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December, 2015 ~ Issue 20


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April, 23rd, 2016
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Marc Lainhart

One Planet...7.3 Billion People...Only One YOU!
One Planet...7.3 Billion People...Only One YOU!

Happy Holidays Prospectors,

Welcome to Numerology 2016 and the year of the "9"  also called a "Univer sal Year"
or"Year of the Humanitarian!" What does 2016 hold in store when we look at the new year from a numerological perspective?

The existence of individuals is based on cycles, vibrations that evolve regularly over time. Managing to deduce the number corresponding to the Universal Year lets us understand the general trend for the year, therefore it is not a personal issue but an energy that regards to the collective. Each Universal Year represents a kind of planetary vibration.
2016 is a 9 Universal Year, and  if you take the year and reduce it down to a single digit as such: 2+0+1+6 = 9 . Nine is a finishing number, and represents the end of a cycle. It also is the number of the humanitarian. That means  2016 is a year of completion, rest and forgiveness.  Everything in  Numerology goes in a 9 year cycle and 9 is all about endings and coming full circle as we approach the year of 2016.
Everything that comes to an end means that new beginnings have started and 2016 will be a year full of Karma/Dharma energy for many people around the world. From relationships and careers, to major moves and new locations, to death and new life, to major events in the world that complete the circle of life for many people, but also bring many people together in community, support, love in a big humanitarian way.  All of u s (myself included) will have an ending of some sort to deal with in 2016, and that is not a good or bad thing, it really depends on your own perception and how you approach the energy of the situation through your own thought process and what can be learned from your life experiences in 2016.
I would look at 2016 as the year of completion, but in order to complete the process, your Karma/Dharma you have laid out for your life needs to run the full circle and complete the process, which for some can have the perception of ending, pain, loss, and suffering, while for others can have the perception of beginning, joy, happiness and peace, again it comes back to your own perception of life. This cycle that started in 2007 will come to a close and a new 9 year cycle will start in 2017, so make 2016 the year of completion for your life with much joy, happiness, peace, love, community, support, and spiritual growth!
I expect a lot of spiritual growth this year under the influence of the Number 9 year. There will be more and more people looking to a higher power for knowledge, direction and wisdom. This new year will move quickly, so if you are one of those "prospectors" who have a lot to let go of, you will be able to do so sooner, rather than later. Work hard not to hold on too tightly to things you really need to release, because the energy and the force of the Number 9 may not be pleasant to deal with. Learn to let go and let be, or as I like to say, "and so it is." Many of you will feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders as this is the Universal Year of completion and our focus will start to shift with a more directed collective thought on humanitarian efforts, support and love for society, each other and our world!
We all can see there is a lot of work for humanity needed in this crazy and chaotic world of ours, from homeless Veterans here in America, the threat of war around the globe, crazy political environments, to people without food, water and shelter, to the rise in crime and terrorist acts, to the destruction of our own planet and crazy weather patterns, 2016 is going to be a year to remember for a lot of us and the opportunity to take part in the great humanitarian efforts that will be laid out before us. So finish and complete your life projects, school, unhealthy relationships, career changes, etc., etc., as 2017 will mark a year of new beginnings with the number 1 of the cycle. 
The first part of 2016 will come on like a storm, with fast moving energy, so be patient with yourself and others, rest, complete your life projects, start the process of healing and forgiving, as the last part of 2016 will slow down and become a very quiet second half as we all prepare for a new cycle to begin in 2017.
From my family to yours, wishing all of you a safe, blessed, and healthy 2016! <3
The Grace, Beauty, and Power of the Human Voice - Acapella - Happy Holidays!
The Grace, Beauty, and Power of the Human Voice - Acapella - Happy Holidays!

"Be Kind, Be Caring, Be Compassionate." ~The Intuitive Prospector

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