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November, 2015 ~ Issue 19


My spiritual practice is now located in Seattle, Washington!
Due to the recent move to Seattle, busy month of traveling for the spiritual practice and the upcoming holiday season, all expos, workshops and new hikes are in development and being scheduled for 2016 at my new healing studio in Seattle...Please visit my website 'Calendar' for more information. 2016 is going to be fun! 

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Marc Lainhart

Chances lead to choices lead to changes | Owen Roberts | TEDxUniversityofNevada
Chances lead to Choices...Lead to Changes
Owen Roberts | TED Talk - University of Nevada
Hello Prospectors,
This month's newsletter is focused on inspiring you to make a 'choice' in your life, take a 'chance' on yourself and what you believe in, then sit back and watch the 'changes' that will unfold right in front of your eyes! Many great spiritual thought leaders and writers today and in history past have referenced the human brain and thought process as the true power of bringing real 'change' for your life. I would have to say I agree 100% and has a lot to do with who I am and what I do today, including this newsletter which began with a 'choice' almost 3 years ago to take a 'chance' to start up my own spiritual practice, do a weekly radio show, and be in service to spirit, others and our planet.  The 'changes' have been amazing, humbling, healing and inspiring for my own personal 'Soul Adventure,' and I would love to see, guide, teach and help others "prospect' for a life they truly want! It all begins with a 'choice.'

Fall is in the air and once again a time for the 'changing' of the seasons. Choice and change is something a lot of people have issues with in today's society as we are very much "creatures of habit," and like our daily routines (myself included), but there it is everyday, 'choices and change!'  I have come to learn, grow and understand in my spiritual journey and personal soul adventure, that choice and change does not have to be a subject of fear and dread, but just the opposite filled with opportunities, the ability to learn, grow and experience new things! The waves of change will always continue to roll in like a steady tide for our lives, however we always have the option to sink or swim and even become great surfers who can master these waves of change! It all starts with your own thoughts to make that choice and take a chance on what you want in this life.
What we always have in our personal Soul Adventure is 'choice' and how we respond to the guaranteed 'changes' that will always come our way. A personal example was the choice  that was presented to my wife and I to relocate our home and my spiritual practice to the city of Seattle, Washington after 15 years of living in our first home a few months ago. The choice was presented and we took a chance and have loved all the changes (well most of them anyways) that have come from making that initial choice to move, trusting the process, even though those thoughts of "fear of change" kept creeping into our minds from time to time. We just made a 'choice' to not to listen to them and embrace all the changes that were coming and the learning and growing opportunities that was laid before us and that is what life is really all about.  I have a plaque in the new prospecting studio right above my reading area that simple states "LIFE HAPPENS," and oh boy does it ever, we just get to decide how we respond to life's daily changes.

In my experiences and working with people from all over the world through my spiritual practice, I see it all the time with those who choose to be a 'victim of life,' refuse to make choices or take chances on themselves and then complain or wonder why their lives do not change or improve as they continue to run on the "hamster wheel" of life not moving forward. Albert Einstein talked about the true definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," yet you would be surprised how many people I work with really do expect changes, but will not make a choice, take a chance and are resist to change. Simple really, you really do get out, what you put in and it all starts with your thought process and making choices and taking chances in life. Fear is and will always be the great liar and is a concept created only by humans in our minds.

Others I have studied, mentored and learned from on my spiritual path have a completely different approach and mindset to learn and grow with plenty of mistakes from their life experiences (no good, bad, happy or sad) and go on to  become great entrepreneurs, philosophers, leaders, healers, teachers, scientists, explorers and writers, inspiring and changing the world in amazing ways! Many of these amazing people, teachers and guides have stated many times that making that initial choice, taking a chance and letting go of the fear while embracing the change led them to greater health, opportunities, experiences and people that would have never manifested without the first thought of  making a 'change' for their lives. So I started to wonder beyond the human and social experiences of our lives how choice and change impacts us on a spiritual level.
From a metaphysical and energetic view, when you make a 'choice' to 'change' your frequency and vibration through your thoughts, the etheric bodies  frequency and vibration not only rises to a higher level/consciousness, you start to attract new opportunities, experiences, people and situations into your life and those doors that have been closed start to open with 'divine timing,' 'synchronicities', or 'coincidences' and the 'changes' in your life start to happen. Like energy truly attracts like energy.  No different in the concepts of technology really from cell phones, radio, television, computers, to space telescopes, you can see, hear, feel and experience many new views, perceptions, opportunities, people, adventures simply by making a 'choice' to 'change' the direction, channel, frequency or install a necessary update to perform better and receive clearly. Your brain in your personal computer to life which requires daily updates, choices and changes (meditation, exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, etc.) and then you have to decide, do you want door 1 as Mr. Roberts refers to in the video, or do you want door 2, the 'choice'  and 'chance' is always yours! S o hop on that surf board of life, paddle out to those big waves and surf with a sense of purpose, passion, inspiration, joy, excitement, and witness your life go from average to extraordinary! 
~Happy Holidays and Many Blessings...

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