May 6th, 2020

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This week we thought we would talk thrive with some kind of routine, especially now more than ever during this challenging time. We thought we would share a few.
Check out the free, printable lists at HERE we like the morning routine, fitness tracker and summer schedule...and you can edit them too!!
Tips for a schedule:
*Is there a challenging part of the day?...maybe start with a "Bedtime Schedule"
*Sit with your child and develop a schedule together. You write the words, let them draw a picture of the activity/chore. They will take ownership of tasks if they helped make the list.
*Keep it simple!
*Be consistent and refer to the schedule..."What is next on our schedule?"
*Use check marks, smiley faces or stickers to start out with....try not to give rewards like prizes. Maybe if they complete the "Bedtime Schedule" they get to pick an extra book at bedtime.