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Welcome to the next Sound Travels Sound Forum newsletter. 

Some of you may know that behind the scenes Andrew & I have been working with our web-designers to redesign and bring up-to-date the Sound Travels website. After more months than we care to think about it is just possible that in the next few weeks you may see the results of our labours. There have been many false starts along the way when we thought we were ready to give the upgrade our approval but finally we think we may have got to the point when it will finally happen!

So we are giving you the heads-up that some time soon you will click on a link or go to one of your bookmarks and find a totally upgraded version of the site. 

One big change is that the layout will work so much better on your smartphone. You should also find that visiting the shop and buying an instrument will work even more smoothly. 

The biggest change is on Sound Forum which is, as you might imagine, a very complicated part of the site. Andrew has been burning the mid-night oil to help develop the site even further. What this means is that submitting regular weekly or monthly events will now be so much more manageable. 

So if you run a weekly Soundbath in your town you will be able
submit the event once only to multiple dates  throug hout the year ahead. If you run a monthly Saturday afternoon Gong workshop you can submit the event date once but to all the Saturdays you need. A training programme of 5 weekends during the next 12 months can be published with much greater ease.

So be ready for the change. It's coming soon to a smartphone, a computer or a laptop near you...


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Vibrations  on the Sound Horizon ~
Sarah Warwick Sarah Warwick - Songwriting for Healing and Transformation 
Singing and songwriting has been a deep and wondrous passion of mine for most of my life. It has lead me on many adventures, through the dizzying heights of pop success in the 90's, to discovering the healing power of sound and a passion for helping other's find their voice and innate creativity... more
Rod Paton - UK, Narberth - Lifemusic IMPROVISATION Workshop, 05 May 2018  
Rod Paton's Lifemusic is a unique, inclusive and life affirming method of musical improvisation.
Rod Paton is an experienced composer, writer, horn player, singer and workshop leader. He studied music at Southampton University and at the Janacek Academy, Czechoslovakia before completing his doctorate at the University of Sussex... more
Cortijo Romero Cortijo Romero - A Different Kind of Holiday 
Cortijo Romero is situated at 1300 feet, with breath-taking views across the Alpujarra Mountains, in the foothills of Andalucía's Sierra Nevada.  Set in its own private grounds, the complex has been created around an original farmhouse and an enclosed courtyard.  The swimming pool is cocooned in a picturesque walled enclosure, surrounded by palm trees and wafted by the scent of jasmine and the gardens are planted with sub-topical flowers and fruit...more
Gong Camp Wanted - Therapists & Performers for Gong Camp 2018

This is an opportunity for you to lead a sound/healing/movement related workshop, where you will share your skills and knowledge with others whilst promoting your work and interests and earn some money... more
Simon Heather Simon Heather - Music designed to send you to sleep                 
"I actually don't want you to listen to this music".  Tom Middleton might be the first musician ever to use those words while promoting a new album.  After delving through years of scientific research Tom has made a different sort of record - one designed to disengage its listeners and send them to sleep...more
Rami Shaafi RAMIVANA June UK Tour 2018 from 2nd of June to the 10th of June 
We are excited to announce our June UK tour, we will be visiting Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire offering Healing Sound Journeys and a variety of Workshops all of which are on the Sound Travels events page... more
Chlo_ Goodchild Chloë Goodchild - UK, LONDON - Ecstatic Voice Day, 28 Apr 2018                 
We welcome you to a Spring journey into the heart of devotion with sacred chants, love songs and ecstatic voice. The day is led by four renowned singers and will include performance, participation and kirtan with Chloe Goodchild, Illumina, Ravi Ji & Sri Sadhana Kaur... more
College of Sound Healing -
LOCAL GROUPS               
College of Sound Healing have over 70 regular local sound healing groups running throughout the UK. A local group generally runs in the evening and is a great way for new people to find out about sound healing...more
Simone Vitale Simone Vitale - The Healing Musician       

A Healing Musician is one that has intimately embodied the essence of music and is offering it with an attitude of service. Through a process of inner transformation, the Healing Musician has become transparent. His/Her offering of music is far from a public display of the self...more
Jill Mattson Jill Mattson - Color Tones                 
Ancient beliefs held that god was "All That Is". Ancient Masters grasped the holographic nature of God (and also everything else). The "Light" of God was considered the complete set of energies. God was compared to sun light beaming through a crystal...more
Steven Ash
Steven Ash - Smudging                 

Smudge makes you conscious of what you are doing. It wakes you up. As the great teacher Jesus said "Awake, awake, awake whilst you are in this body, for everything is within it"...more
British Academy of Sound Therapy

The British Academy of Sound Therapy is now enrolling for 2018

The British Academy of Sound Therapy offers training courses in 'passive' and 'active'  methods.  
The passive methods include treatments
 using  instruments and techniques designed to induce a deep Altered State of Consciousness (ASC).  Research has shown that being in an ASC offers many benefits to health and well-being including reduced stress,improved mood state, reduced muscle tension and pain reduction...more
SArah Gregg Sarah Gregg - UK, ESSEX - Sacred Sound & Light Immersion, 21 Apr 2018 
This beautiful practical and experiential two day workshop combines many different sacred sound and healing techniques, the intention being for participants to find their own inner harmony. Harmony is the balanced state where our emotions, mind and bodies are in tune with our intentions... more
Christine Heckel Christine Heckel & Tina Buch - Spain, MALAGA - EMILY HESS Sound Yoga Teacher Training, 29 Jul 2018 
Enjoy a sunshine break in Andalusia while experiencing a fabulous EMILY HESS Sound Yoga teacher training! Sound Yoga is Yoga full of joy for body, soul and mind combining Asanas with sound bowls, gongs and mantras... more
Joshua Leeds Joshua Leeds - Spain, IBIZA - Sound Healing and Therapeutic Music Training, 18 Apr 2018  
This Joshua Leeds course offers a Certificate of Completion. Join sound researcher Joshua Leeds in a dynamic and immersive exploration of intentional music and sound... more
Sound  Healing Practitioner Training

Are you considering a practitioner training in Sound Healing?
Training from  The College of Sound Healing is available now and offered throughout the UK.
The course has been running since 1998, and i s a professional training with course book included. The programme usually  takes 18 months to complete and i s based upon hands-on experiential training.   All homework is practically based and our s tudents get support from highly experienced tutors. If you'd like to know more then follow this link.
James D_Angelo James D'Angelo - UK, LONDON - The Healing Power of Vocal Sound, 12 May 2018                 
A key to our self-transformation lies in the whirl of the chakras, the subtle centres of our complex psychology. The closer their frequencies are to the optimum the more our psyche becomes purified and we experience sound health at every level... more
Joy Hicklin-Bailey Joy Hicklin-Bailey 
22 Apr 2018UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - "The Most Intimate - Inexpressible wonder"
Inexpressible wonder simply is. 
£5 discount if you book with a friend or your partner...more
26 May 2018 UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - "Love and Joy, How to Live It" - Exploring Anima & Animus in Your Relating                 
For Singles & Couples & those in relationship who attend alone...more
Jill Mattson Jill Mattson - USA, PENNSYLVANIA - Egyptian "Power & Healing" Musical Secrets, 28 Apr 2018 
Egyptian "Power & Healing" Secrets
In ancient times, Egyptian Healing Techniques were praised for Health & Power by people from across the ancient globe who journeyed to the Egyptian Temples... more
Paul Benham Paul Benham - Magical Resonance of Celtic & Druidic Sounds Retreat, Brecon, UK, 18 May 2018 
We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments... more
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eventsUpcoming Events - 
UK NOTTINGHAM - Relaxing Gong Bath Nicola Kelsall 01-Apr-18
USA ONLINE - Two Day Technician Class Sound Health Alternatives 02-Apr-18
UK POWYS - Part 1 Introduction to Sound Healing Practitioner Training with the Voice Paul Benham 06-Apr-18
UK BRISTOL - Monthly Kirtan at Bristol City Yoga Tim Chalice 06-Apr-18
UK SCOTLAND - ANSU Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound Anthar Kharana and Suzy Nairn of ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts 07-Apr-18
UK SHROPSHIRE - Exploring the limbs of yoga Trixi Field & Bhanu 08-Apr-18
UK NOTTINGHAM - Fibromyalgia Group Sound Therapy Session Nicola Kelsall 08-Apr-18
UK BRISTOL - Harmonium Workshop Tim Chalice 08-Apr-18
USA VERMONT - Sound, Healing and Consciousness Zacciah Blackburn 10-Apr-18
UK WEST SUSSEX - The Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy Lyz Cooper & The BAST Team 11-Apr-18
UK OXFORDSHIRE - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 13-Apr-18
UK BATH - Monthly Kirtan at Yoga Bodhi, Bath Tim Chalice 13-Apr-18
UK DEVON - 2017-18 Gong Practitioner Training Course 1 Session 3 Sheila Whittaker 14-Apr-18
UK BRISTOL - Sound Meditation & Gong Bath Celia BEESON 14-Apr-18
UK MANCHESTER - Kirtan with Tim Chalice Tim Chalice 14-Apr-18
UK LANCASHIRE - Harmonium & Voice Workshop Tim Chalice 15-Apr-18
Spain IBIZA - sound healing and therapeutic music training Joshua Leeds 18-Apr-18
UK GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Kirtan with Tim Chalice Tim Chalice 20-Apr-18
UK CIRENCESTER - Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath Tammy Yick 20-Apr-18
UK BEDFORDSHIRE - Mind Body & Soul Exhibition (17th Successful Years) June Dickerson 21-Apr-18
UK ESSEX - Sacred Sound & Light Immersion Sarah Gregg 21-Apr-18
UK DEVON - 2017-18 Gong Practitioner Training Course 2 Session 3 Sheila Whittaker 21-Apr-18
UK WILTSHIRE - A Day of Sound and Ceremony at Stonehenge, Avebury and Uffington White Horse Renata and Steven Ash 21-Apr-18
UK GLOUCESTER - The Yoga of Vocal Sound James D'Angelo 22-Apr-18
UK GLOUCESTERSHIRE - The Most Intimate - Inexpressible wonder Joy Hicklin-Bailey 22-Apr-18
UK OXFORDSHIRE - Gong Sound Bath Elaine Whittaker 27-Apr-18
UK BRISTOL - Kirtan with Tim Chalice Tim Chalice 27-Apr-18
UK DEVON - Gong Intensive Workshop Sheila Whittaker 28-Apr-18
USA CHICAGO - Egyptian "Power & Healing" Musical Secrets jill mattson 28-Apr-18
UK LONDON - Ecstatic Voice Day Chloe Goodchild 28-Apr-18
UK WILTSHIRE - Yoga & Gong Bath ReTreat Dianne & Tammy 29-Apr-18
UK BRISTOL - Sound of the Heart: Voice Workshop Tim Chalice 29-Apr-18