The South East Connector will improve 
North/South travel in Reno-Sparks   

The new roadway will provide an alternative route to the heavily traveled US 395/I-580 freeway and Southeast McCarran Boulevard.

This project will relieve current and future traffic congestion.

This project will accommodate current and future employment centers and commercial and housing developments. 

Project engineers have developed hydraulic (water flow) models both to demonstrate that the new roadway will not increase flooding within existing developments and to ensure that the new roadway will be passable in a 117-year flood event.  As part of this project, a section of Mira Loma Drive east of its intersection with the new roadway will also be elevated above the 117-year flood elevation, providing access from the SouthEast Connector to the Hidden Valley area during large flood events.

The RTC and the design team have developed innovative environmental strategies to protect wildlife, improve water and air quality, and restore native vegetation affected by project construction. The proposed enhancements were developed in close coordination with, and are subject to review and approval by, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, State Historical Preservation Office, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Nevada Division of State Lands, and the Nevada Division of Wildlife."


Best Regards, Kelly