Mental Health Month
We have teamed up Kern Behavioral Mental Health Dept again. Did you know Lime Green is the national color of Mental Health Awareness? Wear a Lime Green Ribbon this month to receive discounts on yoga and help start the conversation about the mental health movement!
All Minds Matter!

This month we have a yoga therapeutics workshop, dream yoga sound baths, yoga nidra and an anxiety and depression series...Because injures, nervous and mental disorders are no laughing matter. But good luck not laughing at this months jokes (down below).

Yoga has the potential to heal.

Everyday we see people come in with their illnesses and injuries. Often they are nervous and desperate for help. They are tired of a medical system that simply medicates to dull the symptoms, not to treat it.
Thats where yoga comes in.

Through a regular yoga practice, you can rehabilitate injuries, restructure your movement patterns and recalibrate the nervous system! At our Center we instruct in a way to help the body's natural healing mechanisms to kick in and help you on your journey back to health. Every part of your experience is considered from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave to help you feel better.
That is why we offer the essential oils, the high alkaline water, the customized massage with Chinese cups and stones included, sacred art services, the sonic lymph machine, the sound therapy and of course the classes! We are working hard to bring you health and wellness!

The student of the month is a prime example of why we choose to open our doors in the first place. She has a powerful story and has seen some remarkable changes in her personal life and her ability to navigate severe anxiety and PTSD.

Cheers and namaste!
May Workshops
Yoga Therapeutics with Anthony Benenati
Saturday May 5th 3-6pm
Sunday May 6th 1-4pm
Yoga is a healing modality and this weekend we will unlock many tools for you to use for your own practice and your students.
This will be a practical and experiential workshop appropriate for yoga teachers and students alike. The weekend is divided into two parts:
Day 1: Lower Body - for those who suffer from feet, knee and leg, hip and lower back injuries.
Day 2: Upper Body - we start at the lower back and move upwards to the upper back, shoulders, neck and arms.
You can do one or both sessions. Teachers will earn up to 6 classroom hours of therapy training.
All levels are welcome!
Dream Yoga Sound Bath
Sunday May 20th
Space limited.
The overarching theme to all these “Sound Meditations” is DEEP REST and RENEWAL and the RESTORATION of our overly stimulated nervous systems, a return to Heart centered intelligence, and tapping into the universal flow of synchronicity to facilitate the events of your life!
Transformation of consciousness, an explosion of creative ideas, lucid dreaming states, integration of life challenges, Conscious Sleep, and the rejuvenation of the “zest for life” are some of the benefits you might see.
Sunday, May 20th
12:00-1:30PM & 3:00-4:30PM
Student of the Month
Amber Tyson
Why did you try yoga?
Yoga was suggested to me by my psychiatrist at the time because medication was just not enough. We had to think outside of the box! Not only do I suffer from PTSD but I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression.
My anxiety was a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10. Thankfully, by my second class of yoga I knew I was on the right path and yoga has really changed my life tremendously.
What Classes do you find helpful?
I really love the restorative classes. I have even started the Rise and Shine class now. I take private lessons every other Sunday too. I’m looking forward to getting stronger and I love challenging myself.
Any tips for newbies?
If you just starting out I promise you will be thrilled that you did and you will be back for more. I couldn’t be happier and especially coming to this amazing studio where the people are so warm and welcoming. It makes it all the more special to experience. 

P.S. My favorite pose right now is half lord of the fishes because it makes me feel calm, centered and confident.
New Series in May
Gentle Flow with Restorative
Lead by Ashley Scott
Starting Mondays May 14th
from 8-9:15am
Gentle stretching, strengthening and balancing poses will leave you feeling fantastic! Mixed into every class we will include restorative poses. This is for all you who love both styles of yoga and wanted to see them mixed together!

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression
with Katherine WInters
Thursdays 7:15-8:30PM
May 10th, 17th & 24th

In this 3 part series each class will build on the one before. If you can only make one you will still get valuable tools to help you navigate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Things we will be covering in this class:
1 -Learning about the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.
2- B reathing techniques to help reduce anxiety.
3- How long term depression and anxiety can be reduced or even relieved through specific poses. We will go over those specific poses and practice them.
4-We will learn to move safety between, "flow" poses and restorative poses and the benefits of each.
New Series in June
Unspoken Voices
A trauma Informed Group Series
with Monique Rogers
Tuesdays June 5th, 12th and 19th.
At the core, trauma is about the loss of connection – to ourselves, our bodies, to our families, to others and the world around us.  And, this loss of connection is often difficult to recognize because it can happen slowly over an extended period of time. We learn to adapt to the small changes without much notice. What we do notice is a sense that we do not feel quite right. And, this often becomes a gradual undermining of our self-esteem, confidence, well-being and connection to life. 
Series 1- How the body holds trauma
series 2- Releasing Trauma and Restoring Balance
Series 3- Creating a yoga practice to transform trauma
All Level Flow with Ashley Scott, starting Sundays June 3rd
All levels of practitioner will be able to find a happy flow in this weekly class.
Don't Forget we offer...
Health Consultations, Private Classes, Small Group Instruction, Private studio for tattoos
Corporate massage and yoga instruction
Price Changes for classes and privates will be going in affect June 1st.
Community Events
First Friday Yoga at the BMoA
May 4th, 2018 - 5:30-6:45PM

Second Saturday at 17th Street Townhomes Time TBA
Join us and connect with our community First Friday and Second Saturday. Stephen will be leading an all-level flow outdoors in the beautiful garden of the Art museum! Yoga is free, and so is admission to the museum until 8:00PM.
2ND Saturday, enjoy the vendors before or after the yoga class.
The Lighter Side...
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