US$1.2-billion transaction with Morrow Renewables positions us as a major North American RNG midstream operator, fortifies our energy transition leadership

Enbridge has taken another significant step in the business of manufacturing and transporting renewable natural gas (RNG)—by announcing the purchase of seven operating U.S. landfill gas-to-RNG facilities from respected, experienced RNG developer Morrow Renewables. Read More>>>
Anyone watching the futures price of natural gas over the past two years has seen the price swing drastically. In 2022, the NYMEX final settlement for the year averaged $6.644/MMBtu – a 14-year high. Through 10 months of NYMEX settlements in 2023 so far, the average has been $2.697/MMBtu – nearly $4 lower than the year prior! During...Read More>>>

Pennsylvania cannot enforce a regulation to make power plant owners pay for their planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, a state court ruled Wednesday, dealing another setback to the centerpiece of former Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to fight global warming.

The Commonwealth Court last year temporarily blocked...
Douglas Pipeline can provide all of the services, expertise, and experience necessary to develop and construct natural gas and RNG pipeline systems.

We provide a one-stop shop for natural gas pipeline project development. Here is an overview of the services we provide...
Maine voters on Tuesday rejected a takeover of the state’s investor-owned utilities that could have cost up to $13.5 billion.

Question 3 had proposed the state form a non-profit, consumer-owned utility called Pine Tree Power to purchase the assets of Central Maine Power and Versant Power. Voters rejected the idea by a roughly 2-to-1 margin.

Despite the loss, Pine Tree Power’s campaign manager Al Cleveland said the vote “is a message to utility shareholders everywhere: people are...Read More>>>
Industry News
A dangerous legislative proposal discussed in Harrisburg this week would effectively ban natural gas development in Pennsylvania, destroy millions of jobs, jeopardize domestic energy security and take away a critical emission reducing tool, energy and labor leaders stressed in a series of hearings at the state capitol.
The bill, House Bill 170, would arbitrarily and without any scientific data impose a half-mile setback and represents ”nothing but a backdoor ban” on development...Read More>>>
Our Services Include:

  • Annual reporting
  • Leak surveys
  • Line markers
  • Public awareness programs
  • Cathodic Protection surveys and troubleshooting problems
  • Preparing an emergency response manual