October  2016
    ERN rescued 19 and a half horses/donkeys in Oct. 2016. One is included as 'a half rescue' because a baby donkey was born on the trailer on the way home from Bastrop, LA killpen.  
     Remarkably, all 20 are healthy and rehomed through our massive network of 225,000 equine advocates.  
     One final note:   I apologize that I didn't get the October News out sooner.  I spent October frantically finishing my latest book (Lost Horses). 
ALL PROCEEDs go to helping horses (and donkeys/mules).  The book teaches ANY horse lover how to help unwanted horses.  You may purchase signed Early Edition copies at:   [LOST HORSES]
  See below photos of those saved by the Equine Rescue Network in Oct. 2016
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