Issue #180   June 2020
Theme: SoulEssence

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As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue. Each card below is a card from one SoulCollager's Deck that represents SoulEssence.

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card
New Jersey

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

Transpersonal card

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Hi! I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage® Facilitator in Massachusetts and worldwide online. This column is all about presenting ways to get your soul singing with the deep, wide, wonder-full process that is SoulCollage®.

Dear SoulCollagers,

Having read Facilitator Marti Beddoe's column (below), I honestly cannot think of one thing to add to this theme of SoulEssence, so I am bowing to her for your informative essay this month.

If you'd like to read another issue of Soul Songs with more thoughts about and examples of SoulEssence, please look here

And I'd also like to leave you with this short poem:

Center yourself and feel the reality
of your life this morning.

Let your breath take you, for the moment,
beneath your dreams of betterment.

As you exhale, feel the soreness
around all you want.

As you inhale, feel the mystery at center
where nothing is lacking.

~ Mark Nepo

Take some time this week to write down these four powerful sentences. Sit with them. Journal with them. What do these words invoke in you? How can you sense into that "mystery at center where nothing is lacking?"

Stay grounded, grateful, and safe,

Anne Marie Bennett

Anne Marie Bennett is a SoulCollage® Facilitator / Trainer, published author, website goddess, and two-time cancer survivor who was mentored directly by Seena Frost. In 2005, she fell in love with SoulCollage® and was inspired to use her professional experience along with web technology as a means to serve the world by putting SoulCollage® "out there" in a really big way with KaleidoSoul. Anne Marie lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband and two adolescent felines who keep them hopping. Anne Marie's books about SoulCollage® are available here.

Archetypes That Speak to Us Through Quotations

60 minute SoulCollage® Zoom tele-class with Facilitator/Trainer Judy Heidrich from Florida

Have you ever wondered why some quotations resonate within you so deeply, while others do not?

Looking through the SoulCollage® lens, we will explore the many archetypal voices of the Council Suit that speak to us and make themselves known to us through quotes.

Please bring with you: journal, pen and TWO of your most favorite SHORT quotes.

Date: Sunday June 28, 2020

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Guest Columnist: Marti Beddoe
Dear SoulSongs Friends,
I'm Marti Beddoe from Naperville, Illinois, a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007. My commitment in the SoulSongs' columns is to share what I've learned about ways to sustain lives of Meaning, Joy, and Beauty.

This month, it's a joy to share my experience of SoulEssence. Here I'll review what Seena B. Frost meant by SoulEssence. Then some reflections on what it feels like when one IS or IS NOT living out of one's SoulEssence. Also included is a practice you may do with your SoulCollage® deck. If you find these reflections to be useful, I'd love to hear from you.
SoulEssence: Your unique spark of the Divine

"May the stream of my life flow into the River of Goodness.
May the bonds of my ignorance be loosened that I may be free.
May the thread of my song not be cut while I sing,
And let not the work of my life end before its fulfillment." -Rig Veda 11:28

The three Transpersonal cards are Source, SoulEssence, and Witness. These cards represent the Oneness Beyond Form. Although these cards point to Oneness, they cannot adequately represent its vast mysterious reality.

In SoulCollage® Evolving, Seena Frost describes SoulEssence as "the spark of Source within each Soul, and within each living thing. It is formless potential and without Shadow, and therefore SoulEssence does not have a voice you can intuit to answer questions. SoulEssence is the personal calling which nudges and directs, and gives a special reason to be alive. It's the quintessential-ness of a being, ever-present and immortal."

Much like the acorn carries the coding for the oak tree, SoulEssence is our unique divine coding. When you observe very young children, or remember your own childhood, SoulEssence is apparent in the child's "natural-born" interests, inclinations, and gifts. Family members wonder why the child plays School all day when the family is full of athletes, or why the child is always building things when the family is full of writers and artists. I've observed the unique SoulEssence of each of my seven grandchildren and am curious to see how SoulEssence will manifest in my two great-grandsons!

Even as a petite child, my granddaughter Madeline was The One Who Energetically Takes Charge of any situation. Applying unusual self-discipline as a young gymnast, Maddie was always willing to put in the hard work to reach her goals. At four, when stage fright set in during a recital, she stepped up and led her older ballet class to finish victoriously. Now in her twenties, Madeline continues to show up and take charge. That tiny acorn has grown into a mighty towering oak. She is an amazing and popular leader, known for her competent, in-charge, no-nonsense approach to life. Look out world, here she comes!

How Do We Know When SoulEssence Is Manifesting?
Seena wrote that when a Soul is on track, manifesting its SoulEssence coding in the world, the Soul feels balanced and happy. "Our SoulEssence is a gift that we can never lose no matter how covered over and hidden it becomes. In the moments when we succeed in doing this we will probably experience our life as happy, no matter what the external circumstances."

Seena reassures us, "However, gradually our intuitive knowing dims as our Committee Neters try to manage life's experiences. Shadowed Neters such as competition, fear, laziness, egotism may dim the message from our SoulEssence. Even though we may ignore the signals, SoulEssence never vanishes. SoulEssence will flow whether we pay attention or not. It will guide us. It will compel us. It will make use of our blunders and our discoveries."

My Temporary SoulEssence-Amnesia
When the twin pandemics of Covid-19 and Fear began to surface a few months ago, my first question was "What should I do to respond to all this pain and suffering?" Around the same time, excruciating pain in my right shoulder began sapping my energy. There was definitely a Disturbance in the Force! Through many sleepless nights, the same question haunted me: "How should I be helping now?"

No answers came. I felt lost, panicked at the rare experience of being estranged from SoulEssence. None of my dreams for service seemed possible. I reluctantly wondered if old age had defeated me. I considered retiring from service of any kind. Then, in desperation, I began asking the pain-body for its wisdom.

I decided to postpone any vocational decisions until I'd fulfilled my commitment to teach a 90-minute Zoom class for KaleidoSoul Kindred Spirits on my work with Walking the Beauty Way. I told myself to power through and observe what guidance might surface.

April 19 came, and lo and behold, 48 people showed up and were completely engaged with diving deep into the Neter of Beauty! I was in the flow of my SoulEssence. Thank Goodness! That night, for the first time in months, the shoulder pain vanished, allowing me to sleep through the night. The pain is healed now.

In the days that followed, many dream symbols revealed this message: "Once again, Marti, your Should-er Neter causes you pain. Notice how you feel when you are in the grip of your many Shoulds. Notice how different you feel when you are in the flow of your unique calling. Your SoulEssence is about serving Life through your faithful attunement to the vibration of Beauty. Walk the Beauty Way and continue to immerse yourself in its transformative healing, its vitality and balanced aliveness."

Two Practices for SoulEsssence

PRACTICE ONE- If you've created a SoulEssence Card
Take the card out, along with your journal and pen. Create a sacred space and commune with your SoulEssence card.

Possible Journal questions to ask yourself might include...
  • What are your earliest memories of expressing your SoulEssence?
  • What were moments when you felt most alive, most like 'you'?
  • How did family and friends react to you when you expressed your SoulEssence?
    • Were you affirmed or mocked or shamed or...?
    • What was your internal response to these reactions?
    • As you grew up, did those reactions impact your ability to embrace and express your SoulEssence?
  • Currently, how do you know when you are in the flow of your SoulEssence?
  • What Neters can encourage or discourage you from being in the flow of your SoulEssence?

PRACTICE TWO- If you haven't made a SoulEssence Card yet

Explore your deck for clues. Whether you have a card or not, your SoulEssence is alive and present! Take out your SoulCollage® deck, your journal and pen.
  • Call upon your Neter of Curiosity to help you discover more about your SoulEssence.
    • Look in all four Suits for clues about your SoulEssence.
    • Notice the symbolic patterns of free flowing aliveness in the cards that may reveal your unique SoulEssence.
    • Pull these cards out and look at them more closely.
  • What do they have in common-symbols, colors, people, animals, etc.?
    • Listen carefully when each card reveals its messages about your unique SoulEssence.
  • Fortified with this wisdom, trust that the exact right images for your SoulEssence will appear at the exact right time.

How I Interact with My Transpersonal Cards

Here is a photo of my Transpersonal cards. Source is in the center, with Witness on the left and SoulEssence on the right. They serve as a trifold screen, setting sacred space when I make SoulCollage® cards. I followed Seena's guidance to make the Transpersonal cards a different size. Instead of the 5"X 8" size of my deck's Neters, my three Transpersonal cards are each 9 inches square. Although I covered them with tape, by now they're kind of battered, yet so beloved! By the way, after nearly setting fire to the house, I do not keep a lit candle near my card-making space!

I also took Seena's suggestion to mount the Witness and SoulEssence images on top of copies of my Source image. From the beginning, I was told to "trust the process" in searching for my Source image. Sound familiar? Though it took me several years before I found the right image, when it appeared I knew beyond a doubt that it was my Source image! After that, my SoulEssence card was easy to create. Even though I didn't know its name at the time, the Transpersonal Witness was the second card I made way back in 2005!

Dear Friends, cherish being in the flow of your SoulEssence. More than ever before, the world needs you to express it!

Since 2007, Marti Beddoe has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator and meditation teacher in the Kriya Yoga lineage. She is Founder of Designs for Peace, a service offering practices to support lives of Meaning, Joy, and Beauty. In June, she will begin guiding the first online Walking the Beauty Way Circle. Marti's monthly Contemplating the Beauty of..." essays explore the mysterious Beauty of various Neters. Visit this page and scroll to the bottom to subscribe. You'll receive a fr*ee Harmony Self-Assessment. Marti invites you to contact her at [email protected].

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The Walking the Beauty Way Circle is a supportive community of souls intent on responding to the suffering of today's world in a concrete way.

Through the spiritual practices of SoulCollage®, Meditation, and Harmony Self-Promises©, you will explore the Neter of Beauty and experience its transformative power to bring genuine healing to yourself and others.

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October 7-11, 2020
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Upcoming SoulCollage® Retreats

Soul Journey Retreat
Santa Fe, New Mexico
October 2-6, 2020
Facilitator: Deborah Milosevich

This Soul Journey retreat will be held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent and Retreat Center, nestled in the pinion-covered foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Rising to over 12,000 feet, with the great peaks of the Sangre de Cristos as a backdrop, this place is truly where one can cultivate the richness of life and spirit. The beautiful conference and dining rooms overlook the Monte Sol and Atalaya mountains, with the Ortiz and Sandia mountain ranges in the distance. The lush campus offers serenity, privacy, and space. Some of the best hiking is right outside the facility. We will make SoulCollage® cards, share insights, and have the opportunity to create a one of a kind art piece. We can also listen to the Nuns singing in the morning!   

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SoulCollage® at Sea - Cruise and Play
Departing from Galveston, Texas
April 25 - May 2, 2021
Facilitator: Lora Dail, Teffany Heffner, Anne Marie Bennett

Do you love cruising? Do you love SoulCollage®? We'll be onboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas for a Western Caribbean cruise, making and reading cards while enjoying all the benefits of cruising. Join our private Facebook group "SoulCollage®: The Voyage Continues - A Travel SoulCollage® Experience" to get more information on how to reserve your room for this adventure, or email Teffany directly (see below). 

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