SOUPER Day at SouperFest!!!

Another Souper SouperFest!
Thank YOU for being a part of this!
SouperFest in action.

As you well know, SouperFest is the signature fundraising event of CCEH. 

This year t he event brought in $62,500, with over 600 guests and 200 volunteers making it all happen - a testament to how much the people of Concord care about this issue. 
35 Soup Chefs served 85 gallons of amazing soups - no 2 the same!
24 Artisan Bakers made delicious breads!
More than 30 more Bakers whipped up tasty desserts!
Professional and Amateur Artists created and donated ceramic Bowls and Bowl art for sale.
School kids also created beautiful bowl art, and in the process learned about homelessness.

The fundraising is key to the survival of CCEH and the services we provide. BUT, the wonderful outpouring of energy and the participation of this amazing Greater Concord Community is what really makes SouperFest SOUPER.

Lots of photos of SouperFest

FunFest Fun
Bowl Art
A million thanks to Aaron Baker of Mulberry Creek Imagery for the fantastic photo coverage of SouperFest each year! 
They provided over $50,000 of our total this year!

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Thank you for joining us today!