The Intuitive Prospector

September, 2015 ~ Issue 18


My spiritual practice is moving to Seattle, Washington!!!
 Due to the upcoming move to Seattle and busy schedule for studying/mentoring
in spirituality on the East Coast and London, all workshops and hikes are being scheduled for 2016!

I will still be available for in-person, phone, Skype, email readings, investigations, small groups and personal mentoring for the rest of the year...
Spiritual Prospecting 
1 on 1 Mentoring 
3 Month "Dedicated Program" to Spiritual Education, Growth, Learning, Mentoring & Fun!
*Interview, questionnaire required for program placement & availability

*In person sessions for readings are limited on a monthly basis


*The quality of a phone session is exactly the same as in person           


*By purchasing a reading, you agree that you are in good mental health and understand the fee is non-refundable once the consultation has taken place


*If a connection is unable to be made within 20 minutes, the consultation will end and refund issued    


*Missed appointments are non-refundable with a 24 hour cancellation policy

INSPIRED LIVING! with Marc & Kim - OM Times Radio
INSPIRED LIVING! with Marc & Kim - OM Times Radio

Hello Prospectors,

It has been a crazy few months and I am happy to be back (and healthy again), contributing to my monthly e-newsletter, SOUL ADVENTURES! As you can see from the video link above, I have been very busy getting INSPIRED LIVING on our new radio network, OM Times Radio & Magazine. Our inaugural show featured spiritual thought leader, Panache Desai, and being that Mr. Desai is no longer doing radio interviews, we felt very blessed and honored to have him be our first guest on Inspired Living!
The show has been going strong and growing by the week, with many fascinating guests, authors, life coaches, spiritual leaders, psychic-mediums, and pundits in their respected fields.  I am happy to report the show is booking out with guests all the way out to January of 2016, and I wanted to personally thank everyone involved to help get this show on the air...THANK YOU! I never imagined that my own SOUL ADVENTURE would include radio, meeting, talking and learning from fun, inspiring, knowledgeable souls making a difference in our world! It just goes to show that if you are open, aware and accepting of what is, and make a choice to take a chance and witness a change,  spirit and the universe will use you in amazing ways! Along with building, scheduling and producing a live radio show, moving to Seattle, Washington after 15 years in our first home, my personal health decided to jump into action as well, when I ended up breaking off a small part of my disk/vertebrae in my low back. 

Now to some folks that may seem like a lot of change and pain in a six month period (and it is/was!), and it is my experiences of my personal 'Soul Adventure' over these last few months that I would like to share with you this month.  Having to completely stop everything from my career to my spiritual practice, to simple day to day activities,  due to my health and severe pain was a complete eye opener for me! I always tell my clients that "the only thing we are really ever in control of is our thoughts," and I was going to approach this challenge with that same mindset and practice what I preach! I was going to approach this situation and opportunity with balance, grace, patience and the ability to learn from this experience.  Long story short and several months of intense physical therapy, counseling and several holistic modalities, I was able to avoid surgery, learn, grow, transform and educate myself further in many different areas of medicine/philosophies, thoughts and ideas on managing my health and getting healthy and back on my feet again!

I found that Western medicine philosophy treats the pain and symptoms of the body through narcotics, egotistical surgeons and cutting into the body, but misses the mark on balancing and treating the mind, body and spirit as a whole. I am seeing more and more people turn to alternative and holistic medicine and is a trend that will continue to grow as we become more conscious as a society and the true power of the mind, body and spirit, and definitely has my vote!  Western medicine has its place in our society, but to what degree? With ties to a $300 billion  dollar pharmaceutical industry the use of prescribed, addictive medicatons are way out of control and usually lead to other problems outside the original symptom for why you got the meds in the first place.  As a retired firefighter/EMT there are times and situations that warrant the use of pain pills, emergency medicine and surgery in our society,  I just noticed from my experiences over the last six months that doctors/surgeons can be very closed off to a holistic approach and focus on the body and symptoms only,  while leaving a big part of YOU out of the equation, and that is your mind and spirit. When we have pain or we are going through changes in life, that is also spirit's/universe's way of getting us to pay attention, learn and grow from all of our experiences in the classroom of life. What type of student will you "choose" to be when the pain and changes comes your way?

"You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul." ~Swami Vivekananda

~Happy Prospecting & Many Blessings...