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Welcome to the next Sound Travels Sound Forum newsletter. 

We are really pleased to announce a special appeal to Sound Practitioners to help at Gong Camp 2018: 

Sound therapists, Instrument makers and performers are needed for this years sound camp.  The aim of the weekend, based around gong and sound therapy, is that it will be a retreat from everyday life; a relaxing tranquil environment in which to share, experience, meet with others, and above all enjoy.

Gong Camp 2018

This is an invitation from Peter Whitehart to join in the mid-Devon countryside on  Saturday 7th July 2018  for Sound Camp.  Sound Camp is an environmentally conscious sound therapy weekend retreat, held in the middle of 100 acres of steep sided semi wild Devon  countryside.

This is an opportunity for you to lead a sound/healing/movement related workshop, where you will share your skills and knowledge with others whilst promoting your work and interests and earn some money...more


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Vibrations  on the Sound Horizon ~
Rami Shaafi RAMIVANA June UK Tour 2018 from 2nd of June to the 10th of June 

We are excited to announce our June UK tour, we will be visiting Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire offering Healing Sound Journeys and a variety of Workshops all of which are on the Sound Travels events page... more
Rod Paton Rod Paton & Lifemusic - Ireland, DONEGAL - Vox Anima - the Creative Voice - 12 Apr 2018                 
Residential singing long weekend at The Song House with Candy Verney and Rod Paton
Join us for a long weekend in the magical atmosphere of The Song House, Co. Donegal, Ireland. The Vox Anima concept brings together vocal improvisation, interactive vocal games,chants, joiks and part singing in a non-judgmental, creative, inclusive and open space... more
Jill Mattson Jill Mattson - USA, PENNSYLVANIA - Egyptian "Power & Healing" Musical Secrets, 28 Apr 2018 
Egyptian "Power & Healing" Secrets
In ancient times, Egyptian Healing Techniques were praised for Health & Power by people from across the ancient globe who journeyed to the Egyptian Temples... more
Joy Hicklin-Bailey Joy Hicklin-Bailey - UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Love and Joy, How to Live It - Exploring Anima & Animus in Your Relating,26 May 2018                 

Book by March 9th for your £20 discount for Sound Forum readers plus early booking
For Singles & Couples & those in relationship who attend alone... more
Chris James Chris James - UK, SURREY - Your True Voice - Connect - Discover - Experience - 03 Mar 2018                 
Experience the power and beauty of your voice, singing and speaking.
Known for his unique ability, Chris makes re-discovering your true, natural voice and expression, fun and easy. Learn simple, profound, life skills, release vocal stress and strain with ease and confidence... more
British Academy of Sound Therapy

The British Academy of Sound Therapy is now enrolling for 2017

The British Academy of Sound Therapy offers training courses in 'passive' and 'active'  methods.  
The passive methods include treatments
 using  instruments and techniques designed to induce a deep Altered State of Consciousness (ASC).  Research has shown that being in an ASC offers many benefits to health and well-being including reduced stress,improved mood state, reduced muscle tension and pain reduction...more
Elaine Whittaker Elaine Whittaker - Amazing Sound               In reflective mood after giving a 1-1 Sound Bath for a regular client.... I love my gongs!  And of course the Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Rattles etc ... but it's the gongs that bring me real intense of emotion in sharing.  The range of sounds is mind boggling ....I don't have anything huge, fancy or with a history .... but every time they amaze me with their wonderfulness...more
Susan Hale Susan Hale - Ninth Annual Earth Day - Sing for the Trees

All across the world peopleare singing, using their voices to recharge the earth. People are singing tocreate awareness and galvanize action. The Civil Rights Movement is a historicalexample of the power of song to create change...more
James D_Angelo James D'Angelo - UK, CHELTENHAM - Awakening Chakra Energies Through Sound, 25 Mar 2018 
A key to our self-transformation lies in the vibrational frequencies of the chakras. The closer the frequencies are to their optimum the more we become free of negative emotions lodged in these centres... more
Sound  Healing Practitioner Training

Are you considering a practitioner training in Sound Healing?
Training from  The College of Sound Healing is available now and offered throughout the UK.
The course has been running since 1998, and i s a professional training with course book included. The programme usually  takes 18 months to complete and i s based upon hands-on experiential training.   All homework is practically based and our s tudents get support from highly experienced tutors. If you'd like to know more then follow this link.
Paul Benham Paul Benham - Magical Resonance of Celtic & Druidic Sounds Retreat, Brecon, UK, 18 May 2018  
We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments... more
Joshua Leeds Joshua Leeds - Spain, IBIZA - Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music Training, 18 Apr 2018 
This Joshua Leeds course offers a Certificate of Completion. Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a dynamic and immersive exploration of intentional music and sound... more
Christine Heckel Christine Heckel & Tina Buch - Spain, MALAGA - EMILY HESS Sound Yoga Teacher Training,29 Jul 2018 
Enjoy a sunshine break in Andalusia while experiencing a fabulous EMILY HESS Sound Yoga teacher training! Sound Yoga is Yoga full of joy for body, soul and mind combining Asanas with sound bowls, gongs and mantras.. .more 
Steven Ash Steven Ash - Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training 2018  
The 2018 Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training with Steven and Renata Ash is being held at Birdham Village Hall, near Chichester in West Sussex. The first module is on March 17-18 this is a drum making weekend and is open for others to make a medicine drum in ceremony... more  
Bards of Avalon Bards of Avalon - UK, WESTON-SUPER-MARE - An Evening of Sound Chant and Mantra, 17 Mar 2018                 
This event now is the second time it has run due to the pure bliss that was created and the tremendous connection the artists felt on the evening. The evening will be also again raising money for the RNLI... more
Srah Gregg Sarah Gregg - UK, ESSEX - Sacred Sound & Light Immersion, 21 Apr 2018 
This beautiful practical and experiential two day workshop combines many different sacred sound and healing techniques, the intention being for participants to find their own inner harmony. Harmony is the balanced state where our emotions, mind and bodies are in tune with our intentions... more
Jill Mattson Jill Mattson - Music of the Heart                 
Love is thought to reside in the heart. Easily you feel your heart pump harder when you are excited or drag you down when depressed.
The physical heart has a common frequency when healthy. It also has beneficial rhythmic patterns...more
College of Sound Healing -
LOCAL GROUPS               
College of Sound Healing have over 70 regular local sound healing groups running throughout the UK. A local group generally runs in the evening and is a great way for new people to find out about sound healing...more
Steven Ash Steven Ash - Asking for Help                 
If you have a problem you ask for help. Who do you ask when you pop out a vertebrae in your back, you are on the phone to the osteopath like a shot. How about a tooth ache? In the car and off to the dentist we go. When we are sure of what we are getting, there are proven results, and we have been amply conditioned by authority figures, there is no problem in asking for help... more
Niqui Vives Niqui Vives: My Work 

Niqui Vives co-created more than 15 years ago proposing a path of connection and exploration through art, both musical and corporal, and always supported by the Healing Sound ... and all this together with a journey that covers the importance of the Soul as a path principal of self-realization... more
Sharry Edwards Sharry Edwards - Sound Frequency Based Cellular Rejuvenation and the Ancient Templar Cross Codes: the Evidence           In an attempt to shift perceptions concerning health care, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology & Sound Health is reporting novel research that supports the assertion that ancient architectures and languages contain math codes that support frequency-based cellular regeneration...more
Simon Heather Simon Heather on World Sound Healing Day                  
Every year on the 14th February, people throughout the planet join together at 12 noon to tone the heart sound "AH" for a minimum of 5 minutes with the intention of radiating love... more

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eventsMARCH Events - 
UK GLASTONBURY - Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing - multi instrument Tony Nec, Principal Sound Healing Academy, Inga Lilijestrom and Patti Richards 01-Mar-18
UK LONDON - Big Sing in London with Chris James & Friends Chris James 01-Mar-18
UK POWYS - Part One Sound Healing Training Paul Benham 02-Mar-18
UK BRISTOL - Monthly Kirtan at Bristol City Yoga Tim Chalice 02-Mar-18
UK SURREY - Your True Voice - Connect - Discover - Experience - 2 Day Workshop Chris James 03-Mar-18
UK NOTTINGHAM - Relaxing Gong Bath Nicola Kelsall 04-Mar-18
UK BRIGHTON - Healing Floatation Gong Bath Michele Winter 04-Mar-18
UK NORTH YORKSHIRE - Sound bath for Wellbeing and Relaxation Adrienne Woods 06-Mar-18
UK SWINDON - Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath Tammy Yick 08-Mar-18
UK SUFFOLK - House Concert - Suffolk Chris James 09-Mar-18
UK OXFORD - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 10-Mar-18
Ireland DUBLIN - Gong Intensive Workshop Sheila Whittaker 10-Mar-18
UK BRISTOL - Sound Meditation & Gong Bath Celia BEESON 10-Mar-18
UK SUFFOLK - Your True Voice - 2 Day Workshop Chris James 10-Mar-18
UK NOTTINGHAM - Fibromyalgia Group Sound Therapy Session Nicola Kelsall 11-Mar-18
UK BICESTER - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 16-Mar-18
UK CORNWALL - 'One Voice, One Heart' Evening Charity Big Sing Chris James 16-Mar-18
Poland WARSAW - Find Your Power Sound Shirlie Roden 17-Mar-18
UK CORNWALL - Re-Discover Your Natural Voice Chris James 17-Mar-18
UK WESTON-SUPER-MARE - An Evening of Sound Chant and Mantra Bards of Avalon, Sarena Mason and Tim Chalice 17-Mar-18
UK CORNWALL - Family Big Sing Chris James 18-Mar-18
UK GLOUCESTER - The Yoga of Vocal Sound James D'Angelo 20-Mar-18
UK LONDON - Tama-do Sound Harmonisation Sathari Kam 22-Mar-18
UK NORTH YORKSHIRE - Sound bath for Wellbeing and Relaxation Adrienne Woods 23-Mar-18
UK NORTH YORKSHIRE - Sound bath for Wellbeing and Relaxation Adrienne Woods 23-Mar-18
UK WEST SUSSEX - Professional Diploma in Transformational Voice Therapy Lyz Cooper 23-Mar-18
UK WEST SUSSEX - The Practitioner Level Diploma in Holistic Voice Therapy Lyz Cooper 23-Mar-18
UK DEVON - Short day Chant/Mantra Workshop Sheila Whittaker 24-Mar-18
UK DEVON - Harmonium Level 1 Sheila Whittaker 25-Mar-18
UK CHELTENHAM - Awakening Chakra Energies Through Sound James D'Angelo 25-Mar-18