As I watch my kids through the window I can see them basking in sun with our two new  young goats. I romp around doing my daily chores and see that this connection does not grow tiresome or boring to them. They are able to fill themselves up, by running around to find that the goats will follow behind with a energetic carefree bounce, by finding the spots that make them lean into the pressure for a good long scratch and finding that a gentle pull of their ear is not desired and works as perfect pay back for when they take a nibble on a lock of hair or a piece of clothing. These joys cannot be replaced and I believe set a deep kindred bond to not only the goats but to all the relationship that they will carry through their lives. These are the small gentle things Soulful Prairies offers on a daily basis. These are the things that change us.

Take time to notice and enjoy. Happy Summer!

The middle of my life has brought me to the place where I desire connection. Connection to myself and other living things. In the process of untangling my own sticky spots, I have found the value in facing the big and small injured and insecure pieces of me. My deepest passion is to collaborate with Soulful Prairies, the land and the critters to create a place where people can see their lives for what they are through a clear lens and find their sweet spot. Have you ever met someone who sparkles and wondered how the heck they bring about that energy? Maybe it is scary to step into seeing ourselves with all our imperfections, admitting we are jealous or perhaps have "mean" thoughts, but I can guarantee you that those pieces of you are little precious gifts. If you take the time to open them you will also find your sparkle.

Give me a call and we can talk over what Soulful Prairies has to offer. Perhaps it will be the perfect fit!

Contact me for
- one on one time - phone and equine packages available
- Individual, family, small group retreats
- Corporate Retreats or team building

We have a list of great things to choose from in order to create your own experience. Ideas include, but not limited to; equine experience, equine team building, yoga, reflexology, massage, hiking and a gourmet cooking experience.

February and March brought great opportunities for a few small groups of women to snuggle in, slow down and enjoy each other, the farm and the horses. Each occasion gave us a chance to connect and reflect. There is such joy in spending time with diverse women who all see the world from different perspectives.  I honor the beauty in all of the women who shared their vulnerability and love on these special retreats.

One smart horse opened the gate and released the other seven to gallivant around Soulful Prairies an hour before our event. Another moment to realize we really don't have control and one more reason to just breathe. The horses were rounded up quickly and the evening began with a different perspective. We had the sun beaming in the hayloft doors for yoga and were graced by the setting sun throughout the walking meditation with the horses. The evening concluded with twilight, gong and a bond fire. Connection to ourselves and connection to all living things was the theme of the evening. 

To see the joy people get out of stepping back to the basics of the farm, nature and animals makes me grin ear to ear. Each year when the young adults from Camp I Am Me visit Soulful Prairies I am reminded that the value of just being is far more meaningful then I give it credit.

This year during the camp I took on a role I have not in the past and that was to create an experience which honors the horse from the ground. The campers were walked through ideas and conversation that focused on contact and awareness which put the emphasis on paying close attention to the horses, communication and needs. Most of the participants were not horse people, yet by following their intuition they were able to take things slow and let the horses know we were honoring them without expectations. I was touched and impressed with the way in which each participant
created their own unique style that not only honored the horse but their individuality.

Friends of Soulful Prairies graciously brought in their horses so camper could have the opportunity to ride. During lunch we had live music and the afternoon was filled with meeting chickens, pigs and donkeys and visiting the farm to taste test different herbs and produce.

You won't want to miss the great pictures we took that day! Visit our photo gallery. 

My daughters Britt and Ali painted a new set of angel wings to complement the ones we painted last year.
Come visit and try a pair on!

A year ago I completed my Equine Gestalt practitioners Certification with Melisa Pearce and Touched By A Horse and this May I was fortunate to host one of the COREs that are part of the certification program. I had four wonderful days of learning and connecting with fellow students and my mentor Melisa. Melissa fell in love with Soulful Prairies and Tucker the pig and will be returning in 2017 for another CORE. I am honored to be one of the locations she teaches from.

We had a fabulous day when four
boys came from Cove School for
a day on the farm. They spent time learning about all the things Soulful Prairies has to offer and most importantly how the horses react to human energy. By approaching a
horse respectfully so much can be learned about honoring people and animal boundaries.

Staying under the brace in order to relax into what needs adjustment or change. This is one of the huge themes with Masterson Method and it correlates beautifully with the many of the philosophies and techniques I have learned in the past few years with people too. No one is willing to change if someone or something pushes too far, too fast, or too strong.

We had two fabulous instructors for this weekend course, Becky Tenges and Lisa Lund. They taught us the basics of the Masterson Method which uses a unique, interactive method of equine massage in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated tension.

It was a great weekend of sharing and giving back and learning to give back to our equine partners.

Stay tuned for more clinics in the future.

We had a blast hiking up to the gardens where vegetables would soon be growing. After the tour we went back to the cabin where we learned how to put together Mason Jar Salads from Joyce Lande. These scrumptious salads can last for up to a week and are a great way to have healthy food on hand at all times. Joyce and Linda are organizing another Mason Jar event on Thursday, July14th where we will be picking fresh organic greens and other vegetables at Soulful Prairies Community Market Garden.

The Bruce Family is putting on their second annual Soul Jam to raise money for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association.   Come join us! 

Get your tickets for Soul Jam 2016
September 10, 2016 
We have a great line up of bands 

We have many exciting events coming up at Soulful Prairies. I hope you will find one - or more - that will inspire you to visit us.

August 8th - Private Wedding
August 26 - 27 Equusology Clinic
September 3 - Private Wedding
September 10 - Soul Jam
September 16 - Social Work Private Retreat
September 29 - Gong In The Barn (watch for details on our Events page)
October 1 - Harvest Picnic
October 10 - Marillac House Visits
October 15 - Farm To Table
October 22 - Private Fund Raiser
October 29 - Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Workshop


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