! You can choose to view the site in English in the upper right within the yellow bar. 

If you are interested in attending this meeting please call Sandy Masiel at 805-278-3607 to RSVP by Monday, Oct. 24. The cost is $15.   
SIV Members Tour House of Hope in Ojai 
Kay and Cyndi recently toured the House of Hope in Ojai and had the opportunity to meet with Director Kris Hart and Facilitator Eileen Covarrubias . The home will take up to 6 young women from the ages of 12-16 who have survived sexual or human trafficking and allow them to recover and heal for up to 18 months. The women will have access to therapy as well as medical and education services in a safe and secure environment.   There is also an Equine therapy center on the property which will enable each resident to learn the basics of caring for a horse.
This is an amazing opportunity for our Club to become active locally with an issue of such great importance that affects our community. The first resident will arrive at the end of the first week in October and the Equine therapy center will also be up and running by that time.
Please watch the newsletter and look for an announcement at the next business meeting about how you can help. You may contact Cyndi or Kay for more information.

18th Annual Camino Real Region Fall Workshop was Well Attended 

The 18th Annual Camino Real Region's Fall Workshop was held on Saturday, October 1 at  the First Baptist Church of Alhambra. 
It was very well attended. Previous Governors spoke and we learned more about the Spring Conference to be held in Woodland Hills in April. We also talked about encouraging each other to recruit new members to our Clubs. President Ann Hewitt was the only one able to attend. (pictured in the middle in the photo above)
(L to R) Trevor Summerlin, Ann Hewitt, Sherry Cash and Anna Gonzales helped raise funds at the Painted Cabernet for the Annual STOP Human Trafficking event put on by Soroptimist.
Application for the  
Live Your Dream Scholarship
Now Available

Applications and information about Live Your Dream (formerly called the Women's Opportunity Award) is now available on our website at

Live Your Dream is a scholarship awarded to a local woman who is the primary wage earner in her family to assist with meeting career/educational goals.   Click here to download the application.   
Live Your Dream also requires two reference forms.   Click here to download the reference form.
The deadline for the application is November 15, 2016


VFA Co-Founder Lawrence
Parkhill Spoke at the September
Program Meeting
VFA Co-Founder Lawrence Parkhill and SIV member Heidi Oehmke. 
Veteran Farmers of America-Connecting Veterans to Agriculture ( VFA)  Co-Founder, USMC Veteran Lawrence Parkhill, spoke at our September 28 program meeting

Parkhill told us about his experience with finding direction in his life as a civilian after registering to fight for his country at 17 following 9/11. Parkhill served 5 years in the Marines, including 3 tours in Afghanistan. After transitioning, he took advantage of his GI Bill and enrolled in courses, but had no idea what occupation to pursue. Parkhill knew he was just one of many who were struggling with reentering civilian life and the civilian workforce for the first time as adults. 

Mary Maranville, Founder and Executive Director, connected Parkhill with a variety regional farms, ranging from small organic farms to the largest lemon producer in the country, so that he could experience agriculture as a possible vocation. These internships were impactful and instructive, and also served to enlighten the farms to a highly-employable population demographic. 

The success of the internships led to the founding of VFA on July 4th, 2013. VFA's mission is to connect veterans to agriculture as a viable occupation in order to assist with their successful reentry into civilian life. Parkhill became the first VFA success story, as he found employment at a major agricultural producer who partners with VFA today. 

The veterans served by VFA face a variety of challenges, particularly those recently separated from service. They are used to working in physical conditions, in close teams, and with a clear purpose to their work; which rarely occurs in civilian life. This sense of pride is lost, which can make facing civilian work discouraging and un-motivating.
The agricultural industry is poised to accommodate many of the employability challenges veterans face, as it offers unique flexibility and a workplace that is devoted to the higher purpose of feeding America. Furthermore, the hands-on experience of farming helps to decrease, and potentially  alleviate, some of veterans' mental health issues. Being outdoors and in touch with the soil is restorative.  
For more information about Veteran  Farmers of America please visit
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2016 Pledge & Inspiration Schedule 
October 12 Meeting: 
Pledge - Peggy Ruesink      
Inspiration - Ann Hewitt  
October 26 Mee ting :
Pledge - Sherri Bennett  
Inspiration - Cindy Daly 
Please email Cyndi Damron at damroncyndi@gmail.com  if you would like to lead the pledge or inspire us at a meeting. 
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2017 Axxess Books Now Available   

The 2017 Axxess Books are now available for $30.

If you are interested in either selling the books or buying a book for yourself, please contact Kellye Patterson for details and more information at 805-477-4244 or email her kellye_patterson@yahoo.com  

Big Goal Survey
SIV Club members, please keep an eye on your email for a short Google survey from Soroptimist International Americas on the Next Big Goal: investing in the dreams of women and girls through access to education.

The survey shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time. We will be prioritizing our answers at our November business meeting!  
Book Sale and Auction Will be Held Quarterly

Book sales and auctions will be held at the business meeting during the months of October, February, May and August.

Don't miss out!!!

During September, I had the opportunity to review some material from our Focus Group meeting, including our list of things we love about being a Soroptimist.  Many of you indicated your appreciation for Program Meetings.  For those who are not part of our Club, Program meetings are held at noon, on the fourth Wednesday of most months.  During those meetings we try to keep any Soroptimist business to a minimum and focus instead on a presentation by a local nonprofit or individual with a story to tell that resonates with our mission of empowering the lives of women and girls.  

Soroptiviews is the best place to learn about an upcoming event.  This meeting is open to Club members and guests and we encourage our Club members to invite friends and colleagues.  Just let our Meal Reservation representative know so that we can have a lunch ready for him or her.
To SIV Club members, please keep an eye on your email.  Soroptimist International Americas has sent a survey on the Next Big Goal:  investing in the dreams of women and girls through access to education. I will be forwarding a VERY short Google survey to all members, asking for your input.  It won't take more than 5 minutes of your time.  At our November business meeting, we'll use Karen Flock's amazing check mark system for prioritizing our answers!
I'm a little under the weather, otherwise, I would have written up a longer article on the Fall Workshop, held in Alhambra on October 1st.  It was very well attended, we heard from previous Governors and learned more about the Spring Conference to be held in Woodland Hills in April. We also talked about encouraging each other to recruit new members to our Clubs.  More to follow.  And check out the Camino Real Region website for more details.
Our Club sends heartfelt condolences to Shirley Lorraine, who lost her husband Jim Spencer, from a swiftly-moving, inoperable brain tumor, on September 30th.  A memorial service will be held on the day before International Day of Magic, Sunday, October 30, 2016, 2:00 P.M., at Ted Mayr Funeral Home, 3150 Loma Vista Road, Ventura, CA.  Shirley and Jim were both a magical and Magic team.

Ann Hewitt 
SI Ventura 2016-2017   

Karen Flock  10/15

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