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July 25, 2012


Greetings Pinball Fans,  


When you license songs from a classic movie, hire the greatest Sound Guy in Pinball, write a script, audition voice actors and pull it all together, it needs to be played over the right audio system.


In the design of our game we thought we had a great audio system and some speakers that were going to be manufactured specially for our needs. The speaker supplier was absorbed this past April and is no longer able to make the line of products we specified......oops....


A chance meeting at the PinWizards Convention in Allentown this May led to an alliance between JJP and Pinnovators. This development forced the intense design and development of the JJP sound system which will be used in the Wizard of Oz Pinball Machines.


Pinnovators was started by pinball enthusiasts and based on the simple idea that the audio in a pinball machines needs to be "Experienced" and not just a background distraction.  A typical machine only provides a mono mix with "ok" sound. Pinnovators is focused on providing the cleanest stereo sound to fully compliment the sound track both in the system speakers and stereo version of our popular PinPAC Headphone kit.

"We jumped at the opportunity to be involved in the overall sound system design and the chance to take a pinball machine sound system to the next level of performance and features! We are grateful to be able to work with the Jersey Jack Pinball Team and look forward to future projects." - The Pinnovators Team -   


Jim and Mark from Pinnovators visit JJP Headquarters 



Happy News from Christine and Keith Johnson as they welcomed a new Baby Girl into their lives on July 12th, Katie Jo. Keith is known for keeping the typical programmer's crazy sleep schedule so we are sure he has middle of the night feeding and dirty diaper duty. We wish them our very best!


Welcome to Munchkinland - WOZ Pinball
Welcome to Munchkinland Animation
Be sure to set the Quality to 720p HD

Special - Animation - WOZ Pinball
Special - Animation - WOZ Pinball
Be sure to set the Quality to 720p HD


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The JJP Team at Pinball Expo - Thanks to Jim Schelberg of 

Team JJP: Top Row - Left to Right: Mark Weyna, Greg Freres, Keith Johnson, Jim Thornton, Drew Maniscalco, Joe Balcer. Bottom Row- Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Dennis Nordman, Bryan Hansen. Jack Guarnieri in Front


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