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We enrolled Haddie after attending the free trial after she attended a birthday party.  Haddie really enjoyed practicing the martial arts, and I felt it would be a good way for her to not only stay active, but to
become more focused and disciplined as well.

Thank you,

~ Joye S.

Austin showed discipline on the first day of school. Without even waking him up he got up on his own, got dressed and got ready to go, all on his own without me asking him to do anything. I was

impressed with the independence he showed. He also displayed discipline when completing his homework by doing it immediately upon returning home from school and doing it correctly the first time.

~ AJ

We did our research for the best Martial Arts school in the Valley. All research lead us to Soto's Martial Arts. I have seen an improvement in Connor's performance in school and also a boost in his confidence. THANK YOU MR. SOTO!!!

~ Stephanie

I researched martial arts schools in the area and the Fox Valley has many excellent schools, but it only took a short conversation with Mr. Soto to make my decision. The multiple disciplines and family friendly atmosphere were just what I was looking for. Great martial arts school for kids and adults. You should come join us!

~ Ron

Hi Stephanie,

I had to let you know, I've really noticed a change in Connor this week in school. He seems to be happier and is participating more in class. Connor has been doing a much better job of focusing and following along. I love the fact that he's made a few jokes and is talking more to his classmates. I think we are on the right track!!

~ Julie

The Martial Arts serve a number of different functions: they act as a sport, a method of fighting, a spiritual/meditative practice, a discipline and -quite literally- an art. At SMAA, not only did we learn every one of these benefits that Martial Arts has to offer; we -in fact- learned them in excess. I'm still yet to find a school that trumps SMAA in any one of these aspects.  But on the topic of discipline, not just was the school of SMAA phenomenal at cultivating virtue within its students, but Mr. Soto himself is a man that offers special attention and care to any/every young Martial Artist. Today, I am a man on his way to Graduate School; I owe much of it to yesterday, when my confidence, character and self-discipline was brought out during my years at Soto's.

~ Lucas O.

I have trained at Soto's Martial Arts Academy for almost 3 years.  As someone in her mid 60's I was worried that I'd feel out of place in a martial arts school, but the friendly, encouraging atmosphere
makes everyone feel welcomed.  I appreciate Mr. Soto's excellent teaching, and I like his system of awarding belt levels based on how you have progressed, rather than automatic promotion based solely on attendance.   

~ E. Whitman

We have been working with Rowan for some time on getting him to pick up his room without getting distracted by play, or having a fit because the work is "too hard".  Recently things have clicked into
place for him, and lately when I ask him to pick up his toys & clothes he responds with "of course I can!".  If the mess is overwhelming for him he has learned to ask me what he should start with
specifically, such as his legos or books.  We try to remind him at least once each day so things don't get out of control, and I've started to notice that he is putting things away once finished, rather than
just leaving them to contribute to the mess.

~ Elisa VH.

Hayley has been demonstrating self-discipline at home. It is her responsibility to feed and water all our pets. When she wakes up in the morning she feeds her fish then the cats and ferret without having to be told. Its the one area I am most proud of for her and the one area she has shown the most improvement in.

~ Courtney B.

We both feel Connor has exhibited discipline through the handling of his money.  He receives an allowance or commission on a weekly basis.  We allow him to spend on what he would like within reason. He knows some items cost more and it takes saving his money in order to get those things, if that is something he truly would like.

We feel Reid has exhibited discipline through concentrating in karate class.  He has held his comments until called upon, rather than speaking out whenever he feels like it.

~ Gayle L.
About Soto's Martial Arts
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Soto's Martial Arts America
Has been serving the Fox Valley area for 26 years. Mr. Soto holds a 5th degree black belt in American Martial Arts, full instructors levels in the Inayan System of Sinawali, Dequerdas, Kadena De Mano, Larga Mano, and ranks in Dan Zan Ryu Ju Jitsu.

Soto's Martial Arts America has been recognized as one of the "TOP 200 SCHOOLS IN THE NORTH AMERICA". Founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition, we provide you with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential.

Soto's is located just 2.5 blocks N from the intersection of College Ave & Richmond Street. You can park in the lot between Soto's and the VIP Plaza Merle Norman & Hair Designers. Once you park, please walk towards the front of the martial arts school and you will see a path that leads you to our front door lobby.

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