The Intuitive Prospector

March, 2016 ~ Issue 21


My spiritual practice is now located in Seattle, Washington!

Saturday April 16th, 2016
10am - 3pm      
Cost: $35 (lunch included)

Saturday July  16th, 2016
9am - 5pm      
Cost: $125
Encino, California

Saturday, July 23, 2016
10am - 4pm      
Suggested Donation: FREE
Kent Commons
Kent, Washington
Spiritual Prospecting 
1 on 1 Mentoring 
3 Month "Dedicated Program" to Spiritual Education, Growth, Learning, Mentoring & Fun!
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Marc Lainhart
Hello Prospectors,

Ask any person new to gardening, what is the hardest part to get used to, and they will almost undoubtedly say...PATIENCE! The many pathways in Spirituality is no different and is a lot like gardening. It requires patience, waiting, trust, confidence, digging, timing, daily discipline, and getting out there in life and planting what I call  
"Spiritual S.E.E.D.S." One 
day after those Spiritual  seeds are planted and start to take root, a beautiful and colorful flower, or a majestic oak tree will break through the soil and the wondrous, amazing soul that you already are will start to share, teach and express your spiritual gifts and abilities with the world! So what are 
"Spiritual S.E.E.D.S.?"


In the past few years of doing this work as a professional, the one thing I always notice with great consistency in the "s
piritual pattern," from my personal clients all around the world, to my radio show guests is that those 
"prospectors" who set out on the spiritual path is usually based on some sort of
"shaking" within the realities of their lives and an end result of being in service to others and the world we share together. I would be no different from this pattern in that I didn't even want to do Spiritual work until I experienced my own "shaking" which I say caused my spiritual "awakening." 

Today I could not see myself doing anything but working for spirit, helping and healing others, and making our planet a better place to live, as I "patiently" stroll down the spiritual path waiting for my own 
Spiritual seeds to take root and planting new ones along the way. Spirituality
 (and gardening) are wonderful experiences if you're not in any hurry to see instant results! It is like watching and waiting for a child to become a young adult. In other words, it takes time, patience, hard work, and daily discipline! Sowing your own Spiritual seeds is probably one of the most unpredictable tasks we can undertake in our lives, and yet it is definitely one of the most rewarding! 

That one moment arrives! After a season of planting, growth, hard work, and the time and patience you have taken to allow this opportunity and excitement to "ready your harvest" from your own garden! Fresh red tomatoes, green cucumbers, crisp lettuce, all gathered up, cleaned, cut, and mixed into a nice healthy salad to be shared with family and friends, tasting and savoring the freshness and energy of what you have accomplished as a Gardner.   Your Spiritual seeds work much the same way, with time, patience, growth, hard work, daily discipline and when your are ready to harvest and share with the world through your own spiritual path and journey, the "freshness," energy, healing, guidance, and teachings you will deliver for spirit, others, and our planet will be out of this world!  Life is all about exploring, experiencing, discovering, and serving, so keeping planting, gardening, and harvesting those Spiritual seeds! Experiences leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to wisdom...
In January of this year, I gave my first featured interview on Famous Psychic that talks about my own Spiritual path titled:  and how my own seeds took root, expanded, transformed, and grew into what people would call THE INTUITIVE PROSPECTOR™ spiritual practice and INSPIRED LIVING RADIO "ILR" on OM Times Media in Seattle, Washington.

Be Kind, Be Caring, Be Compassionate,


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