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" My longing to have that union, and also to share that union with others emerged in that moment.  Little did I realise at the time that what needed to happen was the destruction of much of my world - the world I had created in defence of my heart, a world that had not yet supported an awakened heart. "

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Meditation by Kathryn Remati. There is a growing meditation movement happening around the world. Meditation is mainstream and no longer on the fringe. Hip-hop moguls are writing books about it, movie stars blog about it, the yoga studios are packing in stretched bodies with quiet minds. There is a long list of Western spiritual gurus spreading the word too. Balance is the word and meditation is the way to get it.

Buddhism by Cameron Fraser. Everyone has the ability to experience enlightenment, to live a vibrant spiritual journey, they just need to engage in spirituality building activities such as meditation, yoga, or singing. By reflecting upon these and other specific practices on a daily basis, we are better able to build a spiritual life.

Yoag - the Path for Health by Wendy Godber. If we manage to get it exactly right in this life and attain Nirvana, we are said to be able to avoid another unhappy rebirth, unless we choose to come back again to help others towards their enlightenment. Most people prefer to follow just the physical methods, while gradually being drawn to seek out the more spiritual level of yoga to evolve higher states of spiritual awareness, which takes a great deal of regular effort and commitment.

Trance Mission Excerpts: Contact from Loved Ones in Spirit. Joseph through Michael G Reccia. You look at the lives of another person only if you are given permission to do so. And sometimes you will be given permission to do so because you are the only person that can get through to that person who is still on Earth, via a clairvoyant link. They will listen to you so a guide will say "Come with me", and will take you into a great hall and will show you a 'book' with some aspect of your relative's life in there. Some aspect - the rest will be blank to you; the rest will be shielded from you.

Waking up to Spirit by Elizabeth Francis. Working from the premise that we are all psychic means that we all receive a calling from Spirit, whether or not we recognise this calling is another matter. Due to our uniqueness, we all have a different, individual relationship with Spirit, therefore, it is impossible to predict how, and when, such callings occur. What we do know is they occur when we least expect it, and often not in the manner we expect it to be. 

Past-Life Regression by Stephanie Bell. Once incarnate, the Souls meet up as planned and form a relationship which will help each party to fulfil their part in the agreement they made. Sometimes this is easy, such as when a parent gives birth to a child, other times we may have made an arrangement to recognise one another by a certain scent, a particular item of clothing, a smile at the right moment. This triggers the deep memories we have at the Soul level and the play is set into motion.


Lightworkers and Dating. To help you grow, your Soul will no longer draw to you partners who feed your ego, or who keep you in old illusions where you can continue to avoid facing your unhealed wounds. This is where the "soulmate" enters. One of their roles in your life is to help you free yourself from all the old baggage, so that you can truly step into your power, heal, wake up and move forward on your path of Light.


The Healing Codes by Alex Loyd. The Healing Codes are a form of energy medicine. Dr Oz, one of the world's most admired MDs said on the Oprah Winfrey show: "the next frontier in medicine is energy medicine" and the discovery of The Healing Codes is right in the middle of that frontier. You use your own hands on your own body to do this healing modality. You do not ingest anything. It is all natural and grounded in the field of quantum and particle physics where everything at its root is an energy frequency.


Dr George King - Cosmic Avatar by Richard Lawrence. He was on call for extraterrestrial contacts, which he received through mediumship and telepathy, for twenty-four hours a day. An eight-hour day for five days a week was foreign to him. On the rare occasions that he would have short vacations, some of which I was privileged to spend with him, he was ever alert to the world situation and how best to respond to it with all the spiritual means at his disposal.


The Legend of Atlantis by Mary Wright. The pictures that I see in my mind's eye can often be read on more than one level. There are sometimes several meanings, and this is the case here. The huge diving bell helmet and massive goggles are also symbolic of the reason why a plague came to the land. I am being shown that the majority of the Atlantean race had lost its way spiritually. Their minds had become corrupted by power, and their great psychic and technological skills were being used for evil and personal material gain. In a sense, their spiritual purity had been polluted or contaminated.


The Heart of Grace in 2015. Maitreya and The Elohim through Jhadten Jewall The rays of Golden Light from the heart of Creation that are accessible to you now on Earth in this moment of Evolution, are vibrations of Grace that are illuminating. As this particular vibration of golden light, that is indeed central to the core essence energy of each soul, flows through your heart, you become aware, conscious of things. As this energy flows through your heart, it touches the people and things around you - it connects with the elemental beings all around you..


Becoming a Practical Mystic - Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman. Your energetic signature has resonance, cadence, tones and vibrancy, and it radiates forth from your seven major chakra centres and your auric field. It changes daily, along with your thoughts and deeds, for it is responsive to the ego-desire body personality, and to the constant highs and lows of the emotional nature.


Elementals and Nature Spirits by Tracey Jones Have you ever been out walking in nature and caught something moving in the corner of your eye? Could it be a nature spirit? At one time the existence of the elementals was freely accepted; now they are more widely regarded as mythical creatures that existed in the passages of time or in story books. There is something magical, however, spending time in nature and connecting with these nature spirits and the gifts of insight they can bring.


Paint with all the Colours of the Wind by Sandy Stevenson To fully integrate spiritual concepts requires some attention. We have to discipline ourselves until we get it. For example, be aware and detached enough to notice when we think a negative thought. And then to be disciplined enough to do something about it, rather than shrug it off.

Embracing the Power of Truth by Shavasti. There was a critical and haunting moment during that entire experience in which the gunman held the weapon to my temple and released the safety catch and said, "I will kill you now". That was, to say the least, a major turning point in my life. It was in that moment that I truly understood the expression, "and my entire life flashed before me".

Detoxing and Weight Loss by Jill Davies. Anything from post-New Year through to April heralds the season to shed pounds and get healthy. Traditionally 'cleansing' was a spring ritual where the warmer weather heralded a need to lose the Winter pounds and clear the blood. Now, many practitioners like me are suggesting that cleansing at least four (every season), and for some five times a year, should be a lifestyle 'norm'; just to keep up with environmental pollution and food toxins.


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