Winter 2018 Newsletter
Dear Friends of South Florida Haiti Project,

Happy Thanksgiving! As we celebrate over a decade and a half of partnership in Christ with Bon Samaritain Church and School and the people of Bondeau, Haiti, we are so grateful for your continued support and prayers .

The Rev. Andrew Sherman, President of the South Florida Haiti Project

Teaching and Education;
Health Care; Infrastructure; and Financial Structure/ Partnerships

The mission of the South Florida Haiti Project is:  "Believing that God calls us into partnership,  we exist to unleash the transformative power of God's love for the people of Bondeau, Haiti."
Guided by this mission, our core values and our Strategic Agenda CLICK HERE TO READ, I am delighted to report progress in our four focal areas: Teaching and Education; Health Care; Infrastructure; and Financial Structure/Partnerships.

Bon Samaritain School

Over 300 children are enrolled in grades kindergarten through grade thirteen at Bon Samaritain School, and we support this educational mission in many ways. Our budget covers most of the teachers' salaries.

Training Week

We completed our fourth teacher training week under the leadership of Dr. Diane Allerdyce to equip the teachers who are working hard under difficult conditions.

National Testing 

The results of national testing for the school are improving. In June, fifteen out of seventeen students passed the national high school exams - a great result for our first high school graduating class. Six of these students are pursuing higher education. Others would like to but do not have the financial resources.

Adult Education

This academic year, over thirty adults are enrolled in our adult education and basic literacy class named our "Night School." During our October 2018 board visit to Bondeau, our team was inspired by the palpable joy and pride of these adults, many learning to read and write for the first time.

Healthcare Missions 

We conducted two Health Care Missions to Bondeau in 2018 and our next health care mission is planned for January. Under the leadership of a Haitian doctor, our health care team partners with local health care providers to increase continuity and sustainability.

School Nurse 

Our budget also supports a school nurse, who cares for and teaches the children, oversees a pharmacy, follows up with patients between missions and leads monthly health education classes for the community.


Potable Water  

Potable water remains, in the words of a community leader, a "priority of priorities." Our two previous water projects have yielded a dependable supply of water for sanitation purposes, bathing and washing, but not drinking. We are currently reviewing a proposal to pipe water to the community two miles from a spring located above Bondeau.

Bathroom for the School 

We also have a proposal to build a bathroom for the school. Currently, the children use latrines which require regular maintenance and replacement. We are actively seeking funding for both of these vital infrastructure initiatives.  

Financial Partnerships

Partnership:  Food for the Poor

By partnering with Food for the Poor, we are actively exploring a development project that would generate sustainable income and create economic opportunity. Food for the Poor has proposed a chicken coop project with a successful track record in Haiti. In 2019, we hope to identify financial partners to kick start this important project. CLICK HERE TO READ THE PROPOSAL

Board Visit with the Church & School Leaders

In October, we conducted our third annual board visit where we engaged in substantive conversations with the school and church leadership. These conversations serve a vital role in the maturing of our partnership with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Bondeau.

Help Pack 75,000 Meals

Another important partnership is our Food Packing event on January 12, 2019. You may have already received the email invitation to help pack 75,000 meals at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Tequesta. This packing  provides school lunches for the students. Hungry children cannot learn and your two hands can make a difference to a hungry child! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT

Make a Gift Today!

Our partnership with you...the supporters of Bon Samaritain and the people of a most important partnership. As the year ends, please make a gift that will help sustain and care for the people and families of Bondeau.

Give Thanks 
And Pray 

Please pray for the people of Bondeau during this season of Thanksgiving and as we anticipate the birth of the Christ child. Please know that the people of Bondeau regularly express their heartfelt gratitude and love for the support they receive. That love is real and it points us to the reality of God's transformative Spirit that powerfully moves through this partnership. May God bless you and the people of Bondeau abundantly as we give thanks for this past year and look forward to 2019!
Current Fundraising Needs
  • A $100 gift supports school supplies for a classroom 
  • A $300 gift sponsors a teacher for one month
  • A $500 gift helps with medical care for the community by supporting a month salary of our Community and School Nurse
  • A $2,500 gift builds a new roof for a home in the community   
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South Florida Haiti Project is a partnership with the Bon Samaritain congregation in Bondeau, Haiti and with congregations, groups and individuals throughout the United States collaborating to bring education, health care and community development to the people of Bondeau, Haiti.
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