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Issue 130 - Music Angels Sing - November 2015

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In Loving Memory of
G. E. Mullan
   San Antonio artist G.E. Mullan ("Buddy" to most who knew him) died October 27, at the age of 72. 
  Mullan became known for his Southwestern art, but devoted most of his later career to religious art, receiving commissions from many churches and religious orders.  
  We had the privilege of knowing Buddy and his wife Celina, traveling with them twice on the Pilgrimages of Art and Faith that they led.
  We devote this issue to his memory, in celebration of his art, in gratitude for his life and faith.

*all images used with permission.  

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Did you know that the images on the cover of your Sunday missal used in many churches were created by
G.E. Mullan?
See if you recognize the Mullan style... 
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"We are the music angels sing:
short or long,
each life a song
a treasured offering."
  -  Brian Wren
With Buddy at the Table
The Supper at Emmaus_
G. E. Mullan, "The Supper at Emmaus"
The composition above is highly stylized, but hardly static. The bright fields of contrasting colors are subtly shaded. There is always more to a G. E. Mullan painting than first meets the eye.
So, too, for the artist. If "Buddy" Mullan stood out in any crowd, it was usually because of his dry wit, not because people were fawning over the artist.
I was among the hundreds at his wake on Friday night.  Many were fans of his art; even more were friends of the man. There were stories told about his tender compassion, his humble spirit, his encyclopedic knowledge of all the saints in the calendar - and the outrageous stories he could tell about every one of them.
Buddy was a man of deep faith and irreverent humor, of great knowledge and humble demeanor. A participant in conferences at the Vatican, he also served faithfully on committees in his parish. 
It is fitting the Mullan's "The Supper at Emmaus" was chosen for the remembrance cards at his wake and funeral. Buddy saw himself as simply one of the disciples gathered around the table. Yet his art helped open the eyes of many to recognize Christ in their midst.    
  - Bill
Canticle of Creation
       As one who prays the Liturgy of the Hours, I take great delight in the canticles of the Hours, that is, the songs of praise from holy Scripture. If Francis of Assisi prayed the Laudes Creaturarum (Praise of the Creatures), thanking God for such creations a "Brother Fire" and "Sister Water", it is fitting that we sing a song of praise thanking God for our Brother Buddy - frie nd, neighbor, and fellow pilgrim.
     G.E. "Buddy" Mullan and Francis bear many similarities, both taking delight in God's creation. Buddy's religious art reflects God's revelation through nature and holy Scripture. Although a framed Mullan art piece hangs in nearly every room of our house, my favorite art creation is his beautifully illustrated book, Canticles because it reflects the joy and simplicity of praise. That is the way Buddy lived his life, joyfully and simply. I remember one evening during dinner at our home, Buddy noticed the teak sling-like plant hanger on our porch and - in conversation mid-sentence - remarked: "A squirrel hammock!" 
       G.E. not only took delight in all of creation. His humble spirit was an affirmation of his personal theology, soft spoken and gentle, yet active and practical. Those of us who followed his pilgrim lead stood in awe at his knowledge of art and architecture; our pilgrimages with him and his wife Celina were journeys of the soul, writing a canticle on the heart. Each of us who knew him could sing a song of praise for his life, his gifts, and his faith.
                                                                --by Jan
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