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Jonathan Barnett
Welcome to the next Sound Travels Sound Forum newsletter. Each month we feature one member of our Sound Forum family who is recognised as having significantly contributed to developments in the field of Sound and its power to transform. 

I would like to take time now to remember our dear sister Danu Fox, who passed away earlier this month after a long journey with cancer. She was a very special singer and teacher and I am priviledged to have worked with her several times, most recently in February this year when we had an amazing retreat in Maheshwar, India.
Thank you Danu, you have inspired so many of us with your wisdom and your voice.

This month it's the turn of Rod Paton & Lifemusic:

Rod Paton
Dr. Rod Paton is a composer, workshop leader, horn player, singer and writer who specializes in improvisation, community music and the therapeutic applications of music.
He was educated at the University of Southampton before gaining a scholarship for postgraduate study at the Janacek Academy in Brno, in the former Czechoslovakia, studying composition and researching the relationship between the Czech language and the music of Leos Janacek.
He worked for a short time as a professional horn player before moving into teaching in further and higher education. His doctoral research at the University of Sussex focused upon the process of renewal in music and is strongly influenced by the psychological theories of Carl Gustav Jung.
He has composed six musicals, numerous scores for theatrical, dance and art performances and many jazz compositions including the large-scale Ascension Jazzmass , described in Jazz Journal International as "a moving testament to the human spirit at its open-hearted best." ... know more about Rod

Rod's next event is a residential in Ireland.

Rod invites you to join him for a long weekend in the magical atmosphere of The Song House, Co. Donegal, Ireland. The weekend will include vocal improvisation, interactive vocal games, chants, joiks and part singing in a non-judgmental, creative, inclusive and open space ... more here

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Vibrations  on the Sound Horizon ~
Sound Healing Lotus Academy - UK, SOUTH SHIELDS - Sound Meditation Evening, 08 Dec 2017 
Come and join us on an evening of Sound Meditation, where we take you on a journey which is therapeutic for the Mind, Body and Soul Sound Meditation healing is a natural way to bring relaxation to the body; using various instruments, this therapy aligns brainwaves into a frequency that allows for calmness... more
Sound Healing Practitioner Training


Are you considering a practitioner training in Sound Healing?


Training from The College of Sound Healing is available now and offered throughout the UK.


The course has been running since 1998, and is a professional training with course book included. The programme usually takes 18 months to complete and is based upon hands-on experiential training.  All homework is practically based and our students get support from highly experienced tutors. If you'd like to know more then follow this link.

Sheila Whittaker - Gong Intensive Workshop, UK, DEVON, 02 Dec 2017 
Our last Gong Intensive workshop of 2017 will be held on December 2nd & 3rd. At present there are still places available for this workshop. The two-day Gong Intensive is an immersion in the Gong teachings for a whole weekend. This weekend Intensive is open to complete beginners and those who already play the gong a little...more
Simon Heather - Tuning Fork Healing 

Nitric Oxide is an important cellular signalling molecule involved in many  physiological and pathological processes. It is a powerful vasodilator with a short half-life of a few seconds in the blood...more
British Academy of Sound Therapy

The British Academy of Sound Therapy is now enrolling for 2018
The British Academy of Sound Therapy offers training courses in 'passive' and 'active'  methods.  
The passive methods include treatments
 using  instruments and techniques designed to induce a deep Altered State of Consciousness (ASC).  Research has shown that being in an ASC offers many benefits to health and well-being including reduced stress,improved mood state, reduced muscle tension and pain reduction...more
Sheila Whittaker - GONG ETHICS 
The Gong Ethics are a set of guidelines set up within the College of Sound Healing Gong Practitioner Course, as a recommendation of how we should treat others we come into contact with in a professional capacity. The College has a similar set of behavioural standards for Sound Healers training on the College's Sound Healing Practitioner Course, and these were taken as a basis for the gong ethics... more
Rod Paton - "Lifemusic - Connecting People To Time"                 
"Rod Paton - puts the 'hum' back into Human"
This book is about time and how we connect to it, though it is not, as some readers may (or may not) be glad to discover, about quantum theory or particle physics but about music. Time is the autonomous, unconditional, inevitable and ultimately, mysterious process through which life grows and decays and music not only measures time, delineating in a purely abstract but palpable way its passage but it also infuses time with emotional significance and therefore, with meaning: in this sense, it creates out of time a hermeneutic canvas...more
Joshua Leeds -  Spain, IBIZA - Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music Training, 18 Apr 2018
This Joshua Leeds course offers a Certificate of Completion. Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a dynamic and immersive exploration of intentional music and sound... more
Steven Ash - Clattering teeth in with the rhythm of my heart 
We must find every available doorway in and out of ourselves to bring the source of light the sound of the healing creation from within, draw it out and share it with the world around us. And then in return, bring the light that pours down onto the earth, that makes life grow from the sun, stars and planets...more
Hawkwood College - 
Upcoming Events  
A Mindful New Year , Sam May, 05 Jan 
Start the new year with a clear and calm mind... 
Immerse yourself in a weekend of meditation and mindfulness for health and wellbeing, for all levels of experience. For the beginner, this weekend course gives understanding, confidence and techniques needed to begin practising meditation and mindfulness in daily life. For those more experienced, it provides an opportunity to deepen ones understanding and practice... more
College of Sound Healing -
LOCAL GROUPS               
College of Sound Healing have over 70 regular local sound healing groups running throughout the UK. A local group generally runs in the evening and is a great way for new people to find out about sound healing...more
Jill Mattson - The Sounds of Silence               
In snow country, winter brings aseason of soft, deep and wonder-filled silence. The snow absorbs sounds,creating silence that feels juicy, thick and almost "holy".  Think to the Christmas carol, Silent Night...more
Sharry Edwards - Can Sound Kill? 
It is well established that low-frequency sound can have a notable impact on humans and animals, and may be deleterious to health.  Just like the abundance of frequencies contained in a vocal sample, environmental sounds have oscillations that can be evaluated for health influences on individuals exposed to such resonances...more
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Country Event Facilitator Dec-17
UK STROUD - Harmony Singing Helen Chadwick 01-Dec-17
UK STROUD - Voices of the Goddess: Poetry & Prophecy from the Deep Lands Caitlin & John Matthews 01-Dec-17
UK BRISTOL - Yoga for Peace Kirtan Fundraiser with Tim Chalice Tim Chalice 01-Dec-17
UK NORTH YORKSHIRE - Sound Meditation Evening Sound Healing Lotus Academy 01-Dec-17
UK DEVON - Gong Intensive Workshop Sheila Whittaker 02-Dec-17
UK NOTTINGHAMSHIRE - Relaxing Sound Bath Earthtones Sound Therapy 03-Dec-17
UK DERBYSHIRE - Relaxing Sound Bath Earthtones Sound Therapy 04-Dec-17
UK NORTH YORKSHIRE - Sound Meditation Evening Sound Healing Lotus Academy 06-Dec-17
UK NORTH YORKSHIRE - Sound Meditation Evening Sound Healing Lotus Academy 07-Dec-17
UK OXFORDSHIRE - Gong Sound Bath - Bicester Elaine Whittaker 08-Dec-17
UK BATH - Kirtan with Tim Chalice Tim Chalice 08-Dec-17
UK SOUTH SHIELDS - Sound Meditation Evening Sound Healing Lotus Academy 08-Dec-17
UK OXFORD - Gong Soung Bath Elaine Whittaker 09-Dec-17
UK BRISTOL - Sound Meditation & Gong Bath Celia Beeson 09-Dec-17
UK CATTERICK GARRISON - Sound Meditation Evening Sound Healing Lotus Academy 10-Dec-17
UK DEVON - Introductory Gong Workshop + all-night Puja Ceremony Sheila Whittaker 16-Dec-17