Soulful Prairies Newsletter - February 2020
It has been quite a while since I pulled together a Newsletter. Life got busy and the daily ins and outs multiplied. I now have this amazing team of people surrounding the mission of Soulful Prairies and I feel the momentum of something beautiful becoming stronger and more refined. The different phases of building a business have taught me a lot. Hiring and losing employees, creating system’s that sometimes work and sometimes do not, securing hay to keep the animals happy, reaching for balance in the middle of chaos….these are some of the many growing pains. As we continue to feel our way through what is best for this land and all the beings who live on it and visit it, I am honored to be trusted to follow my intuition and play with the energy that Soulful Prairies desires to be revealed. We will keep you up to date as the 2020 calendar unfolds. Make sure to stop by and continue to be a part of Soulful Prairies story.
Coaching/Counseling With Linda
I saw this quote the other day ~ The Feelings You Try To Avoid Are Portals To Finding Yourself . Sometimes we need a little push towards those things we may be avoiding and don't realize we are avoiding. I am a huge believer that is exactly where the answers are and so many of us go kicking and screaming but man does it feel good when we finally jump in and see.

Its funny, with all the events we offer at Soulful Prairies sometimes what I am really passionate about gets lost in the shuffle. My job as an Equine Gestalt Practitioner is to bring you to those places and guide you to your own place of knowing. Over the past years I have worked with individuals, couples, families, small groups, large groups, corporate groups and any other assortment you can think of and the most rewarding moment is when someone has a shift and finds that place inside themselves that feels like home. It doesn't get any better than that.
Letting Go - Montana Retreat
We enjoyed our 3rd Letting Go retreat in Montana at Bonanza Creek Ranch. For the first time this year, we will be offering two retreats, July 19-23, and July 26-30. I will be co-facilitating with June Voldseth, the owner of Bonanza Creek Ranch, for our four day retreat of riding and letting go. Each retreat is already half full, so if you would like to join in, get yourself registered!
Soul Jam
Soul Jam was a huge success this year. We are grateful to all who came out and supported the amazing event and the not for profit Hope Through Horses. $28,000 was raised of which 50% was earmarked to offer grants within the community to benefit form Soulful Prairies Equine Gestalt Services.

Mark your calendars for Sept 12, 2020. We have another great year planned. 
Silent Connection
If you’re anything like me, you can get caught up in the mental marathon of life. I am very excited to announce our Silent Connection coming up in the Spring. This weekend is all about learning how to be present, in the present, like our horse friends. To do this, we need time to be with ourselves, and get through all the thoughts that distract us from being truly present. Friday we will enjoy appetizers and circle up to talk about our silent day on Saturday and on Sunday we will once again join to debrief our Saturday experience There will be many unique experiences offered on our day of silence and of course time to spend journaling, walking and being with you.
Bonfire Drumming Jam
Join Linda and Helen Bond for a night to remember! Healing sound and Horses!

The humans will have the opportunity to experience a gong meditation while the horses wander free around us. Following gong we will move to the bonfire pit. Helen will lead a drum circle jam which is a creative experience of coming together to play drums and percussion instruments as a community.

No experience is required. Some drums and percussion instruments will be provided 

We will be hosting another drum circle in the fall. Watch Soulful Prairies Events Calendar for the date.
Fairy Forest
Our fairy forest has been in the making for the last year. We have been hosting multiple craft nights to help build and beautify our fairy friends' habitat. Join us as we finish up our creative process in preparation for our installation day, when we will establish our fairy forest and install our creative works.
Astrology, Horses and Massage
 indulge in self-awareness
We have an exciting first time event coming up on April 18th and 19th. Our first time offering of Astrology, Horses and Massage ~ indulge in self-awareness. We will be flying Shanae in from North Carolina who is an astrologer extraordinaire! She will be joined by Jen, our amazing on site massage therapist, and myself. Each of us will be offering sessions in our respective specialties. You can sign up for just one session or come for all three. We will have munchies available throughout the day for you to snack on and a light lunch. We invite you to take some time to enjoy the beauty of the grounds at Soulful Prairies in between sessions. I have gotten to work with Shanae personally, and been blown away by what she does and am excited to share her work with all of you.
Feed Your Soul
Our last Feed Your Soul was a holiday celebration where we caroled with our Soulful Prairies horse friends. Soulful Prairies is coming out of hibernation for a Feed Your Soul on March 12 that will kick off our season and get us back to business as usual, with our third Thursday of each month rotation resuming in April. Feed Your Soul was created to offer an opportunity for women to come together on a regular basis and share joys and disappointments in a safe environment. This is a drop-in group; attend when your schedule permits. If you’re interested in doing a special one-time Feed Your Soul group event, contact us to get something on the calendar with me now before the year fills up!
STEP IN - a men's group
Join Eric Luczek and I for an 8 session mens' group, where we will combine our unique training to help you access your true potential to living fully and authentically, instead of feeling stuck in patterns of business and survival. Gain personal insight, create connections with other individuals, and find new ways of showing up authentically in the world.
Things To Watch For
Garden Gals and Grow and Share
We are excited to have four passionate women on board to recreate the Grow ’n’ Share. Soulful Prairies’ heart is about lifestyle, getting back to our roots, slowing down, and doing things well. We care about quality more than quantity, and believe in enjoying the process while learning from it. We believe this project will be a beautiful extension of that vision.
Fall Horse to Human Connection Retreat
We wanted to give you a heads up on our fall retreat on the weekend of Oct. 10 th 2020. For this retreat you be paired with an equine companion that is your partner for the weekend. This will give you time to learn about your horse and yourself on multiple levels. Stay tuned - there will be limited spots for this retreat.
Volunteer Form
Many of you have asked about volunteer opportunities, and we are looking forward to getting you plugged in at Soulful Prairies. Keep your eyes open for a volunteer form that will be coming sometime in the near future!
We are so excited to finally have our labyrinth installed. This has been a bucket list item for Soulful Prairies for years and due to a great group of volunteers working alongside us, we have our Labyrinth almost complete! We will have one more volunteer day in the spring to finish up any remaining details and celebrate with a champagne toast!
Soulful Prairies Events Calendar
Feed Your Soul : Monthly Gathering
February 20: Fairy Forest Event
March - August: STEP IN - a men's group
May, June, September & October: Soulful Horse, Yoga & Gong
June 13-14 & October 3-4: Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship
July 19-23 & 26-30: Letting Go..Montana
September 12: Soul Jam
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