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Issue 101 - Reflection on Reflections  - February, 2014

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Inaugural Issue

In the photo used for the Soul Windows logo, there is, curiously, not a window to be seen.  The bright light is the light from a window, reflecting on stone; it is not the light of a window, seen directly. 

Fitting, we think: the light of God is usually seen only as it is reflected.

We believe such reflections are all around, that every ordinary thing around us lights up, now and then, reflecting God's glory. 

May we have eyes to see.


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Words that Give Us Wings


Maria, living on an isolated farm in the middle of an Icelandic winter, asks a passing traveler to bring her some books from the store when he returns from the town. "I don't know when I'll get there next.... Would you perhaps choose three books for me?"

"Do you think I can choose correctly?" he asks.

"Choose something that is ... different, which ... where the words don't sit still on the page, but instead fly to the sky and give us wings, even though we might not have the sky to fly in."

That scene, from Jon Kalman Stefansson's marvelous novel, The Sorrow of Angels,* sets the bar very high for any writer. Yet that is what we hope - and pray - each issue of this newsletter might do.

For this 101st issue, we have chosen to reflect upon "Reflections." Windows in Mirror Since July 2009, Jan and I have been sharing our thoughts, our reflections, on the life we have lived, the places we have visited, the people we have met. We have written about situations that trouble us and people that inspire us. We attempt to look beneath the surface, beyond the obvious, for glimpses of God's holy presence.

Some issues are pure joy to write. Others are hard work, a challenge to say something worthy of our readers' time, something that reflects at least a spark of God's glory.

Each time, we pray our words don't sit still on the page, that they touch a heart, lift a spirit, open minds to new vistas and eyes to new horizons. We pray that the task of writing, of reflecting, will touch our own hearts, lift our spirits, and open our eyes as well.

Sometimes, the words may even soar. But even when they don't fly to the sky, may the fluttering of these words direct the attention of us all to things we might not have seen, to places where God's light is reflected.


*London: MacLehose Press, 2013, p. 152.


                                Faithful - by Jan


          In that same novel, Stefansson writes: "A person can forget most things or deny them just by looking the other direction, and it's nearly always easier to look away rather than watch, because he who watches has to acknowledge what he sees."    

          Most of you, our readers, have faithfully been  with us since the beginning. Many have faithfully reflected upon our writings and shared with us how you have been touched by something we said, an image that struck you, or an insight arising from your reading of the Reflection. We appreciate especially those of you who have not looked away but have turned to seek your own wisdom deep within. It is a tender trust that you have shared with us: what you acknowledge as your truth. We encourage you to continue to share your reflections at

          As I write some of my Reflections, I feel like I am having morning coffee with you. I have found that some of the issues in which the message seemed unfocused or vapid to me, even these prompted generous feedback from you. You continue to watch, and read, and reflect, and we appreciate you. You give us the sky to fly in.


*ibid, p. 314.

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