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Post-Pandemic Career Choices: What is Your Career Temperament?

The 16-month pandemic has certainly disrupted the U.S. labor market. Many people lost their jobs. Others found themselves working remotely from home. While others were required to do their jobs on-site with the constant risk of infection. Now, Covid restrictions are easing, the economy is bouncing back, and employers are scrambling to rehire workers as businesses return to their pre-pandemic operations.
But people aren't rushing back to their old jobs. In fact, there's been a spike in the percentage of employees who've left jobs outright. Life during the pandemic has prompted many to re-evaluate their work lives. They're asking essential questions like: Do I want to return to the office or to continue to work from home? Can I get get better pay and benefits somewhere else? Is this the time for me to switch careers?

There are many practical things to weigh when returning to regular employment: where to live, pay, work schedule, commute, etc. But there are also less tangible -- more psychological -- factors to be conscious of when making a change. Consider these questions that explore your work temperament:

  • What most motivates you to work? Salary, benefits, recognition, challenge, the need to feel productive or a way to find meaning and purpose in life?
  • Can you distinguish between actual needs and wants?
  • Will the pursuit of greater income lead to greater overall well-being?
  • What type of work setting and conditions suit you the best? Working by yourself or with others? Working outside or inside? Do you work well under a hard deadline or at a more leisurely pace?
  • Do you feel more comfortable leading or following others? Do you prefer being your own boss? Or do you do perform best within someone else's structure and rules?
  • Do you thrive in an industry that's changing fast or one that is more stable? Do you expect to change jobs frequently or stay put in one position?
  • Do you enjoy competing against others? Or do you prefer working against an internal standard?
  • Are developing and maintaining positive relationships important in your work? How tolerant are you of potential conflict and necessary confrontations in the workplace?
  • Ultimately, think about what constitutes "success" in your chosen job/career.

As the pandemic winds down, many of us have been given the opportunity (if not the necessity) of changing jobs. A better understanding your own personality -- your work-related needs and desires -- is essential if you are going to find employment that is truly satisfying and fulfilling.
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Max's Corner

Cats don't have "jobs." We don't distinguish between our work and non-work lives. Everything we do -- eating, sleeping, hunting, playing -- it's all just life. (That's me, by the way, investigating a vintage video cassette player.)
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