Sunrise at the barn
Goings On At The Farm - Fall 2016

The rhythms of the farm have changed me. The weather, sunrise, sunset and all of the daily needs of each living creature bring me to a place of connection. It is a place I see deep value in. The great intricacies between each piece affects the other. It makes me wonder if that is one of our basics needs. Perhaps when things get too big, too busy, too fast - we become disconnected. When we can see that one small thing can upset the balance temporarily, yet life continues on and a new normal finds its way into our days, we are connected. We are connected to life from a sweet and simple place that makes us whole. 

As fall packs up and heads out to allow for winter, we will dance in the snow flakes and enjoy connection!


Coaching with horses

There is SO much a horse can teach us. Their presence and peaceful way of showing up in the world can bring about awareness and change.

A current client of mine sent me the following email.

I just wanted you to know how much I love these sessions that I am having with you. I feel exhilarated, but calm & lighter after each of the meetings. I am actually accomplishing more than just one goal. Not only to try to find a solution to my dilemma, that I would be at peace with, but also to work on my great desire to get over my fear of horses and connect with them. After just two weeks, your coaching got me to look at things differently, yet at the same time validate some of the feelings and thoughts I already had. I felt like I had an aha moment today with Kincaid. I almost feel like he's a kindred spirit with me, although I'm still intimidated by him. I told my husband tonight, that Soulful Prairies is one of my Happy Places. Thank you for everything, and making me so welcome. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.
S. L

Give me a call at 847-366-6743 and we can talk over what Soulful Prairies has to offer. Perhaps you will find the perfect fit! 

Contact me for: 
  • One on one time - phone and equine packages available 
  • Individual, family, small group retreats 
  • Corporate retreats or team building 
We have a list of great things to choose from in order to create your own experience. Ideas include, but not limited to: equine experience, equine team building, yoga, reflexology, massage, hiking and a gourmet cooking experience.

Community Gardens

We are in our fifth year of offering plots for individuals to create and grow their own fresh produce. Shelter Village has had their own plot for three consecutive years and are pictured above on a day when a few of their residents came in to pick some of the produce for a meal. There is nothing better then home-grown veggies. This group always puts a huge smile on my face!

Learn more about Grow & Share at Soulful Prairies. Have your own garden.

What is Equusology
What is Equusology

Equusology is about understanding your own temperament, your horse's temperament and the strengths and weaknesses that may surface between those temperaments. This is not only a great tool in human/equine relationships but is super effective when working out differences with with friends and family. We all had a great time together and ended the weekend workshop with offering the horses a little freedom when coming in for evening to their stalls.

Free Horses
Free Horses

We held our breaths
We held our breaths

Soul Jam Logo A storm rolled in and the wind kicked up as we held our breaths and pushed forward with the set up for Soul Jam. On cue, the clouds parted and the sun rolled in. We ended up with a gorgeous day to celebrate our annual Soul Jam, a day of good food, good music for a good cause. This year we had two bus loads of people roll into to join in all the fun! The tunes ran steadily throughout the day and we closed with a great band and a breathtaking sunset. 100% of the proceeds were donated to Pulmonary Hypertension.

We look forward to Soul Jam 2017 and will keep you posted on all the details!

We captured some great moments from Soul Jam 2016.  Visit our photo gallery.
Visitors of all ages
Visitors of all ages

We have been graced with all sorts of visitors this year. Young souls and old souls that each bring bright beautiful energy to Soulful Prairies.

Weddings at Soulful Prairies
Wedding at Soulful Prairies

We were so fortunate to have two weddings this summer and fall. Both were for very close friends of our family. Soulful Prairies is always honored to be the beginning in a couple's start  to a new chapter.
Keeping cool
Keeping Cool

Cooling down the horses on those hot summer days!
Harvest Picnic
Harvest Picnic

Each year we celebrate the harvest where produce is picked and garden areas are cleared. This event brings like-minded people together to dig in the dirt and enjoy each others' company! We also worked in our edible forest  which is a creation in the making. After a few hours of hard work we celebrated with pizzas cooked in our wood burning oven. The pizza  toppings were all local fresh produce grown and picked from the Grow and Share and the CSA. If you have interest in having a plot or taking part in different programs and volunteer opportunities on the farm, give a call or stay tuned for our spring newsletter.

Local PD social Workers retreat

Soulful Prairies was honored to host a day retreat with a group of 25 local police department social workers. It was a day to slow down, reconnect and take a look at some different perspectives.

Harvest gong in the barn

As individuals rolled in to park for this event we had those beautiful weather conditions that make you fully aware that mother nature has a fabulous way of showing up. A little rain and a little sunshine mixed together to create a rainbow that arched its way from one side of Soulful Prairies to the other. I will never forget this moment. It was truly magical! Although the grand finale seemed to take place first, the remainder of the evening was filled with yoga, meditation with the horses and a gong experience to finish things up. It was a night to remember!

Marillac House Visits
Marillac House visits

We were graced by a visit from thirty kids from Marillac House who came out to the farm to enjoy the open fields and the farm life. We also experimented with the horses and how they responded to our energy levels. This large group was able to bring down its energy and found that the horses were attracted to them when they acted like horses, by being calm and present.

Lutheran General
Lutheran General

The fall brought a group of Lutheran General residents out to Soulful Prairies for a day retreat. One of the highlights was yoga outside as they soaked up all the gifts mother nature had to offer.

The 2017 event calendar is under construction so stay tuned. We have lots of great things coming our way

April 7-9 - A Hero's Journey Training
April 21- 22 - Private Retreat
May 6 - Private Event
May 18 - Horse Experience and Gong In The Barn
May 25 - June 1 - Private Equine Gestalt Training
June 3 - Private Event
June 20 - Camp I Am Me
September 9 - Soul Jam
October 6-7 - Horse, Art and Transformation - Changing Your Story Retreat
October 19-22 - Equine Gestalt Graduate Retreat

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