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December 2018
Renovation Update
The library values the opinions of UNMC students, faculty, and staff. In October, we asked about your thoughts regarding the next major decision point of the library renovation process: the finishes. A selection of carpeting, wall coverings, and room features for the library, Wittson Hall, and the Wigton Heritage Center were presented in various meetings and open houses.

As we draw closer to the renovation, the library is establishing a continuity of services plan. Although our in-person services will not be available in our current physical location, we plan to continue to provide services virtually and through other in-person points on campus. While we may be meeting you in a different location, your needs are our top priority.

Also, watch for the library’s blog devoted to news about the renovations of McGoogan Library, Wittson Hall, and Williams Hall, and construction of the Wigton Heritage Center. The blog will contain updates and important logistical information, summaries of the projects, and FAQs. Stay tuned!
Library Annual Report 2017-2018
Who Is Your Library Liaison?
Library liaisons are advocates for the needs of students, faculty, and staff across the UNMC community. Liaisons share news and information from colleges, institutes, and affiliated hospitals with library colleagues to help the library meet the diverse needs of all users. As research partners and instructors, liaisons serve as a point of contact for questions, educational services, and consultations on literature search strategies. Since 2016, liaisons have held office hours at sites across campus. This fall, students, faculty, and staff at the College of Nursing and College of Public Health can meet face-to-face with their liaison in their respective buildings.

To contact a liaison or find more information on the library’s Liaison Program, visit the link below.

University of Nebraska Libraries Work Together
The McGoogan Library has often been asked what other University of Nebraska libraries are doing related to a particular initiative or if the libraries can share online resources. There is such a group that facilitates communication, projects, and acquisition of resources. The University of Nebraska Consortium of Libraries (UNCL) formed as a council in the late 1970s to support cooperation and collaboration between the University of Nebraska libraries. The group formally became a consortium in 2015 to allow the group to work more closely together.

Within UNCL, several working groups are focusing on projects to bring value to all the campuses, as well as developing more informal communities of practice to bring the varied expertise of individual librarians to light. In upcoming editions of Source, we will highlight the activities of the working groups. This month, we feature the acquisitions group.

In recent years, the acquisitions group secured licensing for all four campuses to such packages as the ScienceDirect Freedom Collection of journals, Wiley journals, Elsevier ebooks, and the Omaha World Herald archive. To continue its stewardship of resources, the group recently compared all subscription resources for the four campuses, which includes databases and journals, to see where there was overlap. The group studied these overlaps to see where it would make sense to share the resources in order to save money and administrative time for the individual libraries. Alison Bobal, Coordinator, Collection Development and Metadata, said the next level is identifying resources that only a couple campuses have and looking to see if it’s worth licensing for all, or at least more, of the campuses. “It’s a way to continue the momentum of UNCL acquisitions.”

“UNMC spends the most on unique resources that other campuses don’t have. There might be opportunities to join with the other campuses for things that it would be nice to have but wouldn’t make sense to spend money on just for ourselves,” Bobal said.
Midwifery Exhibit Now on Display
Women have attended births as midwives from time immemorial. The mid-eighteenth century saw the rise of male-midwives. The Art of Midwifery vs the Science of Obstetrics, an exhibit in the McGoogan Library’s 8 th floor rare book vitrine, chronicles this shift. Through the works of notable midwives such as Angélique du Coudray (c. 1712-1794), the art of midwifery and the science of obstetrics are contrasted.
Staff and Faculty Notes
Kim Harp, assistant professor, joined the library faculty as an Education & Research Services Librarian and College of Nursing Liaison.

Christian Minter presented “Many Languages, Many Cultures: Responding to Diverse Health Information Needs” for a Nebraska Library Commission webinar on July 18.

Christian Minter presented “Finding & Evaluating Cancer Information” for high school teachers on July 30 on behalf of the UNMC Youth Enjoy Science (YES!) Program, funded by an NIH/NCI grant.

Christian Minter co-presented “Transforming Communities through Health Outreach and Programming” (preconference workshop) at the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color on September 26.

Emily Glenn was appointed to the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting Innovation Task Force (2018-2021).

Cindy Schmidt coauthored: Sam P, Heermans JT, Schmidt CM, Deibert CM. Current state of urologic medical school education: A scoping review. Urology. 2018 Aug 28.

Teri Hartman coauthored: Love LM, Haggar FL, McBrien SB, Buzalko RJ, Hartman TL, Shope RJ, Beck Dallaghan GL. Supporting the professional identity of medical science educators: understanding faculty motivations for quality improvement in teaching. Medical Science Educator. 2018 Aug 1.
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