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Happy New Year! I love fresh beginnings and opportunities to clear the slate and really look at what I want to do with my time and passion. I also have come to the conclusion that  wishing, hoping or dreaming are not enough. I do not believe that if you ask, the Universe will provide. I believe it takes much more then just a request. The Universe may suggest, hint, prod and even push, but it does not just give.  I do believe that there is this amazing force that none of us should take for granted. When we step up in a big way it will walk beside us, clarify, and kick us in the ass when we need it.

The Universe respects and honors hard work, which keeps our humility in tact while making us stronger in invisible ways. We can ask but in the end it is our own inner resolve that makes or breaks the ask. So don't blame the Universe and don't sit around waiting. Show the Universe you have what it takes. You have what it takes to make the Universe want to step up and drive you straight into the middle of your full beautiful amazing self. What energy are you going to bring to the world this year?

Options and Possibilities

The winter months are slower and quieter for Soulful Prairies and it gives me time to reflect on what is important. I can see clearly that the work with our sentient horses stirs my passion to share and guide others to see the under-utilized possibilities waiting for them. The gratification comes when a client begins to shift. We all have trauma. Some of us have little sequences of small traumas while others of us have big experiences. Through trauma we learn patterns to protect and these patterns help us to continue to function in the world. Unfortunately, often times these are not healthy patterns and even if we can figure this out in our head we have a very difficult time changing. This cycle that comes from dealing with life in our old pattern blocks our bright beautiful potential and this is where the horses and the experiential Gestalt work come in. This is where the magic begins!

I continue to believe that becoming fully ourselves is a life long process. As I've embarked on my own healing there has been some hard work up front followed by relief and joy in becoming more me. I continue to work and pay attention and the distance between the reactive frustrating stints is longer and I am more equipped to see that the stirring in me is a reminder that I am human. As long as I am willing, there is more to unfold and spur me towards my best .

I am always excited and willing to talk about options, packages and possibilities.

Give me a call at 847-366-6743 . We can create the perfect fit!

Contact me for:
* One on one Coaching/Counseling - phone and equine packages available
* Couples Coaching/Counseling
* Individual, family, small group retreats
* Corporate retreats or team building

We have a list of great things to choose from in order to create your own experience. Ideas include, but are not limited to, equine experience, equine team building, yoga, reflexology, massage, hiking and a gourmet cooking experience.

Feed Your Soul
Feed Your Soul
We began our Feed Your Soul Group in July . It meets the third Thursday of every month and gives women the opportunity to experience the healing environment that the horses bring to Soulful Prairies. Come on out!

Farm Dinner
Farm Dinner

Our Farm Dinner with talented Chef Dave was absolutely amazing! We started with appetizers and a farm tour which led into a champagne toast and an explosion of locally grown culinary delights. We wound down the evening with dessert, laughter and a blanket of stars. We have two dinners on the calendar for this summer, so stay tuned.

June Voldseth and I hosted the Balanced Connection Retreat last August at June's ranch in Montana. It was my second time staying at Bonanza Creek Ranch and I am lucky enough to be going back this year to co-host with June once again. It is absolutely an experience you'll never forget! If you put fifteen dollars a day in a jar until the retreat in August you'll have more then enough money to pay for it. Start saving and start getting excited! Its the kind of magic you need to experience at least once in a life time!

Our 2018 Retreat, Letting Go, will be held July 29 - August 2. Take a look and start saving!

Soul Jam

Good Music, Good People, Good Cause

Soul Jam was a blast this year. We had beautiful weather, fabulous talent and a great crowd. We raised $12,000 to donate to Family Health Partnership Clinic.

Mark your calendars for September, 8th 2018! We'll see you there!

Good friends of the Bruces held their daughter's wedding at Soulful Prairies. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! 

This year we held our fifth Farm to Table dinner that benefited Partners For Our Community. This is an absolute favorite of mine and has turned into an event that fills within a week of our opening ticket sales. Bringing people together in an atmosphere of giving back and supporting a great local cause makes for a perfect evening. Local delicious food, live music, great people, and of course, the gentle spirit of Soulful Prairies makes for a night to remember.

Soulful Prairies was lucky enough to have a visit from Vivian Thwaits who flew in from California to co-host two retreats with me. Vivian is a fellow graduate from the Equine Gestalt Coaching program and focuses her practice on working with nurses and other healers/care givers through horses and art. The retreats were about self care and reconnecting to our inner passions.

The energy this crowd brings when they come to visit leaves a huge smile on my face every year. It is true joy to see what Soulful Prairies offers to kids who are used to less space to run and explore. Time to just be themselves and soak up the good vibes from all the critters creates true magic! Thanks for coming out to visit again Marillac Kids!

Natural Lifemanship

I am incredibly excited that we were able to host a very cold but magnificent Lifemenship training this November. Twenty-four people came to train and learn about the principals behind this model of working with horses and individuals suffering with trauma in the healing process. We will be hosting a fundamentals training and an intensive this July. A huge thanks to Sara Thimmesch for her passion about this program and for co-hosting this with me to keep things running smoothly!

Our 2017 Harvest of Hops at Soulful Prairies!

We have great things coming our way in 2018.

January 17
Patrick King One Day Clinic
January 18
Feed Your Soul
January 31 Blue Moon Call
February 9-11 Blue Moon Retreat - Registration filled and closed
February 15 Feed Your Soul
March 15 Feed Your Soul
April 14-15 Tallgrass Animal Acupressure
April 19 Feed Your Soul
April 20 Montessori In Service
April 28 Blood Drive
May 4-5 IMAGO Training
May 17 Feed Your Soul - Wine and Cheese
May 21- 23 Private Event
May 24 - May 31 Equine Gestalt Training CORE
June 8-10 Private Event
June 18-19 Private Event
June 21 Camp I Am Me
June 21 Feed Your Soul
June 24 Farm Dinner
July 7 - 8 Natural Lifemenship Fundamentals
July 10 -12 Natural Lifemenship Intensive Training
July 29 - Aug. 2 Montana Retreat - Letting Go..
August 16 Feed Your Soul
August 25 Farm Dinner 
September 8 SOUL JAM
September 20 Feed Your Soul
September 22 Farm To Table Benefit
October 18 Feed Your Soul
October 26-28 IMAGO Training
November 22 Feed Your Soul - Wine and Cheese
December 20 Caroling With The Horses

Upcoming Events at Soulful Prairies. View the flyers.

Blue Moon Retreat

Letting Go.. Montana

Imago Clinical Training

Blanket of Snow
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