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Everyone is Home, What Now?
As the Coronavirus has taken over the world, we continue to pray for all of our supporters daily!  We know that, in what has seemed like the blink of an eye, everything has changed.  Surely the Lord is sovereign and uses everything for His good.  We know that with one word God could stop the virus and return life back to normal for everyone around the world.  Yet, for some reason, God is allowing this.  Maybe God doesn't want things to return to normal. The Lord is drawing His people back to Himself when we tend to wander away and not be dependent on Him.  We pray that you are safe, healthy, and hearing from the Lord more than ever before!

Around the globe, we are all in the same boat.  Church is being held online, we can't leave our homes, and fear is growing for those who do not have peace and hope in Jesus Christ.  Be encouraged, God has not abandoned us!  Psalm 46 says God is an ever present help in times of trouble!

We are doing fine here in Florida adjusting to a new normal.  Nate has always worked from home when not traveling, but now Laura is working from home as well.  The children have been home from school for over two weeks now and are beginning online school this week to finish off the year.  We've enjoyed having more family time - riding bikes, playing cards, and taking turns leading family devotions.  

We are excited to see a passion for missions grow among God's people.  When this is all over, missions will never look the same.  We know that there are passionate Christians eager to GO as soon as the ban is lifted and is deemed safe. Please continue to pray for our pastors/partners around the world during this time!
Baja California, Mexico Report

A few weeks ago Nate was on a 5 day trip to one of our newer locations with Praying Pelican Missions, Baja California, Mexico.  We have a great partnership with the Youth Cartel with the help of Adam McLane.  Adam hit the ground running with the intent of healing the missions movement just over the border of San Diego, California.  

Nate had an incredible time learning about all what PPM has been doing to restore genuine partnerships based on relationships.  When most pastors there hear about a missions organization, they think of a group of Americans coming across the border to do construction, but the curve is now being made to build relationships.  When the pastors hear that we want to have a relationship with them, they love it!  Building friendships and partnerships based on serving the local church continues to be the heart of PPM.

Besides eating a lot of tacos, we were able to meet with a group of new staff members as well as a room full of pastors and their spouses.  We wanted to encourage them and continue to add value to them as partners together in the Gospel.  Nate left this trip knowing that God has His hand on this location in a very unique way.

While Nate was in Mexico, WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control), along with President Trump made the recommendation to stop international travel.  They were able to get back to the USA just before the border closed, while still fulfilling the purposes for the trip in Mexico! 
Reagan's Bahama Trip Postponed:  July 25th
Due to the Covid-19 virus, Reagan's spring mission trip has been postponed to July.  
She was sad to not be able to go over Spring Break, but excited to still be able to go later.  We are praying that this this postponement only deepens and enhances the ministry times that will come this summer!

March Family Photos
This is now how we work.
Looking for "water rats!"
Since we can't go "out" we had a formal night "in" with our neighbors!
For the sake of the Gospel,
Nathan, Laura, Darrell , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah