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Welcome to the next Sound Travels Sound Forum newsletter. 

We at Sound Travels would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This month's newsletter is one of two which are devoted to the year just ending and then in the next edition, looking forward to the year just about to arrive.

We are still very busy sending out your Christmas orders, but please order early to avoid disappointment. The last posting date for 1st class post or Parcelforce in the UK is Thursday 21st December.

Steven Ash
Recently one of our Sound Forum Family Steven Ash sent us an article which we'd like to share with you which he felt represented that feeling of closure we experience at this time of the year in readiness for the opening to come. 

He writes " This short period of time between now and winter solstice is our time to find rest, quieten down, listen to our heart beat and watch our breath. Rest long, enjoy the time to meditate, chant and sing quiet songs to the soul.  Soon, very soon, the year will turn. The pitch of the Great Mother Earth will begin to lift from the deep notes of her sleep and begin to rise towards lengthening days. Sun rising and sun setting so far south will begin to edge north after the stillness of winter solstice. This is the dawn of the year, the Coming of the Light. You can read more  here .

Also one of Steven's latest articles asks us to consider the notion of 'Black Sound' where he writes "The black sound is the void and near to vacuum, its the deepest point between the beats of the drum...Healing with sound is uniting this darkness with the essence of the soul, coming home, and at the right time bringing in the light. Sound we are seeking emphasises and seeks the void, the deep underworld behind and deep within the underworld of the mother of truth."...more here

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We are now in the holiday season so for a last look back at 2017 click on THIS LINK to see what our Sound Forum family were saying earlier in the year.

Do check Vibrations below to see what's on the Horizon for 2018 and if you're looking for something very last minute then click here.
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Vibrations  on the Sound Horizon ~
British Academy of Sound Therapy
The British Academy of Sound Therapy is now enrolling for 2018
The British Academy of Sound Therapy offers training courses in 'passive' and 'active'  methods.  
The passive methods include treatments
 using  instruments and techniques designed to induce a deep Altered State of Consciousness (ASC).  Research has shown that being in an ASC offers many benefits to health and well-being including reduced stress,improved mood state, reduced muscle tension and pain reduction...more
Joy Hicklin-Bailey - UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - "The Most Intimate - Inexpressible Wonder", 13 Jan 2018
What is shared in Secret Garden is uncompromising & infinitely tender. The Most Intimate is the beauty, the innocence, the wonder of life that cannot be captured, can only be pointed to in words. This transmission is shared energetically in days, retreats. & trainings, whatever the content...more
Joshua Leeds Joshua Leeds -  Spain, IBIZA - Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music Training, 18 Apr 2018 

This Joshua Leeds course offers a Certificate of Completion. Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a dynamic and immersive exploration of intentional music and sound... more
Rod Paton - Vox Anima - The Creative Voice with Candy VerneyIreland, DONEGAL, 12 Apr 2018               

Residential singing long weekend at The Song House with Candy Verney  and Rod Paton
Join us for a long weekend in the magical atmosphere of The Song House, Co. Donegal, Ireland. The Vox Anima concept brings together vocal improvisation, interactive vocal games,chants, joiks and part singing in a non-judgmental, creative, inclusive and open space... more
Sound  Healing Practitioner Training

Are you considering a practitioner training in Sound Healing?
Training from  The College of Sound Healing is available now and offered throughout the UK.
The course has been running since 1998, and i s a professional training with course book included. The programme usually  takes 18 months to complete and i s based upon hands-on experiential training.   All homework is practically based and our s tudents get support from highly experienced tutors. If you'd like to know more then follow this link.
Paul Benham - UK, POWYS - "Magical Resonance of Celtic & Druidic Sounds Retreat" , 18 May 2018 
We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments and the magical sounding that they embraced to honour and connect with their environment and spirit worlds...more
Hawkwood College - 
Upcoming Events  
A Mindful New Year , Sam May, 05 Jan 
Start the  new year with a clear and calm mind... 
Immerse yourself in a weekend of meditation and mindfulness for health and wellbeing, for all levels of experience. For the beginner, this weekend course gives understanding, confidence and techniques needed to begin practising meditation and mindfulness in daily life. For those more experienced, it provides an opportunity to deepen ones understanding and practice... more
Sheila Whittaker - UK, DEVON - Gong Intensive Workshop, 24 Feb 2018 
The two-day Gong Intensive is an immersion in the Gong teachings for a whole weekend. This weekend Intensive is open to both novice and seasoned gong players alike, and our work over the two days will be structured according to the needs of the participants. Diverse gong-related subjects will be covered including learning and practising various techniques...more
College of Sound Healing -
LOCAL GROUPS               
College of Sound Healing have over 70 regular local sound healing groups running throughout the UK. A local group generally runs in the evening and is a great way for new people to find out about sound healing...more
steven Steven Ash - BLACK SOUND 
Powerful metaphors for sound healing are found in the simple actions and experiences Ihappen upon in daily life, so long as I am awake and open to seeing them. This understanding came as I clean the window of the log burner, being a cheapskate I use burnt wood ash on a wet sponge as suggested by the chimney sweep. Wood ash is a wonderful universal cleaner as I found out later when I went to rinse the sponge, I tried cleaning the silver handle of a kitchen knife, "Eureka" I yelped, what a great silver cleaner...more 
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  Andrew Hodges
Sound Forum 
Founder & Editor
Jonathan Barnett 
Managing Director
eventsUpcoming Events - 
Facilitator Xmas/
New Year
UK DEVON - Introductory Gong Workshop + all-night Puja Ceremony Sheila Whittaker 16-Dec-17
Portugal PORTO - Eye Color Dreams - Healing Concert With Sound and Vibration Eye Color Dreams 16-Dec-17
Austria AUSTRIA - Winter Solstice Steven Ash 22-Dec-17
UK STROUD - A Mindful New Year Sam May 05-Jan-18
UK STROUD - Rest & Restore Retreat ยท Embracing the Dark, Awaiting the Light Mel Skinner 05-Jan-18
UK DEVON - 2017-18 Gong Practitioner Training Course 1 Session 2 Sheila Whittaker 06-Jan-18
UK OXFORD - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 13-Jan-18
UK GLOUCESTERSHIRE - The Most Intimate - Inexpressible wonder Joy Hicklin-Bailey 13-Jan-18
UK DEVON - 2017-18 Gong Practitioner Training Course 2 Session 2 Sheila Whittaker 13-Jan-18
UK DEVON - 2016-17 Gong Practitioner Training Course 3 Session 5 Graduation Sheila Whittaker 20-Jan-18
UK GLOUCESTERSHIRE - SELF-REMEMBRANCE THROUGH SOUND - The Naked Voice Wisdom School In-depth Winter Retreat Chloe Goodchild 28-Jan-18
UK STROUD - Self-Remembrance through Sound Chloe Goodchild 28-Jan-18
UK WILTSHIRE - Yoga & Gong retreat Tammy Yick & Dianne Cass 28-Jan-18

 earlierEarlier This Year:
Richard Down Richard Down - "The Song" a shaman's spell and a vision of World peace 
  As I enter a state of trance and let plant spirit Ayahuasca guide me, "the song" and sounds come to me;  the icaro, the strange sounds, the instruments to pick up and use to effect an energy healing on the individual or group audience in front of me... more
Jill Mattson - The Music of Love 
Music creates feelings.  I think at Valentine's Day the question is, "Can music create love?" Feelings, such as love and the energy of music are more connected than we ever imagined! Both energies have waves, which combine in close proximity... more
Steven Ash Steven Ash - One Body of Love 
There is no doubt about it, this is our time. Donald Duck (Trump) has got to ruling the world with his other cartoon characters. They are the right people for this time, "Trust the Universe" is a wonderfully applicable phrase. If we are sitting on the fence awaiting our time to act this is it, because we are also the right people at the right time... more
Chiron Institute - Jens Zygar                 
Jens is the inventor of the planetary tuned gongs and founder of  Klanghaus , a musical research institute that studies the effects of sounds and rhythms.  Jens met Hans  Cousto  in 1982 and became acquainted with the theories of the Cosmic Octave. In 1987 he developed the line of Planetary Gongs in cooperation with the  Paiste  gong company...more  
Steven Ash - The Cross quarters of the Medicine Wheel                  
The medicine wheel envelopes the circle of life from the shape of each breath, the rising and falling of the day, the chapters in a life, to the seasons of the year. On this circle of the year there are eight major times of celebration equally spaced apart by about six weeks, like eight spokes on a cart wheel, each has a character, shape and series of qualities that help us to shape our human behaviour in relationship to the world we are part of...more
Jill Mattson - The Universe as a Symphony of Strings                 
What do Fifth Century B.C. Pythagoreans have in common with modern state-of-the art cosmologists & physicists?  In a word - strings!  For the ancient Greek Pythagoreans it was the lyre string; modern scientists postulate infinitesimally small strings as the ultimate building blocks of the universe...more
The Chiron Institute - On Jens Zygar 
Jens is the inventor of the planetary tuned gongs and founder of Klanghaus, a musical research institute that studies the effects of sounds and rhythms.  Jens met Hans Cousto in 1982 and became acquainted with the theories of the Cosmic Octave. In 1987 he developed the line of Planetary Gongs in cooperation with the Paiste gong company...more
Sharry Edwards - Fibromyalgia Symptoms Relieved in the Course of Cutting Edge Study 
Exploratory studies sponsored by the Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. have established that pain, stiffness and fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia can be ameliorated through low-frequency sound presentation...more
The Chiron Institute -`The Chiron` 
`The Chiron` ,  was the vision  of John and June  Shapter As many people find, collecting and playing gongs had become an obsession and t hey had been seeking a permanent home for their collection of  instruments as well as  for their practice of Healing Sounds and Peace Studies.  They  spent days and days travelling to look at places to rent or buy including church halls, dance centres, village halls, industrial units and even an abandoned college...more
Fabien Maman/Terres Unsoeld - Shamanism of the Light                 
Faery/Shaman, Terres Unsoeld, from the Tama-Do Academy of  Sound, Color, and Moment, offers her new book as a glorious opportunity totransmit the teachings that await us all when we touch the Light and live it in our daily life.  It's a beautiful journey, which is never finished...more
Sharry Edwards - Robin Williams: Vocal Frequency Research                 
Robin Williams' autopsy revealed the presence of Lewy proteins which are usually confirmed after death.  The information below verifies that Vocal frequencies can be used to determine the presence of such unwanted proteins using a vocal sample...more
Jenni Roditi - Alistair Smith on Jenni's Vocal Tai Chi Master Class                 
I have been a participant in three Vocal Tai Chi Intensive Master classes. This extended version of Jenni Roditi's unique style of voice and movement workshop brings a different dimension to the work. The usual sessions culminate in a focused five to six minute individual vocal expression, which one could term a'solo', although, it must be emphatically stated that these are not'performances' in any conventional way...more
Steven Ash - The story of White Buffalo Calf Woman                 
Many people have asked me for the story of Pte San Wi, and this is the most beautifully told version from Grandfather John Fire Lame Deer. It is important at this time in history because we forget the powers of Grace available to us from the Great Mother, she is the Earth and the air we breathe, she is the bodies of our children and ourselves...more
Don Conreaux - Chiron and Sedna             

There has been a dispute regarding two of the planet gongs Chiron and Sedna.
The Paiste tunings are: Sedna - 128.10 C, Chiron - 151.20 D#.
The Meinl tunings are: Sedna - 181.60 F#,  Chiron - 172.86 F ...more

Steven Ash - Middle World Journeys with a drum or rattle 
In Sacred Drumming we explore our relationships with the powers of the sacred directions using the drum to speak a language into that we seek. The voice of the drum carries our friendship, our willingness to listen, going way beyond the limitations of our conditioned human concepts...more
Alexander Scriabin's mystic chord was manifested to create a link up between the
Ascending Human Kingdom and the Descending Nature/Angelic Kingdom.  Separated by  the dissonance of the Tritone/Aug 4 th .  Visualize the two North ends of two magnets  pushing each other away.Think of the effort to go up a down escalator. This force is a  repellant or levitational force...more
Mitch Nur - The Quality of the Sound Worker 
The quality of a good sound worker has 2 aspects. The first aspect contributing to their quality is that they understand that their position is outside the western medical design where things are separated by doctors and patients or healers and customers for example. Sound becomes the cure, and the sound worker takes the credit for having provided the 'medicine.' ... more
Jill Mattson -  Sounds of Summer
The sweet thoughts of summer pop up in our thoughts at the end of winter. Why are these feelings of summer almost delicious ???In summer, nature reveals her creative masterpieces... at full bloom.  But still, why does it feel so wonderful to be outside in the summer??? ... more
Steven Ash - Tiny Tick, what are you good for? 
What purpose has a tick got? Nasty little things like tiny little black crabs that fall and then creep around and secretly settle on the poor dog. Attaches itself by drilling and burrowing into the flesh, latching itself on like a leech it sucks blood and life force slowly and gently from its host. Engorged satiated and bulbous to twenty times its original size, with all that viscous delicious deep red, food filled, super nutritious blood, it drops off...more
Simon Vitale - Music of the Plants Live    
I've been invited to the First International Festival of the Music of the Plants. This unique and futuristic event This unique and futuristic event, the first of its kind, gathered musicians from various country who are working in the field of inter-species communication with plants through music...more
Sharry Edwards - The BioAcoustic Institute Offers Free Vocal Profiling for Suffers from PTSD/TBI                 
A US Army sponsored project conducted by the Institute of BioAcoustic* Biology & Sound Health using that the 90 vocal prints of soldiers who were reported to be suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) showed eight major biochemicals/nutrients associated with stress and related stress behaviors ... more