Soulful Prairies

As I gradually awake from a heavy sleep, I see tiny slivers of light pouring in between the cracks along the sides of the shutters. A cool breeze pushes through the open window and I feel the sharp contrast of the heat from my body warm beneath the blankets, and the brisk air cooling the tip of my nose. My muscles ache as I roll out of bed and remind me of my previous day of hard physical work and that I am strong and capable. As my naked feet hit the salvaged hardwood floor, the history of the wood travels through me. I am reminded of how much work and love I put into this home and I feel nothing but gratitude for the experiences this exercise in building with care has brought me. The sunshine draws me to the window and as I scan what is before me I am fully aware that this is where I belong. It is a place where everything I love comes together and flourishes.

The above paragraph is from a vision I wrote in 2013. Our home was completed just this April of 2017. The gratitude and joy I feel overwhelms me at times. The land, the animals, the people who pass through all teach me every day, and Soulful Prairies never disappoints. She always wraps her arms around all who stop and sends them on their way with some sort of gift. Soulful Prairies is a spirit in and of itself and I am honored to be its steward for now.

This month Soulful Prairies is adorning herself with blossoms, florescent green grass, content critters and peace! Stop by for an event and soak up all the beauty.


Coaching with horses
Woman and horse in pasture

What if your answers to who you really are could be found within the anger, the reactive moments and the fear. The exact thing that many of us want to naturally push down and away is the very thing that holds clues. So in the process of pushing through or being cheerful in the midst of an internal storm we are destroying the very thing that helps us heal.

One of the things I am most passionate about is helping people see things from a bit of a new perspective. The world can look quite different.

Give me a call at 847-366-6743 and we can talk over what Soulful Prairies has to offer. Perhaps you will find the perfect fit!

Contact me for: 
  • One on one time - phone and equine packages available 
  • Individual, family, small group retreats 
  • Corporate retreats or team building

We have a list of great things to choose from in order to create your own experience. Ideas include, but are not limited to: equine experience, equine team building, yoga, reflexology, massage, hiking and a gourmet cooking experience.

Baby Chicks_
Baby chicks in nest

It has been two years since we bought our first six chickens, and just as everyone said, they have begun to slow down and are laying fewer eggs.

So as Agnus, Delila, Tess, Tilly and Lydia head into retirement, we have five baby Plymouth Rocks and one lone yellow girl they threw in with our shipment for good measure.

Welcome Blossom, Dixie, Edwina, Violet, Doris, and Lellow! Keep those fresh eggs coming!

A Heros journey
Women and horse

We were so fortunate to host Lauren Munger from Colorado who came to Soulful Prairies for a three day training program. Lauren has spent many years of her adult life fine-tuning this five part camp/retreat series that brings about change and a new found belief that the answers to what each of us needs to know lies within.

A beautiful group of women gathered to learn how to facilitate these groups and in the process stretched and grew themselves. Soulful Prairies looks forward to hosting this camp in collaboration with POC and will continue to seek out groups that could greatly benefit from this experience. Young and old all can benefit!

Sharing the Gifts of Sarah
Sara and Farm

"When you lose a child it feels like one of most important
things is keeping their spirits alive through talking about them."

This is a quote from Pat Pfaller, Sara's mom, who is arranging the Sharing the Gifts of Sara fund raiser with me.

Among Sara's favorite things was American Girl Dolls. We will be purchasing dolls to donate to kids with life threatening illnesses.

Join us for a night of cocktails, appetizers and really fabulous people. You can enjoy the farm, see our new house and even catch a showing of Beauty and The Beast if you would like.


Grateful and Speechless
Edgar and 2 horses

This is a subject that definitely needs some attention. When we opened our doors to horses two and a half years ago, I hired two wonderful young women, Sheila and Caitlin, to be part of the team - and I have to say we rocked it. We worked out all of the kinks, created all of the systems, dealt with the newness of getting things going on a farm and all the rest. 

Last spring it became apparent that our schedules were changing, we were growing and I needed to begin to put more energy into other areas of my business. Caitlin went off to follow her dreams and Sheila began her journey to a new career.

In May of 2016 I was incredibly fortunate to bring Edgar onto our team and he has been absolutely incredible. I spent the first few weeks, after he began, feeling useless and weird and then realized that a huge weight had been lifted. Edgar keeps the animals happy and everything absolutely immaculate at Soulful Prairies and I am grateful on a daily basis to have him as an employee and to have him and his family as friends.

Sheila continues to work a day a week for us and  is always willing to jump in to fill a spot if need be.

Soulful Prairies would not be what it is without all the fabulous people who helped get things started and all those who continue to be part of our team. Grateful and speechless!
Yup - its happening again
Yoga in the arena

Spring Awakening - Horse Experience, Gong and Yoga in The Barn!

This will be an evening of slowing down, new experiences, connection and of course enjoying the farm ~ and we did put an order in for another rainbow!

Thursday, May 18th
Soulful Prairies
6:30 to 9:00 PM


My Gong
Horse and Gong

I have loved the gong since I was in my twenties and would follow one of the gurus of gong to his events when he was in from California. This winter I had the opportunity to study with a gong master. I am now the proud owner of my own gong.

In the most simple terms, the gong carries multiple sounds waves at the same time. One of its most beautiful gifts is balance and the integration of change into our bodies.

I am very excited to be offering gong along with some of the individual sessions and with retreats I am holding. 

Come _ Feed Your Soul _ The Third Thursday
Women and horses

I am thrilled to be offering the ingredients for women to gather, connect and share. This group will bring opportunity for learning through shared experience and one on one opportunities. The horses, humans and the farm will create the environment and the rest will be whatever it needs to be.

This is a drop in group so you can sign up each month as it works into your schedule.

We will be gathering from 7 to 8:30 PM at Soulful Prairies. The group will conclude with a fifteen minute gong session.

One time offer
The first group will be meeting June 15. The fee for this first group is $10. All other groups will be $30.

Please feel free to call me with questions - 847.366.6743.

I look forward to seeing you!


Come to the Balanced Connection Retreat
Balanced Connection Retreat

This is an amazing opportunity to spend time on a beautiful Montana ranch and reconnect!

August 27-31, 2017
Bonanza Creek Ranch - Martinsdale, MT
All Inclusive - Lodging, Meals, Connection Activities,
Horseback Riding, Private Coaching and More.

Don't miss your chance to register to win two spots for the price of one. We will draw the winner on May 1st so send an email to with the words I WANT TO WIN in the subject line before the deadline!


Soul Jam
Soul Jam band

We are jazzed to announce our 3rd Annual Soul Jam!

Saturday, September 9, 2017
1:30 - 8:00 PM
Soulful Prairies
Rain or Shine

Tickets are available now!

Stay tuned for the band line up which we will have shortly. 

100% of all net proceeds from Soul Jam will be donated to Family Health Partnership Clinic Serving McHenry County Since 1996

October Retreats For Women
Hears with Wings

Vivian Thwaits is a good friend of mine who graduated from the same Equine Gestalt Coaching Program that I did and is also an artist. She will be flying in from California and co-facilitating these two great retreats with me in October. Register before they fill up!

The Power of Love
A Vision Art Workshop for
Nurses and Social Workers
October 4, 2017
Horses, Art and Transformation
2 Day Retreat
October 6-7, 2017


We have lots of great things coming our way.

May 6 - Private Event
May 8 - McHenry County Horse Club
May 18 - Horse Experience and Gong In The Barn
May 20-21 - Tallgrass Animal Acupressure
May 25 - June 1 - Private Equine Gestalt Training
June 3 - Private Event
June 7 - Team Building Retreat
June 8 - McHenry County Land Conservancy meeting
June 10 - July 15 (Saturdays) Puppy Start Right Class
June 20 - Camp I Am Me
July 22 - Illinois Horse Counsel Meeting
August 12 - Private Event
September - 2 - Private Event
September 9 - Soul Jam
September 18-20 - Private Family Reunion
September 23 - Private Event
September 30 - Farm To Table
October 19-22 - Equine Gestalt Grad Retreat
October 28-29 - Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Workshop
November 18-19 - Private Chicks Retreat

The gate at Soulful Prairies
Soulful Prairies
Linda Bruce
4706 Alden Rd
Woodstock IL 60098

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