The Swift Flowing River: January 2019
A South Saskatchewan River Watershed Steward E-Newsletter
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Do You Know What the Risks Are to Your Source Water?
In 2017 the South Sask River Watershed Stewards received funding to do a source water assessment of all the municipal communities (excluding cities) in the watershed. The source water assessment involved the collection of background information on the water sources, the delineation of the source water assessment area, an inventory of land use (ex. landfill, residential development, roads, fuel storage, industrial sites, etc.), an identification of existing and potential contamination events and an assessment of the risks to the drinking water source(s) from the identified contamination events. From this a risk rating was generated.

If you are interested in discussing the results of this risk assessment for your community, please contact the South Sask River Watershed Stewards at or call 306-343-9549.
Private Sewage Works in Shoreland Development Areas
Private sewage works (PSWs) is a term used to describe a septic system installed on a single property designed to collect all the sewage and wastewater generated on that property. PSWs are typically installed where a property cannot be connected to a municipal sewage collection system. PSWs are an effective and economical long-term solution for sewage disposal when installed and operated properly.
A permit is required for the installation of PSWs. Detailed information on PSWs can be found in the Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide that can be accessed online, free of charge.
All PSWs in Saskatchewan are subject to the requirements of The Private Sewage Works Regulations and when installed in shoreland development areas The Shoreland Pollution Control Regulations, 1976
Properties that require PSWs and are located within 152 meters (500 feet) of the high-water mark must have a CSA approved sewage holding tank with a minimum capacity of 4,546 litres (1,000 gallons). Sewage holding tanks minimize the risk of sewage contaminating surface water in the event of flooding or seasonal high-water events. Properties in a shoreland development area that are further back than 152 meters (500 feet) from the high-water mark have other options for PSWs. 
New regulations are being proposed that will combine both The Private Sewage Works Regulations and The Shoreland Pollution Control Regulations, 1976 to create a clear regulatory framework for PSWs in Saskatchewan while modernizing requirements, particularly those for shoreland areas.
As with the above regulations, the Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide is currently has been revised and can be viewed on Property owners that are looking to install a new system, or make changes to their existing systems, should review this guide and contact their local Saskatchewan Health Authority public health inspector for more information.
Natural Edge
The Natural Edge program is designed to help landowners create a natural shoreline by planting a selection of native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses suitable for their property. The plants help reduce soil erosion, improve water quality by filtering runoff, and provide essential habitat, including shelter and food for over 90% of wildlife.

Four Natural Edge Projects were completed in 2018 at Thode, Beaver Creek conservation Area, Fred Heal Canoe Launch and one site along the South Saskatchewan River in the city of Saskatoon. Under this program, 200 shrubs were planted for erosion control. Financial support for these projects was provided by the Government of Canada.

The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards are hopeful there will be funding in 2019 to do more plantings. If you know of a site that could benefit from plantings for erosion control contact Kerry at 306-460-4987.
February 5 – 7, 2019
Swift Current, SK

Join us, with grazing specialists, to learn how to create a grazing plan targeting invasive weeds. Learn what small
ruminants need, temporary fencing strategies, emergency strategies & about invasive weed management.

Day 1 & 2 • Intensive target-grazing school – planning & the ins and outs of grazing (supper & lunch provided)
Day 3 • Weed ID & Management, mapping invasives, CAP programs (lunch provided)
COST - $250/person all three days or $20/person for Day 3 only

Limited Space!

Melanie Toppi
Central and West Watershed Advisory Committee Meetings

February 8, 2019, 2:00 pm
Lower Elks Hall
Kyle, SK
2018 SSRWSI Members
Urban Municipalities

City of Martensville
City of Saskatoon
Resort Village of Shields
Resort Village of Thode
Town of Cudworth
Town of Kindersley
Town of Leader
Town of Osler
Town of Rosthern
Village of Alvena
Village of Loreburn

Special Interest Group

Meewasin Valley Authority
Rural Municipalities

RM of Chesterfield No 261
RM of Corman Park No 344
RM of Deer Forks No 232
RM of Excelsior
RM of Fertile Valley No 285
RM of Fish Creek No 402
RM of Happyland No 231
RM of Hoodoo No 401
RM of Kindersley No 290
RM of Lacadena No 228
RM of Loreburn No 254
RM of Miry Creek No 229
RM of Montrose No 315
RM of Newcombe No 260
RM of Prince Albert No 461
RM of Rosthern No 403
RM of Saskatchewan Landing No 167
RM of Snipe Lake No 259
RM of Victory No 226
The South Saskatchewan River Watershed
The South Saskatchewan River Watershed is the second largest watershed in Saskatchewan, covering 35,000 km2. The South Saskatchewan River in Saskatchewan is 715 km long, from the Alberta border to the confluence of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers at "The Forks" just east of Prince Albert. It supports nearly half of Saskatchewan's total population as a source for municipal and private drinking water. The Watershed includes 54 Rural Municipalities and 81 communities, including the Cities of Saskatoon, Warman and Martensville.
Watershed Coordinators, Agri-Environmental Technical Services

Marketing Communications Manager
SSRWSI Board of Directors
West Watershed Area
Lorne Janzen, Town of Kindersley
Craig Tondevold, Town of Leader

Lake Diefenbaker Watershed Area
Harold Martens, RM of Excelsior
Les Ferguson, Pike Lake Cottage and Watershed Association

North Watershed Area
Ben Buhler, Town of Osler
Randy Donauer, City of Saskatoon
Debbie McGuire, City of Martensville
Wayne Acorn, RM of Prince Albert
Judy Harwood, RM of Corman Park
Renny Grilz, Meewasin Valley Authority
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Groups of Interest
South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc.
2366 Avenue C North (Norplex Business Centre), Saskatoon, SK S7L 5X5
Phone: 1 (306) 343-9549