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Welcome to the first 2018 Edition of the Sound Travels Sound Forum newsletter. 

We at Sound Travels would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

Sun Gong
As you will be aware Sound is a hugely growing phenomena. It's even going mainstream. If you haven't seen it yet
The Guardian Newspaper has been recently singing the Gong's praises. 

In the article Martyn  Cawthorne says he would never advertise it as healing, but that people usually say they feel better in some way. Heather says the main effect is an "intense sense of letting go". The Guardian article can be found by following this link.


And our Sound Forum Family continues to expand.    One of our newest members is  Kath Reade.  We are very pleased she has joined us.
Kath Reade
Kath Reade is a Singer, Sound Healer and Gong Master, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher with a following based in the North of England, offering sacred sound journeys and sound healing apprenticeships in the magical alternative town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, Cumbria, and wherever her calling takes her. She studied with Tim Wheater and Don Conreaux, but has been a singer-songwriter and poet since her teens. 

She has many well-reviewed CDs which can be found on ITunes and Spotify, and she is a published on


Sound Forum last year was so full, our review of 2017 has had to be divided into two parts. This month's newsletter is Part 2 of 2017's activities. Just follow this link  to revisit last year's articles and posts.
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Vibrations  on the Sound Horizon ~
British Academy of Sound Therapy

The British Academy of Sound Therapy is now enrolling for 2018

The British Academy of Sound Therapy offers  training courses in 'passive' and 'active'  methods.   The passive methods include treatments  using  instruments and techniques designed to induce a deep Altered State of Consciousness (ASC).  Research has shown that being in an ASC offers many benefits to health and well-being including reduced stress, improved mood state, reduced muscle tension and pain reduction...more
Joy Hicklin-Bailey -  UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - "Sacred Ground Women's Retreat", 10 Feb 2018 
Become wholly healed, radiant woman. Make your ordinary life sacred ground...more  &  
UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Men's Gathering, with Tim Langford, 10 Feb 2018
Being authentic or as I often like to refer to it .. being real, is simultaneously perhaps the most significant, powerful, scary, transformative, hardest "choice" any human being can make, and it holds particular significance for men.. more
Sound  Healing Practitioner Training

Are you considering a practitioner training in Sound Healing?
Training from  The College of Sound Healing is available now and offered throughout the UK.
The course has been running since 1998, and i s a professional training with course book included. The programme usually  takes 18 months to complete and i s based upon hands-on experiential training.   All homework is practically based and our s tudents get support from highly experienced tutors. If you'd like to know more then follow this link.
Steven Ash Steven Ash - The Coming of the Light 
Soon, very soon, the year will turn. The pitch of the Great Mother Earth will begin to lift from the deep notes of her sleep and begin to rise towards lengthening days. Sun rising and sun setting so far south will begin to edge north after the stillness of winter solstice. This is the dawn of the year, the Coming of the Light...more
Recommended by Rod Paton - A Great Article on Lifemusic by Jon Blend                 "What is Lifemusic?"
Lifemusic draws on our human capacity to create and make music. Its origins lie in community music as practiced across the globe over centuries drawing on the oral tradition, free jazz, music therapy, progressive education and world music. The approach was devised by composer/Jungian music therapist Dr Rod Paton at Chichester University in 1988. The method is unique in that it can be learned and used by both musically trained and untrained individuals... more
Sheila Whitaker Sheila Whittaker - UK, DEVON - Gong Intensive Workshop, Honiton, 24 Feb 2018
The two-day Gong Intensive is an immersion in the Gong teachings for a whole weekend. This weekend Intensive is open to both novice and seasoned gong players alike, and our work over the two days will be structured according to the needs of the participants... more
Sharry Edwards Sharry Edwards - The BioAcoustic Institute Offers Free Vocal Profiling for Suffers from PTSD/TBI                 
A US Army sponsored project conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic* Biology & Sound Health using that the 90 vocal prints of soldiers who were reported to be suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) showed eight major biochemicals/ nutrients associated with stress and related stress behaviors...more
Jill Mattson Jill Mattson - USA, PENNSYLVANIA - Egyptian "Power & Healing" Musical Secrets, 28 Apr 2018                 
Egyptian "Power & Healing" Secrets
In ancient times, Egyptian Healing Techniques were praised for Health & Power by people from across the ancient globe who journeyed to the Egyptian Temples...more
Christine Heckel  Christine Heckel & Tina Buch - Spain, MALAGA - EMILY HESS Sound Yoga Teacher Training,29 Jul 2018 
Enjoy a sunshine break in Andalusia while experiencing a fabulous EMILY HESS Sound Yoga teacher training! Sound Yoga is Yoga full of joy for body, soul and mind combining Asanas with sound bowls, gongs and mantras... more
Sarah Gregg Sarah Gregg - UK, ESSEX - Sacred Sound & Light Immersion, 21 Apr 2018 
This beautiful practical and experiential two day workshop combines many different sacred sound and healing techniques, the intention being for participants to find their own inner harmony. Harmony is the balanced state where our emotions, mind and bodies are in tune with our intentions... more
Joshua Leeds Joshua Leeds - Spain, IBIZA - Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music Training, 18 Apr 2018 

This Joshua Leeds course offers a Certificate of Completion. Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a dynamic and immersive exploration of intentional music and sound... more
Steven Ash Steven Ash - Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training 2018 
The 2018 Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training with Steven and Renata Ash is being held at Birdham Village Hall, near Chichester in West Sussex. The first module is on March 17-18 this is a drum making weekend and is open for others to make a medicine drum in ceremony...more  
Jill Mattson Jill Mattson - The Healing Songs of the Stars                 
The shepherd plays the harp at night, while watching over his sheep. His celestial music twinkles and sings along with the stars. The ancient musician seems to "play the night sky". I wonder, "Just how would one do that?"...more
Kath Reade Kath Reade - The Genesis of a Sound Healer                 
My Journey to become a Sound Healer-
Kathy Reade brings a wonderful warm insight to her unique work with sound. Endowed with an extraordinary voice and healing sensitivity, her abilities are a gift for humanity." - Tim Wheater...more
Vickie Dodd - Ireland, CLARE - Our voices,our medicine, 10 Feb 2018 
We will experience: The power of humming Emptying- how to quiet the mind Listening-expanding our senses Finding your sound signature Dissolving emotional memories held in tissues... more
Paul Benham Paul Benham - Magical Resonance of Celtic & Druidic Sounds Retreat, Brecon, UK, 18 May 2018 
We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments... more

College of Sound Healing -
LOCAL GROUPS               
College of Sound Healing have over 70 regular local sound healing groups running throughout the UK. A local group generally runs in the evening and is a great way for new people to find out about sound healing...more
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eventsUpcoming Events - 
New Year
UK BICESTER - Chanting, Meditation & Yoga Nidra Elaine Whittaker 02-Feb-18
UK BEDFORDSHIRE - Crystal Bowl & Himalayan Bowl Practitioner Training Course Module Two June Dickerson 03-Feb-18
USA VERMONT - The Nature of Healing and Self-Realization Zacciah Blackburn 10-Feb-18
UK OXFORD - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 10-Feb-18
UK GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Sacred Ground Women's Retreat Joy Hicklin-Bailey 10-Feb-18
UK GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Men's Gathering Tim Langford 10-Feb-18
UK BRISTOL - Sound Meditation & Gong Bath Celia BEESON 10-Feb-18
UK BRISTOL - Celebration of World Sound Healing Day Celia BEESON and Caroline SEYEDI 14-Feb-18
UK LONDON - British Association for Music Therapy Conference Tobias Kaye 16-Feb-18
UK BICESTER - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 16-Feb-18
UK DEVON - Gong Intensive Workshop Sheila Whittaker 24-Feb-18

 earlierEarlier This Year:
John Stuart Reid - Rediscovering the Art and Science of Sound Therapy                 
"Sound will be the medicine  of the future". Edgar Cayce
Several ancient cultures used the seemingly magical power of sound to heal, but sound therapy had almost disappeared in the West until 1927 when Professor R. Wood and his assistant, Loomis, discovered ultra- sound-high frequency sound-and its medical properties...more
John Stuart Reid - Cymatics Videos             
John published a series of videos this year - definitely worth a look/listen -
Sharry Edwards - Identifying Triggers for Gluten Sensitivity 
The August 14 th ,2010 issue of Science News , reported that a research team, led bygastroenterologist Robert Anderson of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute ofMedical Research in Parkville, Australia, had identified the triggers forceliac disease (gluten sensitivity)...more
Steven Ash - LAMMAS 2017 
We have arrived at Lammas a special time in the years turning. The meadows have been harvested for sweet smelling silage and hay; golden green, yellow and brown are the colours creeping into the landscape between us and the huge Karawanke mountains due south. This is the time of tall medicine herbs, artemisia, mugwort, mullion, marigold and yarrow are reaching up drawing down into the earth the sun and star light power of the heavens...more
Lyz Cooper - Music to Make Counting Sheep a Thing of the Past?                 
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 'insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical or other occupational errors'. There are also links between insufficient or poor sleep and an increase in depression, obesity, and cardiovascular disease as well as a whole host of other health issues, not to mention the impact on quality of life, relationships and work...more
Steven Ash - Chattering teeth in rhythm with my heart                 
We must find every available doorway in and out of ourselves to bring the source of light the sound of the healing creation from within, draw it out and share it with the world around us. And then in return, bring the light that pours down onto the earth, that makes life grow from the sun, stars and planets; bring that life into our inner earth and let it illuminate all the dark spaces of doubt and ignorance that we hold so dear...more
Sheila Whittaker - Making A Gong
Recently I had the great pleasure of attending a gong-making workshop in Germany with master gong maker Broder Oetken. For those of you who don't know, Broder makes the gongs for the Meinl company, and for Ollie Hess, and also his own superb range of gongs,which he is constantly expanding...more
Sheila Whittaker - GONG ETHICS
The Gong Ethics are a set of guidelines set up within the College of Sound Healing Gong Practitioner Course, as a recommendation of how we should treat others we come into contact with in a professional capacity. The College has a similar set of behavioural standards for Sound Healers training on the College's Sound Healing Practitioner Course, and these were taken as a basis for the gong ethics...more
Craig Pruess - "Light Language Attunements"                  
In August 2016, Carmen came to record with Craig Pruess at his Heaven on Earth Music recording studios for the first time. In a remarkable day of recording, the whole of the album was recorded, vocals laid down in the complete order that was to be the final album...more
Andrew Hodges - "Festival Overture" - What Sound Healing Did For Me...
any of us struggle to find the time and the opportunity to be able to do what we truly WANT to do. Indeed it often takes much more than a bit of time and a little space. Sometimes we have mountains to climb in terms of self-belief and personal self-confidence to get to a space where we can truly produce results of which we can be proud...more
Sharry Edwards - Every Body has a Sound 
Finding your own voice takes on new meaning if you begin to consider the possibility that the sounds of your voice may be a holographic representation of all that you are.  Imagine a future in which our individual vocal frequency is our identification; where the use of frequency based biomarkers contained within our voice can be used to keep us healthy and emotionally balanced...more
Jill Mattson - The Matrix The Sound Model for Peace 
Peace is an emotion. We all know what it feels like. Music creates emotions within us. One way to create peace is to listen to peaceful music! When music makes us feel peaceful, we create peaceful energy! Each uplifting listening experience adds adrop of positive energy to one's energy fields. Music, which engages and entertains, can amplify peace...more
Steven Ash - Making Space for Healing to Occur 
For each of us to be effective healers we need to practice making space available within ourselves for healing to occur. Healing is a natural function of living tissue, it is the criteria that separates living from dead tissue, you don't need examples described, its there obvious in our lives...more
Fabien Maman - Join Us in Celebration of Light                 

Tama-Do Academy is proud to present our new movie on Spiritual Sound Master and Visionary Fabien Maman.  Click on the Fabien in the Arch of Sound and you will go to our website. Click again on his photo and see the movie!..more
Sharry Edwards -  Through Music We Discover Our Geneses
Frequency is the basis of our universe. We measure it, study it, quantify it and use it to understand ourselves, our environment, our biochemistry and our behaviors. But what if there were more  to our origins? What if Frequency (the measurement of Vibration), the basis of everything, is more than synthetic equations; what if math is organic:  If so, could we be considered math-based life forms...more
Steven Ash -  Healing Ancestral and Family Wounds
We are now flowing with the colder winds into the time of the Ancestors.  Autumn, Fall, Herbst - these are some of the names for this time of the year where for us in the northern Hemisphere our days are shortening, nights are lengthening and temperatures are plummeting. Not only is autumn an expression of decay and breakdown in the cycles of each year and    also each day, but also significantly in our lives...more
Sharry Edwards - Can Sound Kill? 
It is well established that low-frequency sound can have a notable impact on humans and animals, and may be deleterious to health.  Just like the abundance of frequencies contained in a vocal sample, environmental sounds have oscillations...more
Simon Heather - Tuning Fork Healing 
Nitric Oxide Study
Nitric Oxide is an important cellular signalling molecule involved in many  physiological and pathological processes. It is a powerful vasodilator with a short half-life of a few seconds in the blood...more
Jill Mattson - The Sounds of Silence  
In snow country, winter brings aseason of soft, deep and wonder-filled silence. The snow absorbs sounds,creating silence that feels juicy, thick and almost "holy".  Think to the Christmas carol, Silent Night...more

Simone Vitale - Sound Healing and the awakening of the Divine Feminine                
Sound Healing has been with us since times immemorial. People have been using sound to change (or maintain) states of consciousness since the dawn of time.
Currently, we are witnessing a rapidly growing interest in this field that was but a fringe movement only 20 years ago...more