Spring 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends of South Florida Haiti Project,

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We are excited to be sharing the latest news about South Florida Haiti Project's abundant work in Bondeau, Haiti. From medical missions and well-drilling projects to education and housing, South Florida Haiti Project is changing lives for the better in Bondeau--and we are glad you've been our steadfast partner along the way!

This third grade student is one of hundreds enjoying a quality education.
Hundreds of Children Receive Quality Education 

At the Bondeau school, 325 children are about to complete another year of education in grades K-11. With help from partners like you, these children have the opportunity to learn and thrive in a loving environment. Your gift supports teacher salaries and operation expenses, which keeps tuition low for Bondeau's needy families.  Please know that sponsors are still needed for grades 9, 10, and 11.

The quality education at the Bondeau school is about to get even better. At the end of September, our partner, Touissaint L'Ourverture High School, will lead a teacher training program for the lower and upper school teachers in Bondeau. South Florida Haiti Project received grant support to underwrite this first program in a series of training events planned for the next two years. We are grateful for this valuable training opportunity for Bondeau's teachers!

One of the medical mission teams that recently traveled to Bondeau.
Healthcare Improves Dramatically

South Florida Haiti Project has focused keenly on healthcare recently. In the last six months, our work has included nine medical missions; establishment of a school nurse program; development of a satellite clinic in Matel; medical specialty treatment instituted in 2015 for the identification and treatment of cervical cancer and a pediatric program focusing on infant nutrition and the identification of infant heart abnormalities; and plans underway for the institution of a community health care worker training program in late 2016.  Our latest medical mission, led by our partners Grey Dove, traveled to Haiti April 30-May 6. 

Over 2,000 unduplicated patients are being treated through our efforts! We couldn't have achieved these improvements without the support of our faithful partners. Thank you for your generous support!

And we aren't finished yet. South Florida Haiti Project board member Dr. Charlotte Barry has received a grant from Florida Atlantic University to support a mental health survey of the Bondeau community.  We are grateful for this continuing partnership with the School of Nursing at FAU. With this assistance, we hope to provide well-rounded care that includes minds and hearts as well as bodies.

A child from Bondeau receives a check-up.

Bon Samaritan Church (above) will have new pews installed in July.
Pews to be Installed at Bon Samaritan Episcopal Church 

South Florida Haiti Project has raised $18,000 to construct pews for Bon Samaritan Episcopal Church, completed and dedicated last July. As you read in our last newsletter, South Florida Haiti Project provided leading support in constructing this new church. The pews will be dedicated at this year's feast celebration in July. Please keep in mind that funding is still needed for floor tiling.
Some of the pews have already been installed.

Kay Timoun: A Steadfast Beacon of Hope and Love in Bondeau

Several girls at Kay Timoun serve as acolytes at Bon Samaritan.
Kay Timoun, our children's home directed by residential deacon Anita Thorstad, continues to provide housing, food, education, and life-giving care for 14 children who otherwise would not have a safe and secure home. Kay Timoun also provides food for an additional 40 children and adults in the Bondeau community, making it a community-wide beacon of hope and love.

Thank you for helping South Florida Haiti Project meet such a critical need in Bondeau. Because of supporters like you, these children have a loving present and a bright future.

Deacon Anita (middle) with the children of Kay Timoun.

Mission Trips and Pilgrimages Planned

Many of South Florida Haiti Project's supporters are sponsoring mission trips and pilgrimages to Bondeau in the coming months to help complete critical projects. Church of the Advent Episcopal Church will lead a mission trip June 6-10 to continue the completion of the secondary school building for the upper school grades. Please know that funding is needed for flooring, desks and other classroom furniture as well as building supplies. If you support this project, your gift will be matched 100 percent thanks to a matching grant we have received. Help us finish this school!

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church is leading a youth and adult pilgrimage to Bondeau on July 8- 11 and will participate in the  Bon Samaritan Feast Day celebration on July 10.  
From July 20-26, a delegation of priests from the Episcopal Diocese of New York led by SFHP board member the Rev. Sam Owen will be visiting Bondeau to inaugurate the "New York Haiti Project."  The delegation will consist of clergy and laypeople representing four parishes from the Diocese of New York.  We're excited about the beginning of this new partnership for Bondeau and the nearby community of Matel, where we hope to plant a new church.

Are you interested in participating in a trip or pilgrimage? If so, please contact David Gury, treasurer, at [email protected].

A view of the land in Matel where we hope to plant a new church.

Well-Drilling Project Slated for June

With greater access to clean water, children are less at risk for waterborne diseases.
A wel l-drilling project is scheduled for the week of June 12-19. Drilllers and an advisory group from the U.S. will  be in Bondeau during that time. South Florida Haiti Project is partnering with Water for Small Villages on this life-giving initiative. 

Clean water continues to be a critical need in Bondeau. Please consider helping us with our clean water efforts in the community!

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South Florida Haiti Project is a partnership with the Bon Samaritain congregation in Bondeau, Haiti and with congregations, groups and individuals throughout the United States collaborating to bring education, health care and community development to the people of Bondeau, Haiti.
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