Tax-Exempt Status and Introducing Halcyon Institute for Spiritual Studies
Dear Friends,

The biggest news this issue is that Halcyon Arts New England is not only incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but has also received federal 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. This is huge for us. We are now a public charity able to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Secondly, the Board has completed plans for the Halcyon Institute for Spiritual Studies (HISS), a two-year immersion program. The institute is founded for participants to:
  • Study living streams of spirituality from around the globe with an open heart and mind.
  • Explore varieties and dimensions of mystical experience.
  • Clarify their understanding of the perennial wisdom at the heart of the world’s religions. 
  • Ignite their spiritual goals, values, and callings

These steps are both momentous. Non-profit, charity status is foundational. And HISS coordinates and supports our spiritual programs as a wisdom school. We are planning an analogous institute for world music studies.

All the Best,
Halcyon Institute for Spiritual Studies
Module 1: The Two Streams of Western Spirituality
Four monthly sessions begin September 2021

A new cohort in spiritual studies begins September 2021. Each semester consists of four monthly topics, Facebook group content and interaction, a bibliography, spiritual direction, and a reflection in a chosen medium. Read More
Sacred Texts
Eight monthly Zoom sessions begin September 26

Each month, we will take up the study of a sacred text, core teachings of the world's religions. Using Socratic dialogue, we will unravel hidden meanings and new understandings. We will share personal insights and experiences. We will travel ancient but ever new terrain, paths long forgotten or dimly remembered. Like archeologists of the spirit, we will uncover new insights, inspiration for our personal journeys. Read More
Strengthen The Spirit
August 13-15 with Heath Missner and Robert Bowler
Hallelujah Farm Retreat, Chesterfield, NH

Join us for a weekend of spiritual exploration and companionship. After a long journey of isolation during the pandemic, we are joyful to come together on retreat to strengthen our spirits. Read More
An Introduction
to Celtic Shamanism
October 15-17 with Jane Burns
Hallelujah Farm Retreat in Chesterfield, NH

This workshop will lead you into the hollow hills, the icy sea, and the splendor of the sky, as they once were experienced by the ancient Celtic peoples. Through discussion and shamanic journeying, we will unravel their unique and poetic vision, their wild and courageous heart, and their deep reverence for the natural world, both seen and unseen.​ Read More
Hildegard of Bingen,
​Magistra, Mystic, Musician
​December 3-5 with Ruth Cunningham,
Melinda Gardiner, and Robert Bowler
Hallelujah Farm Retreat in Chesterfield, NH

Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179 CE) was a German magistra or monastic leader, mystic, healer, artist, author, counsellor, and composer. In this weekend retreat/workshop we will explore the several facets of Hildegard's prolific life. Read More
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