Due to problems with GoToWebinar this morning (we couldn't launch the meeting), this week's Soul Chat is rescheduled to this Thursday, April 19, at the usual time of 1:30 PM CAT/SAST or 7:30 AM EDT. If you've registered to attend live, you should have seen the reschedule notice from me/GoToWebinar earlier today.

Join us this Thursday, as we have a jam-packed program planned for you! Michelle will discuss the current Astrology (there's a GREAT deal going on), and Sean Manders will discuss the relationships, relationships with yourself, and his G.O.D. Project!

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With all of our Love, always, Faith, Michelle, and Sean <3
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April 10 "Rebuilding Your Spiritual Tool Kit"  Having not sufficiently used discernment and spiritual protection, it is vitally important more now than ever to understand why it's required to do so, that we ensure a daily lifestyle that includes self-awareness and awareness of what's happening around us. The energies right now are supporting our shifting and changing beyond the current consciousness and ego. Be a compassionate observer and don't lose the gist of what's happening if analyzing too much. Take as much time DAILY to just check in with yourself and where you are on your journey. Do you feel your own goodness and love within, do you feel authentic peace? Are you calm when connecting? Are you scared? It's essential to have a safe spiritual foundation. Use the  Palace of Peace and Prosperity Alignment and Protection prayer , which we discussed in more detail today.

Great questions were asked, such as: "what benefit did the false ascended masters have, what was their motivation in working with us as they did," "is the Violet Flame part of the false ascended master realms," "do we send prayers or Unconditional Living Love and Living Light to beings not of the Light," "what do I do with my oracle decks, my crystals," and more. These several weeks' broadcasts have been extremely helpful as we continue the path in a whole new light--literally.

It's recommended that you listen to the broadcasts in date order, so download them to your favorite device and listen while you drive, walk, do your housework, whenever! Take us along with you! Enjoy and thank you for joining us! 

March 27 "Make Life Purpose-FULL"  Continuing the conversation just a bit as we discuss your feedback and comments (thank you!), Sean Manders, Michelle's husband, joins us today to also share his perspective and experience as a man experiencing these changes as well, how he sees himself--more now, in fact, and how he handles his masculine energy, which we all have. Sean shares some great insights about his own feelings of safety in the world, as well as providing a safe space for his wife, his home/family, and his comments are great take-away's for all of us, as well as being able to provide some conversation/basics for our own relationships with our spouse / partner / mate, if we have one, but most certainly with our own self as this is where all relationships, successful or not, stem.

Our own "feminine storm," our emotions, need our self-awareness and self-management. We must learn to hear how we speak to ourselves, our own tone--talk to yourself out loud so you can hear it, and build that relationship with yourself on the inside first. This also includes the tone and awareness behind even the foods you choose to eat, how you feel when you prepare your food, when you eat your food: You are  how  you eat, not just what you eat! These are all components of the new self-supporting structures, proper power, independence we're being encouraged to create, to hold, and to sustain for each of us. Really be aware of the underlying feelings / emotions as you live your daily life. Body / Mind / Spirit are all one. Connect with your inner world, knowing that the action you take now will be with you--life is our main university. Use it with love and wisdom! Make Life Purpose-FULL!

March 22 "A New Foundation of Trust"  It's definitely a process that will take some time, still processing the impact of the awareness of the false ascended master and fallen angelic realms. The bifurcation that happened at the beginning of 2018 is still feeling like a burn as the burning of the veils of illusion and false timelines continue, deceptions are exposing themselves. The Law of Structure is bringing the crumble, and some good news to report is that our managing through this, along with our continued awakening to new levels of awareness, is contributing to the fall of the Astral Plane. This is opening a huge opportunity for rehabilitation, and those beings not wishing to heal are being sent back to their groups. Everything's changed as a result of the bifurcation split, but just a reminder: no one knows where this bifurcation will go.

Although it may feel like a daunting spiritual process right now, this is actually beautiful. As with times of deep spiritual struggle, there's going to be that point where the Light starts shining through: A deeper understanding of why, seeing the much greater purpose...focus on your intention. It is the most important aspect in terms of past and present. Intention is the heart of everything we do. Turn inward and question your own intentions, what's fueling your motivations? We're absolutely entitled to our feelings, but it's extremely important to remember that we're required to deal with it constructively. This is actually a wonderful time to form a new bond of trust, and as things start to settle down, a feeling of being safe and more at peace will unfold, a beautiful result of working with the Holy and Divine Mother.

At the end of the broadcast, we discuss briefly the work being done at the Palace of Peace and Prosperity, as well as information about the mitochondria and the need to give up sugar! Our cells hold Light, but we need to be sure our cells are supported to do so, and sugar is destructive. We need to be able to listen to what our body is communicating to us!

March 6 :   "Feeling Unsupported and Alone"  In this episode, Michelle shares our recent February 2018 trip to  Sedona : " we ripped asunder what the dark mother has bound to her blackened heart. This was especially important so that our Holy and Divine Mother can be received by her children she is returning to reclaim. Many have forgotten she exists and resists her call. This is another vital aspect of our Divine Mission and the task at hand. A lot of this I have shared in Tuesday's awesome Soul Chat episode with Faith. Please take a listen. I go into great detail regarding Sedona, and  this month's free event being released here in this newsletter  is also full of info regarding the astrological impacts coming up and why now more than ever it is extremely important to come to know ourselves beyond the controlling forces of the false gods, the archetypes and their fear-mongering time-looping technology." 

 PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Due to the upcoming two day  Planetary Mitochondrial DNA Purification and Healing Ascension Event, Soul Chat will be held on Thursday, March 22, instead of Tuesday, March 20; it will still be at it's usual time. We hope you can join us for both Soul Chat and the Ascension Event!

Feb. 7 "False Ascended Masters: Rebuilding Spiritual Foundations After the Bifurcation"  As we know, ALL structures that have been a lie are being exposed, but mostly we've thought about areas involving the world of finance, medicine, justice, religion, etc., but not so much the realms we've come to rely on: the Ascended Master realms and angels. We're following up to our last January 30th broadcast with more information, answering your questions, and Michelle's speaking out for the first time in her own full disclosure. So what do we do now? As always, do your own research, clearing out, find your own truths, be your own GURU (Gee, U R U), your own minister, or preacher. Never others. And remember, in Peace, all things are found. The truth will always be revealed, never need defending, and will set you free! Download for more information and for more about rebuilding your spiritual foundation! Here is the  YouTube version .

February 6th's broadcast  is postponed to tomorrow, Wednesday, due to power outages at Michelle's office. If you're registered for Soul Chat in GoToWebinar, you would have received this notification, as well as an email--check your SPAM folder or your "Promotions" tab in your Gmail email account, as this also includes that  we will be traveling to Sedona, so our broadcasts will resume on March 6th!

Jan. 30 "False and Fallen Energies"  With the bifurcation that's taken place at the end of 2017, we no longer have the dense 3D world, the Personality Matrix (focus is on body/materialistic concerns first and foremost/fear-based living only) as a base level consciousness any longer. With that rung of our ascension ladder gone, an entirely new rung of the ladder is now present for the first time ever, for all who are ready to hear the call. This is the Avatar Matrix, which is the Avatar Mind, the Buddhic Mind, the Christ Mind, and it's where true positive abundance flows, where there is zero tolerance for any lack, BUT we must resonate this from within to participate and see the results we truly dream and wish for instead of the nightmares humanity has endured. 
This is a time of a complete new structure in the way we live, and this means WE MUST SEE WHAT'S HIDDEN TO UNDERSTAND IT. It requires having the emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity in fully understanding what has fallen (and continues to fall) so that you're not in fear as things around you/us crumble, and in fully understanding the new extremely important life-giving systems that now rule our Universe, your own life. 
In this and all broadcasts, we ask you to use your discernment, to be open for your own truth, to have the maturity to be open to only the Living Truth that stems from Unconditional Living Love and Living Light from our Supreme Heavenly Divine Father, Mother, and Christ, thus preparing yourself for some information on "false and fallen energies" that you have been accustomed to connecting with in the past. We've been in deep training for this time of going within, without the use of middle men/women, etc. It has been revealed that there have been many false beings connected to the  Astral Plane , the 4th dimension which is a place of "heart damage and soul-based trauma," and those beings are not who we thought they were. 
Referenced in our broadcast was information provided by our colleague, Lisa Renee, regarding the  Family of Michael , as well as a  prayer space format  you may wish to consider using for yourself that Michelle prepared for the Palace of Peace and Prosperity community to use. 
As with everything in life, use discernment, do your research to find your own truth with harm to none. This conversation is an in-depth follow up from last week's broadcast. We talk about the importance of learning to step fully in your own true power, to use our consciousness in a new direction so we transcend the lower ego into a new loved-based lifestyle and routine. We need to understand we're in a state of rehabilitation, that we need to be fully grounded in our bodies as we leave the former and false matrix, the Personality Matrix. It's naive to think that once you die, you have ascended. The consciousness you achieve here while in your Earthly life is what you take with you. You don't automatically qualify to ascend just for being here. We have to transcend every karmic imprint. 
Be prepared for this week's information we've shared, and remember, we will each have our own and perhaps powerful responses when finding out we have been "duped." This is all a part of leaving the inorganic systems (the false matrix) to be in the organic systems of Unconditional Living Love and Living Light! 
(illustration, the  Universal Time Matrix ; referenced project, the  Planetary Imperfection Purification  event) 

Note: Michelle is out of the office moving her home/family to a new residence, so she's not able to provide a Youtube version at the time of this posting.

Jan. 23 "Permanent Healing and 'Where have my guides gone'?"   
Today's broadcast involves a listener who after last week's broadcast had a self-described " massive epiphany ." She explains that she spent a couple of days in shock-mode when she thought about her past struggles, that her parents struggled, and she continued THEIR pattern from the time she was 15 to now at 58 years old. " During the last 4 years, I have been stripped bare and getting by on unemployment benefits. I really do understand this journey I have been on and why, I have grown so much in this time of change and uncertainty. I feel I am about to break into the new soon, but this struggle habit has to stop now. It cannot come forward with me into my future. Whilst it hurts my pride to admit this, I have been struggling to the point that I have resort to shoplifting to get my most basic of necessities met, and I have justified this to satisfy my guilt or lack thereof!!! I can't change this pattern if I am not honest about the details and face it head on....I have to change this struggle habit FAST if I am to step into the NEW now. Until I looked at my habit of 'STRUGGLE' in the eye, I could not even see it, let alone change it ."

Download and listen to the great conversation surrounding this honestly and openly shared epiphany, as you'll learn more about how to work the changes desired, how to work with trauma, such as this, that is locked in the body.

Also, another listener asked about why they're not receiving their guidance the way they're used to, so we also explained the ways communication has changed since the bifurcation. We are learning to connect from a totally different place than we are used to, and yes, your physical body is a very big part of this communication! We're not going "up" for answers anymore!  

Jan. 16 :   "Joy or Struggle? How To Change The Pattern: Understanding Harmonic Universe 1 and 2."  
The struggle isn't real any more. It's an illusion and a habit. If you want to better understand what the split in planetary consciousness means that occurred at the end of 2017, then this will put a lot into perspective for you! It's the perfect start to the new year! ( Click here  if you prefer a YouTube link.) The absolute most dense and basic consciousness here on Earth that existed for thousands and thousands of years that was of pure Personality, the Personality Matrix, the 3D world where people have no thoughts whatsoever that they are more than their body, that they also have a soul, is now removed from Planet Earth! If you're not familiar with this concept, then I invite you to review our broadcasts from 2017 below or visit the many  newsletters  I've written.  

Basically, the world of the lower ego (fear, lack, fixations on looks, glamour, owning the best of everything, money and possessions, etc.) is now replaced with a higher level on the rung of the ascension ladder, so to speak. So the Personality Matrix as a base level of consciousness is replaced with the higher next realm of the Soul Matrix, where the heart is involved with the mind. We're learning to step out of any 3D consciousness defaults. 

It can be a very frustrating time for many, especially those new to this level of consciousness, as well as for all of us because we're so entrained to the old way of life of lack of everything! So there's going to be bursts of frustration and anger. You may also be feeling drained and exhausted because of dropping the old world consciousness, lies, and deceit. This is what Michelle calls the "Birfurcation Burn." 

In 2018, how life shows up is 100% on you, whatever it is you want your life to look like, and that's because when one rung was removed, a new one was added: Harmonic Universe #4, or Density 4, and in this frequency, we can have all of our needs met. It's a brand new world, a brand new time, and a brand new energy for all! Please take the time to download this broadcast and learn more about this amazing time and how you can go with the flow!
We look forward to having you join us!
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