Soularize 2022

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How will Soularize help us Awaken?

We've said a lot about why we need to Awaken, but how, exactly, will Soularize help us do that?

During our three days together in the deserts of New Mexico, Illuman elder Terry Symens-Bucher will guide us through The Work that Reconnects, a process pioneered by Joanna Macy, a scholar of Buddhism, systems theory, and deep ecology. 

This work unfolds as a spiral journey through four stages:

  • Coming from Gratitude
  • Honoring our Pain for the World
  • Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes
  • Going Forth

Each of these stages leads naturally to the next. The journey helps us experience first hand that we are larger, stronger, more creative – and more deeply interconnected – than we knew. 

Terry explains:

"You have to come from gratitude. You start with accepting here we are. Then, once we're grounded in gratitude, we turn toward our collective trauma. It's called honoring our pain for the world. It's not honoring just my own personal pain. This is not a personal improvement project. This is much bigger. Once we've seen what happens psychologically and spiritually after we've one that grief work, then we are able to see with new eyes. We see what it means to be a man, the meaning of our own lives, and what we need to do with different eyes. And that moves us to the last stage of the spiral - going forth. Like a vision quest, or any deep spiritual, soulful work, the question is, what gift are we bringing back? What are we taking to our families and to our people and to the planet?"

The Work that Reconnects is the work that is required to awaken us to our current alienation and reconnect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet. 

This work is not really a "method" but, instead, simply creates space in which we can awaken and then reconnect. And it's not about individual self-improvement or about individual work. You might actually be improved as a man after you do it, but that's not the point! We will be doing this work together, for the good of the world, through a power greater than our own."

If you are ready to awaken and reconnect, then I hope we'll see you at Soularize 2022 this November.

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Soularize 2022 Details

What: 3-night, 4-day gathering for transformed masculinity and contemplative spirituality. Soularize is for any and all male-identified persons.

When: 6pm, Thursday, November 3 to Noon, Sunday, November 6, 2022

Where: Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa on the Santa Ana Pueblo, just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Discounted group rate rooms available.

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Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, speaks at Soularize.

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Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort on the Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
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