Issue #181   July 2020
Theme: Dreams & Desires

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KaleidoSoul Creations
As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue. Each card below is a card from one SoulCollager's Deck that represents their Dreams or Desires.

Committee Suit

I am the one who dreams that one day I will have a cottage in the country to share with my family. I am one who thrives on the fresh air and simplicity of rural life and want to share this with my grandchildren. The joy of spending the day outside having fun brings the reward of a deep well earned sleep.

Sensual Self
Committee Suit

...there was a star riding through the clouds one night and I said to the star (Night Sky) "Consume Me." 
~ Virginia Woolf

I am one who dreams of bathing in the light of the night stars. It is my desire to show up naked, bold and vulnerable. I am one who is being summoned to howl in the full moon light and allow the stars to breakdance in my soul.

Don't be afraid to honor anything that ignites passion and soothes your soul. Know that you are an emotional, courageous being who is open to embracing her needs. Acknowledge and answer your desires. 

I am one who wants to fly in a balloon, to parachute out of a plane, to travel to interesting places. I am one who desires to rise above it all. I am one who dreams of a more peaceful world and asks why it cannot be. I am one who sees bunnies and squirrels and pirate ships and inkblot images in fluffy clouds in a blue summer sky.  I am one who dreams of a day when we are not judged by our appearance, skin color, ethnicity, gender or ideology but of a day when we see our connections as humans on a fragile blue ball in the vast universe. I am one who dreams. 

Dream #1
Suit Unknown
I am one who is seeking the mysteries from my dreams.  I am the one who gets lost and found in the stories of my unconscious.  I am one who embraces sleep so that I can enter an entirely different universe where space and time evolve with my imagination.  I am one who dreams of finding the balance of what is known and unknown.  I am one who is open to spontaneous adventures, in the rain, under moonlight. I am one who is open to the possibilities of what is next.

Dream #2
Suit Unknown
I am one who honors and remembers my symbolic and reoccurring dreams. I am one who makes friends with my unconscious as it reveals itself to me.  I am one who is along for the ride and embracing my vulnerability. I am one who will mend the wounds of my heart as they are revealed to me.

The Seeker
Council Suit
I am one who seeks knowledge and wisdom with an open heart.  I am one who holds the key to my inner knowing.  An open heart is the key to loving and knowing myself.  

Evolving Fantasy
Suit Unknown
I am one who remembers the fantasies of my youth and how they have shaped me.  I am one who longed to run free and untamed.  I am one who evolved into a strong, confident and proud woman.  I am one who uses strong motivation to carry me through life.  I am one who strives to balance my instinctive and tamed parts of my personality.   

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Hi! I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage® Facilitator in Massachusetts and worldwide online. This column is all about presenting ways to get your soul singing with the deep, wide, wonder-full process that is SoulCollage®.

Bringing the Dream
Up from the Basement
We spend our lives doing things

that don't matter,
and meanwhile
our desires are sobbing,
locked away in the basement.
~ Jennifer Louden, Why Bother? 

Isn't it funny how we are led to teach what we are aching to learn? When I first began teaching SoulCollage®, I wanted to learn more about our shadowed parts, so I read several books on the subject and absorbed a good amount of "head knowledge." I then created a class, and with it, a Magical Inner Journey (aka guided imagery) based on one I'd heard Seena Frost share a few years prior. In the guided imagery, we were led-in our imaginations- down into the "basement." In this metaphorical basement of our minds we walked around and shined some light on the Committee parts we had locked up down there.

As I led my workshop participants on this inner journey, I went right along with them. In my own "basement" I found a wounded child, an adult who was still mourning the loss of a girlfriend, and an angry, angry stepmother. But I also found a locked-away part of myself whom Jung referred to as part of the "golden shadow." I found my Inner Story Writer.

Long ago I'd named her Alexandra. She and I were well-acquainted in my younger years when I wrote stories and novels on lined paper stored in large three-ring binders. It had been my dream as long as I could remember to be a "real writer." But as my life took its twists and turns, I chose to turn my back on Alex; I ignored her in favor of more "practical" matters. "Someday," I would think to myself whenever I recalled that long-ago dream.

But in preparation for my class on SoulCollage® and Shadow, I found Alexandra again and was led to bring her up with me and into the light of my everyday life. Soon after that, I began writing stories again, giving myself half an hour to sit undisturbed and let the words flow through me. Just putting the words down on paper seemed enough. I loved "making up stuff" (as Alex likes to call it), and the more I opened to the creative stream, the more the characters and their stories came alive on the page.

After several months of this, I noticed that a few characters (Savannah and Ben and Deirdre Rose) in particular continued showing up in my writing; their story kept growing and growing. By this time, I had quite a pile of pages and story beginnings, and I was beginning to sense that my dream of being a "real writer" could actually be a possibility. These words from Sam Keen are a good description of what happened next.

There is no reason to assume that all desires must end in action, but it is helpful to know which of our wishes to ripen into wants, which wants to deepen into decisions, and which decisions to finally actualize. ~ Sam Keen  
In other words, I began to see that publishing a novel wasn't something that would just "happen" to me, but that it would require a deeper wanting, an actual decision, and an intentional, conscious process of manifestation. At that point I chose to allow Ben and Savannah's story to continue. It was six years from the time I started writing their story until now (July 2020) when I am actively preparing to "launch" the novel, Dragonflies at Night: More Than a Love Story. It's a very exciting time for me, but it's been a long and not-always-exciting journey to get this story onto paper and then into print. (It is on pre-order on Amazon right now for Kindle only. The paperback version will be "live" on September 22).

I began with a quote from author and wise woman Jennifer Louden, so I will end with one too. This is the best suggestion I know of for what happens once we bring our "sobbing desires" up into the clear light of day (and out of that basement).

Fill yourself a brimming cup  
of what you truly desire,  
with a chaser of patience.  
Say no to all else  
until the next step is revealed.

~ Jen Louden  

Putting It into Action

1. Is there a long-ago dream or desire of your own that perhaps is locked away in the basement of your own mind? Close your eyes and give yourself some quiet time to breathe... allow yourself to go back in time. What dreams or desires might want to come into the light of day with you?

2. Spend some time deciding if this is a yearning that you can choose to begin to manifest, knowing that many steps might be involved.

3. Take that first step. And trust that the next step will be revealed.

4. Make a SoulCollage® card for the part of you who has this longing, this dream, this desire. Or do a reading where you ask your cards about it.

Anne Marie Bennett is a SoulCollage® Facilitator / Trainer, published author, website goddess, and two-time cancer survivor who was mentored directly by Seena Frost. In 2005, she fell in love with SoulCollage® and was inspired to use her professional experience along with web technology as a means to serve the world by putting SoulCollage® "out there" in a really big way with KaleidoSoul. Anne Marie lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband and two adolescent felines who keep them hopping. Anne Marie's books about SoulCollage® are available here.         
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Guest Columnist: Cat Caracelo
I am Cat Caracelo, M.A., a SoulCollage® facilitator, life coach and artist from Petaluma, California, offering my work individually and in global teaching forums. This column is for all of you who are exploring your creativity and are ready to discover more depth in your SoulCollage® journey.
Your Garden of Dreams & Desires

The call into the garden is strong at this time of year.

It is the space of verdant growth and energy that delights the senses. For some, the garden is realized in a large cultivated space; for others it is wholly wild; still others have clustered pots and containers holding their beauty and bounty.

Within a strange year and a season of change, you may find this energy is amplified. You might be aching for as much time outdoors as you can get.

In a time of enormous intensity, which we are experiencing personally, collectively and globally, it is vital to feed the soul and create space to cultivate dreaming, desire and delight. Our SoulCollage® decks may reflect states of confusion, dismay, deep grief and a call to activate or participate in change, and with that there is a tremendous need to discover and restore the creative spaces where one can re-connect, rest and grow.

In the mythic sense, a garden is something that is filled with dreams, delights and desires. In the midst of change, greening and growth-filled energies will offer you new insights and liveliness. Taking the time to cultivate your dreams and desires is a powerful way of creating and connecting to what you need most.

I find gardens essential to the creative process...All of us have had the experience of wandering through a lush garden or a timeless desert, walking by a river or an ocean, or climbing a mountain and finding ourselves simultaneously calmed and reinvigorated, engaged in mind, refreshed in body and spirit. - Oliver Sacks

Within our own creative exploration, we step into experience and benefit from the energies that are revealed and rising within our art. So how can creating with intention serve the soul?

As life brings the unexpected, turning toward imagery can be a supportive approach to finding your way back to what is true for you. When change happens, vision can become blurred, not because your vision is blurry, but because loss or grief often brings forth dynamic change. Like the life cycle of a caterpillar, there must be a kind of death and rebirth, transmuting form, to become the butterfly. Through your own energetic transformation, the lens of your life is being altered, changed, and cleared so that you are able to see through it again with more clarity and consciousness.

The vision and values you hold for your life must root themselves deep. What better place to grow them than in the garden of dreams and delights? Then, when disruption comes, you can dig down and find the source of your vision.

Parts of self will become active when we invite them to be seen. They invite us to explore our life-path, assisting us in finding lost pieces of our own stories, and bringing them back together to reveal a new recognizable image of wholeness. By bringing your intention to plant a Garden of Desire and Dreams with your own SoulCollage® cards, you are bringing missing pieces of your story back into wholeness.

Seek the distinctive gardener, a part of self, who is inviting you to create this garden. Bring new images into your space and ask:
  •  Who will assist me in planting this Garden of Dreams and Desires with seeds of clarity?
  • Who comes forward to help me discover and uncover my unique dreams and desires?
  • What special gifts do you have for dreaming this Garden into being?
Discover where your dreams and desires can be planted in order to nurture and enliven your life. Bring dreaming into your creative process and connect to deep desires that have been buried or are missing. Invite these desires into your garden and see how they grow. Notice what dreams and desires bring you into relationship with emotions that feed your soul. How can this art garden bring you what you need most?

Ask your art and images to bring you into the garden that is ALL yours.

Create cards that hold different aspects of dreams, desires and delights.

Map out a "garden space" and plant your cards into this sacred space to see what gathers there and what emerges. Invite these cards, your inner gardener, the seeds, the dreams, and the desires, to guide you deeper into the garden of your vision, where dreams and desires will grow into living energies that inspire your life.

Cat Caracelo, M.A. is a Depth Coach, Artist and Guidess. A SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007, she works with expressive arts and transformative process guiding individuals and groups internationally. Cat is the founder of JourneyPath® Institute and JourneyCircles™ Process. Her dynamic Mythos Journey + Quest eCourses and retreats offer transformative process and mythic themes designed to explore one's own stories, seek healing and expand possibility. Please visit Cat's website to find articles and information here.

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