Over 21 million pounds of croaker, spot, weakfish and
other fish die in shrimp trawling nets every year.

This Giving Tuesday, help NC Wildlife Federation stop this destruction of our marine wildlife and ecosystems.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by Giving Tuesday, 11/27.
If 100 people give $100 each, we'll reach our goal.
Your gift of $100 helps the NCWF Sound Solutions team identify key coastal habitats and protective measures for marine nursery areas, bringing science-based recommendations to the table that will ensure healthy public trust resources, benefiting ecosystems, user groups, and coastal economies.

We asked one of our Sound Solutions supporters, Avery, why he invests in NCWF's Sound Solutions initiative. Here's what he had to say:
I grew up on the water. There was boating and fishing. I did everything from catching fish and digging clams to cruising tidal creeks and seeing the wildlife. Conserving this seaside lifestyle is important to me. How we treat our marine resources and ecology has a direct impact on our economy and whether or not people want to move here. I support NCWF because they work in my own backyard to ensure our sounds are managed for the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem so all of us can enjoy the resource for generations to come.
North Carolina is the only state on the east coast that allows destructive shrimp trawling in estuarine waters, that provide critical nursery habitat for many of our most sought after species like shrimp, crab, spotted seatrout, red drum, spot, croaker, and flounder. 
These statistics show a devastating drop in NC commercial fish landings of the most common species taken as shrimp trawl by-catch based on Division of Marine Fisheries data -- an 83% decline in landings of the species since the 1997 passage of the Fisheries Reform Act. This hurts NC fisherman and the marine life that relies on these fish for food.
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